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Moon Lessons

Moon Lesson Plans


For now, there is only the Basic Moon Lesson plan. This lesson is excellent for the younger child and for the child new to Paganism. The ideas are simple and repetition is the key. Children learn by repetition and "doing". This lesson encourages both. Plan on doing the lesson once each week, especially for toddlers with short attention spans (as if there's another kind!).

Each teaching takes about 15 minutes plus however long it takes to read the story. The idea here is to get the little ones familiar with the ideas that Lady Moon loves us and we love Her.

Check back, because I'm working one specific lessons for each moon phase. I'll trial them with my daughter first. This lesson is good for the younger children, from about birth to 5, depending on the child. It mostly involves reading to the child and talking. Good old fashion quality time kind of stuff.

Basic Moon Lesson
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