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The Child's Grove

The Child's GroveThe Child's Grove

Dedicated to all the Lord and Lady's Children

Brightest Blessings! I'm a pagan mother and wife living in Central Indiana. Hope you enjoy your visit to The Child's Grove.



You will find the basic lessons for (eventually) the 8 Pagan HolyDays and 4 Moon phases. These are not rituals for children, they are ways to teach our children about our Pagan beliefs. There are so many ways to accomplish this goal, I choose to share some of my ideas here.

The Sabbat lesson can be all day affairs, should you choose to do that. The Moon lessons are much shorter, but we see Her lessons more frequently. Keep the fun in these lessons too, your child will enjoy it more.

It is often said that Paganism is as much a religion as it is a way of life. Life is full of things waiting to teach your child, you only need to point them out. Ask questions, Ask questions, Ask questions. Children see a lot, if you don't ask about it, you're missing out.

The Lessons: Moons and Sabbats

I'll forewarn you, my children are 6 and 2, so most of these lessons are geared toward the younger crowd. You can increase or decrease the difficulty of the lesson to suit your own needs.

Let your child decide some of the activities. With the little ones, offer crayons or paint. Be careful not to offer too many choices, best to stick to two or three; given more, they seem to want to do them all!. Older one's can handle much bigger selections.

Links and Resources

Most of these are links to other pagan parenting sites or to sites that have such information. Some, however, are just cool parenting or cool pagan sites.

You asked for it...

This section is dedicated to my dear friend, Rowan. She really did ask for it...

Created by Zian Greenvaile., in August 1998.