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Links and Resourses

Links and Resourses


Li Ferelwing's Children's Stories A fun story in which Gregory learns about the origins of Spring.

Earth Spirit Emporium - an online source for metaphysical, wiccan, magickal and other spiritual supplies

The Blessed Bee- Pagan Family Newsletter

Rowan's Tree of Life-Rowan has a variety of topics, including stories for toddlers and young children!

The Pagan Parenting Page - Resources for Pagan Parents and Kids

Pagan Colouring Book - 52 pictures at my last visit

The Meagan Stories-Wonderful for school-age children

The Witches Voice -For those who haven't yet, go there now!

Please keep scrollong down! There are some graphic links and web rings below.

Corwin, Judith Hoffman. Harvest Festivals Around the World. ISBN 0-671-87240-0
Lachner, Dorthea. (James, J.A., trans.) Merideth, the Witch Who Wasn't. ISBN 1-5585-781-0
Trampani, Iza. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. ISBN 1-879085-70-4
Hunter, Anne. Possum's Harvest Moon. ISBN 0-395-73575-0
Raschka, Chris. Can't Sleep. ISBN 0-531-09479-0

Frasier, Debra. On the Day You Were Born. ISBN 0-15-257995-8
Turner, Charles. The Turtle and the Moon. ISBN 0-14-055812-8
Waldherr, Kris. The Book of Goddesses. ISBN 1-885223-30-7
Erickson, Donna. Prime Time Together...with Kids. ISBN 0-8066-2430-2
Erickson, Donna. More Prime Time Together...with Kids. ISBN 0-8066-2606-2

Diehn, Gwen and Krautwurst, Terry. Nature Cradts for Kids. ISBN 0-8069-8372-8
Diehn, Gwen and Krautwurst, Terry. Science Crafts for Kids. ISBN 0-8069-0283-3
Jacobs, Joseph (coll.). Celtic Fairy Tales ISBN 0-486-21826-0
Joyce, William. The Leafmen and the Brave Good Bugs. ISBN unavailable
Seattle, Chief (Jeffers, S., illus.) Brother Eagle, Sister Sky. ISBN 0-8037-0969-2

There are many more out there and I'll post the ones that we find and enjoy.

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