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The Texas Big Thicket Home Page
The Texas Big Thicket

May 1999

This site is dedicated to a little bit of East Texas history and a whole lot of down-home country fun.

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Map of Big Thicket Piney Woods Pig Chasing Goats

  Hidee...! I'm John and I grew up in the Big Thicket of East Texas. Herein I try to paint a picture of that magical place and adjacent areas through its native creatures - both human and the higher orders.
Jokes and myths, all other entries are factual
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The Queen of the Razorbacks
Read the story of a famous East Texas wild sow, Henrietta
"Thirty years!" a piney woods judge thundered, and the young man pleaded,

"Judge, I just can't do thirty years!"

"Well, just do your best."

-- Told by Charley Newman, Fort Worth

The Business Sense of a Hemphill Fisherman
-- Submitted by the Reverend Guston H. Browning, Houston

It is only a myth that mosquitoes in the Big Thicket are the size of cows. The largest ever observed was no bigger than a good-sized crow.

In the thicket country fishing is sometimes so good you have to hide behind a tree to bait your hook.
In tiny, remote Yellowpine, a city fellow drove up and exited his car in front of the only structure present on the highway, an old-time filling station and grocery. An elderly lady was sitting in her rocker on a front porch of the establishment and the man, stretching and smiling, said to her, "Boy, I'll bet it's great to live in the peace and quite of the country!" The lady fired back, "I wouldn't know ... I've always lived right here in town."

- Submitted by Joe D. Milner, Atty., Austin

I update The Texas Big Thicket as I find new material ... please add me to your bookmarks or favorites and check back again.
An elderly gentleman was driving down a farm-to-market road when a deputy pulled him over, saying, "Sir, when you stopped at the gas station back in Kirbyville you drove off without your wife." At that the old gent brightened and said, "Oh, thank Goodness! I thought I'd gone deaf."

- Submitted by the Rev. Guston H. Browning, Houston
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