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Temple of Sailor Mercury

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Hi and hello, mina-san! How have y'all been? I've been ok ^_^ Sorry to say that I'll have no more updates at this site ;_; I know... sadness... BUT I have a new site up with a new layout ^_^ This site will stay up until I get everything completely switched over. Sadly I might have to get a new guest book... I can't remember the password to my current one ^^; hmm... actually... I think it's time I set up a new Guest Book at the new site ^_^ So come scope out the new site and sign the new guest book that I'm going to go set up as soon as I'm done here ^_^ See ya there! Ja ne! Temple of Mercury

Last update:October 27, 2001

Announcement: This is the final update

Hi, I'm Chibi Jurie!Meet Sailor Chibi Jurie (youth). This is how I think I'd look as a Sailor Scout with Serena's hair do. My friend Zrana drew it for me. Ain't I cute? ^^


"A Not so Crystal Clear Destiny"

What if Sailor Moon had been kidnapped and brain washed by the Negaverse instead of Tuxedo Mask? What would Darien have done? Who would take over as the leader of the Sailor Scouts? How would Serena's family and other friends react to her disappearance? These are just a few of the questions that I intend to answer in this story of what if.

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I got 13 awards! Scope 'em out here! I hope to get more!!!

Proud to be Hentai Free

"Nothing is as soft as water; yet who can withstand the raging flood?"-- ~Lao Ma~ from Xena Warrior Princess

Warriors Dedicated to Love and Justice

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