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Current Events

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Letter from Raven to the Family: Let the Wrath Fall Wherever it May!
Statement Under Duress: For the Record
By Cheryl Lynn Gardner, a/k/a Summer Breeze
Written during court trial on Michigan 2002 citation 36 C.F.R. 261.10(k)
Healing Wounded Knee Project

Exciting news: Idaho Tribe being birthed!!!
In the Pocatello region, southeastern Idaho.
To be announced soon!
Consensus reached on the name:
Emerald Village Tribe
At the gatherings, one kitchen will be the Shady Village Cafe.
Other kitchens can join the tribe,
but consensus is to keep "village" central in each kitchen's name.
To join the counsel, send an email to

Exciting news! Some folks with our tribe are networking with and plugging into
The White Buffalo Farm in Paonia, Colorado. Watch for exciting updates
from their experiences on the farm. We are all excited about being
so close to the annual gathering in Colorado in 2006!

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