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My Ponds

My ponds are an offshoot of my love for turtles. I wanted to provide them a natural habitat. So, with a great deal of help from my family, these ponds were created the summer of 2000. Many thanks to son John for his "power shovelling", rock carrying, and expert plumbing; to husband John for digging and expert electrical work; to son James for planting and general algae removal; to daughter Eileen for expert plant selection and planting.

Just Completed

After many weeks of design and implementation, the pond is open for business May 29, 2000. The water and fish have had 2 weeks to acclimate and the fence and charger are in place and operational. You can see the solar charger upper right.
The water is pumped from the skimmer, out of sight, lower left, around the pond to the back falls. The BioFalls contains filter media and lava rocks, as well as water hyacinth and string algae, to purify the water. It then enters the 670 gal. back pond, over the main falls, and into the 4000 gal. main pond.

The Greening of the Pond

Two months of bright summer sun and soaking rains have caused the plants to thrive - both inside and outside the ponds. Citrus mint, water hyacinth, cattails, iris and sagittaria are all doing well. Around the pond a variety of perennials provide cover for both box turtles and frogs. Creeping bent grass was seeded in all bare spots to provide a low ground cover.
A 3-inch hardware cloth "lip" has been added to the top of the fence to keep turtles in. The strand of electric wire keeps the raccoons out.

July 23, 2000 - Another view

This shows the skimmer with pump at far left. A turtle and koi are visible in the center. The main waterfalls is at right.

October 22, 2000 - Autumn arrives

I am letting the leaves accumulate to provide protection for my hibernating box and water turtles.

December 9, 2000 - Winter

Snow has fallen and ice partially covers the pond. I covered the top Biofalls with 2 layers of felt and 1/2 inch plywood to help retain heat. Everyone is hibernating.

December 12, 2000 - After the blizzard

Thirteen inches of snow in 24 hours. The pond is almost covered but the pump is still running and several small areas remain open.

May 8, 2001 - Spring at last

Green everywhere.
The snow has melted, The plants and flowers are springing to life. The frogs and turtles are awake and going about their business.

May 29, 2001


June, 2001

The construction of the pond addition: from design to completion.

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