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My Favorite Pond Links

Here are my favorite pond links. Please come and visit them.

General Pond Information

Exotic Waterscapes - Pond Services in California
Ponds Forum
Illiana Garden Pond Society
USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map
USDA Zone Map
Aquascape Designs, Inc.
Water Gardening magazine
Water Gardens
Aquatic Plants by Mary Anderson Cohen
Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants
How To Plant Waterlilies
Marginal plantings
How to make a floating planter
North Hills Water Gardens - Pittsburgh, PA
Info on growing lotus
Lotus Care
Water Lily Identification
Koi Dome
PVC Hoop House
Pond Cover

Pond Supplies, Plants, Etc.

Brass Fountains
William Tricker , Inc. - water garden specialist
Pet Warehouse - pond supplies
The Water Garden
Arizona Aquatic Gardens
Barnacle Aquatics
Grass Roots Nursery (Michigan)
Plant Swap List
Arizona Koi and Pond Plants
Kenco Fish (Supplies)
The Floating Garden - source for anacharis & duckweed
Water Gardens Unlimited - Corinth, TX
Just Liners, Inc. - all pond supplies
Paradise Water Gardens - Massachusetts
Suburban Water Gardens, Inc. - New York & Texas


National Wildlife Federation

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