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If you are new to the US, whether you have moved here because of work, marriage or school, you will find the following sites and addresses useful.  This page is intended for Canadians residing in the United States and who have proper permission from Immigration and Naturalization Services to reside and/or work within the US.  The information on these pages is not intended for those who have not yet entered the US or who are here without proper permission.  Those individuals should first speak to American immigration officials and experienced immigration lawyers.   

While we have made every effort to list only official government sites, we are not in any way affiliated with any of these sites and are not responsible for the information therein.  When in doubt, talk to a lawyer or proper government representative.

If you feel that we have missed something or would like to see more information added to the page, let us know.



  1. Government of Canada

  2. Embassies and Consulates

  3. Canadian Passport Office

  4. Elections Canada

  5. Revenue Canada and Customs

United States

  1. US Immigration and Naturalization Services

  2. General

  3. Social Security

  4. Internal Revenue Service

  5. US Customs

  6. DMV


Government of Canada

Official Homepage

Also see our page "On the Hill"

Embassies and Consulates:

Canadian Embassy to the United States, Washington DC:



Canadian Consulate (Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and District of Columbia)

The Consular section does not respond to e-mail requests.
Address: Canadian Embassy
Attn: Consular Section
501 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 682-1740

Canadian Consulate in Boston (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Saint Pierre & Michelon)

Canadian Consulate in New York (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut)


1251 Avenue of the Americas
New York, New York
Phone: (212) 596-1628
Fax:(212) 596-1790


Canadian Consulate in Buffalo

Canadian Consulate General
     3000 HSBC Center
     Buffalo, New York, 14203-2884

Canadian Consulate in Detroit (Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky):

600 Renaissance Center, Suite 1100
Detroit, MI 48243-1798, USA
Tel.: (313) 567-2340
 Fax.: (313) 567-2164


Canadian Consulate In Chicago (Illinois, Missouri and Wisconsin):
2 Prudential Plaza, 180 North Stetson Ave.
Chicago IL 60601

Tel: 312.616.1860
Fax: 312.616.1877
Home Page:


Canadian Consulate in Dallas (Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico)

Canadian Consulate General
750 N. St. Paul Street
Suite 1700
Dallas, TX 75201

(214) 922-9806


Canadian Consulate in Los Angeles

550 South Hope Street, 9th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90071



Canadian Consulate in San Francisco / Silicon Valley

San Francisco
555 Montgomery Street
Suite 1288
San Francisco, CA 94111
Tel: (415) 834-3180
Fax: (415) 834-3189

Silicon Valley
333 W. San Carlos Street
Suite 945
San Jose, CA 95110
Tel: (408) 289-1157
Fax: (408) 289-1168


Canadian Consulate in Seattle (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington):

412 Plaza 600 - Sixth & Stewart Street, 
Seattle WA  98101-1286
Tel (206) 443-1777 
 Fax (206) 443-9662


Embassy - comprehensive listing of Embassies and Diplomatic Missions around the world.

Canadian Passport Office:

Mailed-in Applications

The Passport Office
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Ottawa, Canada

or send it by courier to:

The Passport Office
Commercial Level 2,
Place du Centre
200 Promenade du Portage
Hull, Québec
J8X 4B7

Canadians living in the United States - (819) 994-3500

Information on how to obtain passport while in the United States:

Elections Canada

Voting while outside Canada - You may still be eligible to vote.  Find out how.

Revenue Canada and Customs

Tax information for non-residents -

Canadian Residents Abroad - a pamphlet from Revenue Canada to help you determine your tax status.

Ordering forms and publications -

Customs Information -

Vital Statistics

You may, from time to time be required to provide birth, adoption, marriage and/or death certificates.  If you do not have a copy, usually you will need to make a request in writing to the proper vital statistics office.  The following are links to those available online and we will soon provide links to more.  


Mailing address and URL

Requirements for requests


British Columbia

British Columbia Vital Statistics Agency
Victoria BC V8W 9P3

You may order over the internet, or by calling (250) 952-2557 (the phone number for requests from outside the country).  Fax requests can be made by downloading the proper form and faxing it to (250) 952-2182. Internet, phone and fax requests may be paid by VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

$32.95 per certificate or $55.95 per photocopy or genealogical certificate.  Will be sent through mail. 

Rush orders are $65.95 and are sent by courier.



US Immigration and Naturalization Services

List and contact information of Immigration Field offices -

Important Notice: The H-1B petition fee increases from $500.00 to $100.00 US on December 17, 2000.

General - providing links to forms and resources at the Federal, State and Local level.

The - Progress Letter writing cooperative.  Wish to write a letter to your local representative, senator, or government agency and not sure how to get started?  Give this site the topic and they'll write the letter for you.   Deals mostly with social issues - they have managed several letter campaigns on various immigration issues in the past.

Social Security

Official Social Security Website

Internal Revenue Service

Electronic filing -

US Tax Code Online -

US Customs


Coming Soon....                                    


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