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Includes all the Monkees fanfic I wrote as a teenager...includes the original "Time Machine" fic.

Monkees Vs. Muppets
A look at the striking similarities between our pre-fab mop-tops and those fab muppets.

Epie Adventure
An in-depth look at all of the Monkees episodes! Includes fun insights, quotes and observations.

Monkees Articles
Cotton candy sweet teenie bopper articles about the Monkees...a group of guys who always got along and were the best of friends....riiiight. Fun to read, though.

A Little Bit Me
A little somethin' about the mastermind that is Tippy.

Picture Page
Monkee pics scanned or created by me!

Funky Chickens
A silly page. Yes, 'tis a silly page.

My now meager collection of Monkees related stuffs.

Monkee Movie
My critique of "Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story"

Lyric Quiz
Monkees lyric quiz, to be exact!

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