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The Funkiest Chickens

(Ladies and gentleman, this is a joke. Thank you.)

Inspired by some of the great parody pages I've seen, I've decided to explore the numerous appearances of chickens in Monkee episodes.

Baby Texas prairie Chicken
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Baby's Name:Petrov
Adoption Date: November 18, 1999
Parents Name: Tippy

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Along the same lines of the Monkees and Muppet comparrison, I have found another odd connection (we'll it's not really a connection, just something weird) about the Monkees and....chickens!!

After pouring over episode after episodes, I have discovered that the Monkees absolutly adored chickens. So much so that they often advocated the care of certain species of chickens. (i.e. "Save the Texas Prairie Chicken!")

In fact, may of the Monkees' well known tunes were once completly chickenified. Notice the works below.(Titles in bold are my personal favorites)

The Monkees
(Theme From) The Chickens
Chickenís Child
I Wanna Be Chicken
Tomorrowís Gonna Be Another Chicken
Take a Giant Chicken
Last Chicken to Clucksville
This Just Doesnít Seem to Be My Chicken
Chicken Dance On
Iíll Be True to Chicken
Sweet Young Chicken
Gonna Buy Me a Chicken
I Donít Think You Know Chicken

(More of) The Monkees
When Chicken Comes Knockiní (At Your Door)
Chicken, Chicken
Hold On Chicken
Your Chicken Grizelda
(Iím Not Your) Steppiní Chicken
Look Out (Here Comes Chicken)
The Kind of Chicken I Could Love
The Day We Fall In Chicken
Chicken In the Morning
Iím a Chicken

Chicken Told Me
Iíll Spend My Life With Chicken
Forget that Chicken
Chicken 6
You Just May Be the Chicken
Shades of Chicken
I Canít Get Chicken Off My Mind
For Chickenís Sake
Mr. Chicken
Sunny Chicken
No Chicken
Early Morning Hens and Roosters
Randy Scouse Chicken

Pieces, Aquarious, Capricorn, and Jones LTD.
She Chickens Out
The Door Into Chicken
Chicken Is Only Sleeping
Cuddly Chicken
Peter Percival Pattersonís Pet Chicken
Pleasant Valley Chicken
Daily Chicken
Donít Call On Chicken
Chicken Collentor
Special Chicken

The Birds, The Bees, and the Monkees
Chicken World
Auntieís Municipal Chicken
We Were Made for Chicken
Tapioca Chicken
Daydream Chicken
Chicken Wrongs
The Chicken
Chicken Box 9847
Magnolia Chicken

Chicken Ceremony
Chicken Song
Ditty Chicken-Chicken Chant
Circle Chicken
Can Chicken Dig It
Chicken Gravy
As We Go Chicken
Happy Birthday to Chicken

Instant Replay
Through the Chicken Glass
Donít Listen to Chicken
I Wonít Be the Same Without Chicken
Just a Chicken
Me Without Chicken
Donít Wait for Chicken
You and Chicken
While Chicken Cry
Chicken Drop City
The Chicken I Left Behind Me
A Chicken Without a Dream
Chicken Blackwell
Chicken Man
Chicken Smile

The Monkees Present: Micky, David, Michael
Little Chicken
Good Clean Chicken
If Chicken Knew
Bye Bye Chicken Bye Bye
Never Tell a Chicken Yes
Looking for the Good Chicken
Chicken Aid Society
Listen to the Chicken
French Chicken
Oklahoma Chicken Dancer
Chicken Time
Calico Chicken Samba
The Good Chicken

Live 1967
Chicken Creek
You Canít Judge a Chicken By Looking at the Feathers
Gonna Build a Chicken
I Got a Chicken

Missing Links Vol. 1
Apples, Peaches, Bananas, and Chicken
If You Have the Chicken
I Donít Think You Know Chicken
Chicken Party
Carlisle Chicken
Storybook of Chicken
Rosemarie Chicken
My Share of the Chicken
All of Your Chickens
Nine Times Chicken
So Goes Chicken
Teeny Tiny Chicken
Of Chicken
Chicken Games
Chickenís Baby

Missing Links Vol. 2
All the Kingís Chickens
Some of Shellyís Chickens
If Chicken Ever Get to Saginaw Again
Come On Chicken
Chicken Blackhawk
The Crippled Chicken
(Prithee) Do Not Ask for Chicken
Chickenís Theme
Riu Chicken

Missing Links Vol. 3
Chicken (Iíve Just Begun to Care)
Penny Chicken
Little Red Chicken
Youíre So Chicken
Look Chicken
Chicken Train
Chicken Engine
Sheíll Be Chicken
Chicken Go Round
Weíll Be Chicken In a Minute

Greatest Hits
A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit Chicken
The Chicken I Knew Somewhere
Goiní Chicken
D.W. Chicken
Itís Nice to Be With Chicken
That Was Then, This Is Chicken
Chicken and Soul

Never Enough Chicken
Oh, What a Chicken
Chicken and I
Unlucky Chicken
Admiral Chicken
Regional Chicken
Run Away From Chicken
I Believe Chicken
Itís My Chicken
Itís Not Too Chicken

Also, may of the Monkees' episodes included their fine feathered friends....

"Don't Look a Gift Horse In the Mouth":
In a confused and dazed moment, Micky blurts out...
"Somethin' about I'm supposed to milk the chicken."
Later, after miscalling the pig call, chickens come to the Monkees. They can't resist those who love them!
Soon after a fun chicken chase Peter suggests...
"Now, why don't you try the chicken call?"
See, he's telling the world to befriend the groovy chickens!
Micky even shows his adoration for the foul by cheering...
"I got one!"
when he finally gets hold of a cluck.

"Hitting the High Seas":
Davy mentions that he isn't even good enough to be a chicken....
"Chicken? *bawk* *bawk*"- Davy Jones

"The Fairy Tale":
Ahh, the memoriable time where Mike first tells us...
"Remember to save the Texas Prairie Chicken!"
Wise words from a wise, fowl loving man!

"Success Story":
Peter runs around in the airport, donning feathers and screaming...
"Don't fly! Don't fly! If you get too close to the sun, your wings will melt!"
Peter is standing up for our fine feathered friends, because we all know, chickens can't fly.

"Monkees Chow Mein":
During the romp, Micky, Peter and Davy give their Oriental foes chickens as peace offerings.
Make chickens, Not war!

"Monkees Marooned":
When Kimba calls his jungle friends, Peter ends up with a chicken in his arms.
Chickens are everybody's friends!

"The Card Carrying Red Shoes":
Another ode to the foul with our ballerina star sharing her lead in "Chicken Lake" with Micky.
Micky even wears a chicken costume.
At first, he's not sure he wants to be a chicken...
"I don't wanna be a chicken. I don't wanna be a chicken. Ward, I don't wanna be a chicken..."
But, then he wises up and realizes that there are a lot worse things to be and confesses...
"I'm a chicken. I'm a chicken."

"Monkees a la Mode":
During the romp, Davy's got a chicken!

"The Monkees' Paw":
When the Monkees visit a psycholigist, the psych. demands that the ink blot is...

"Monkees on Tour":
When Davy encounters another bird, he is not impressed. During a war of words with a swan, Davy says...
"I've met your type before. You ain't got no wings, you chicken."

"Wild Monkees":
The Monkees fully endorse their allegance to the chicks by announcing that their motorcycle gang will be known as the...Chickens!
"Yes, but how many of your gang can, if fact, lay eggs?!"- Mike
Chickens are special and talented!

"Monkees on the Wheel":
After the show, they play a blooper where Mike just can't seem to say the words "Save the Texas Prairie Chicken!" without laughing.
You see, even thinking about the chickens bring him so much joy, it's hard for him to put it into words!

Tippy's Share of the Chicken Coup