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This particular area will accomplish two (2) very important things...

#1.) Big Fat Disclaimer!

I sware, I don't own the Monkees. So, of course, their logo, image and other stuff, is property of Rhino records. (Isn't it sad how somebody can be owned??) Anyway, if you want to visit Rhino, they're at (I think). They have some pretty cool retro music, so that's good. Otherwise, please don't visit them until after you've visited me (and signed my guestbook!!).

I don't own any of the Monkees pictures you see on the site (EXCEPT MY CONCERT PICTURES!...and even those were taken with a friend's camera!). They're property of the teen magazines/books that they came out of. If you happen to be one of those photographers, and you find it insulting that you didn't get any credit, and for some reason you happen to be surfing the net and come across this page, please contact me and I'll either give you proper credit, or remove the picture(s). The same goes for any pictures that somebody has on their site that ended up here and they don't want it to be.

I do, however, own the rights to my own writing and expression, so, if you please, don't copy my words/work! It's not nice, and I wouldn't do it to you. :-D

Oh, and the Tippy character is property of the Tippy comics that were fairly popular with young girls in the 1960's. However, my Monkee name is from the episode of "Boy Meets World" where Peter's character calls Topenga, "Tippy".

Okay, I think that covers all that...if not, let me know.

#2.) Thank You's!!

First of all, a big thank you if you made it though that disclaimer long enough to want to read these thanks. (Who knows, you may be listed!!!)

These have been updated. Sadly, I haven't been in contact with a lot of the people I thanked here before. The following are just cool people I've known for a long time that I want to thank just for the heck of it!

To the Chalkies! : For support and encouragment even before Sidewalkchalk ever began. Each one of you are really special to me, and I'm so glad we've remained friends this long!

Everyone who has emailed me or signed my guestbook this past year, leaving wonderful words of encouragment and making me want to do this! You are not forgotten!

And anyone I have not listed here

And YOU!

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