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"Immortalize Your Equine"

With a few Pictures of your Horse, I will create a Breyer Model in his/her image. Prices will vary, but a basic custom job includes the model, seams sanded, ears/raised hooves/nostrils carved to detail, and The paint job. All colors/breeds welcome! Options include Realistic Mohair manes and tails, or hair used from your own horse.

Pride's Girl

The First Thing I need to do is find the right model for the job, so I need to know what your horse looks like as far as Breed Type/Conformation go. Stock Type, Arab, TB, Draft, etc. Then I will find A model that best suits your horse, Or you may supply one. This is where the price Varies the most, As I purchase Models on the Second Hand Market, and prices fluctuate frequently. I always  try to find a model that fits your budget, your Preference, and your Horse! Most "Remake" Model Bodies cost around $20.

Max's Wish Upon A Star

There are Three Sizes of models I can Use: Traditional, which stands about 9" to 12" high (1:9 to 1:8 scale); Classic, which stands about 6" to 8" High (1:12 scale); or Stablemate, which stands about 3" high.

Model Size Comparisons

The Custom Job On the Model (Sanding, Detail Carving, Painting) Runs as Follows:

Color Traditional Classic Stablemate

Solids: bay, black, chestnut, grey, white

$40 $25 $20


$50 $35 $30


$55 $45 $40

When we have an order confirmed, then I will need some photos from You! Best are Photos of each side and a Face shot. With Paints/Appys, Rear and front shots are needed, too! If there are any characteristics not visible that you want added, I will need to know about those, as well! You can send photos via Email or Snail Mail, or direct me to a website. I also need to know about wish dates So I can be sure to complete your model in time for a special occasion. I'm also willing to Gift Wrap models for a small fee--just ask!

Shipping Costs will depend on the number of models and where they're going. I always use Priority Insured Mail and pack my models well. Other forms of Shipping Are available at Buyer's request. A Typical shipping charge for one model is approximately $8-12.

Payment: I accept PayPal, Checks, Money Orders or Carefully Concealed Cash (At Your own Risk)!! While I prefer Payment in Full at the Time of the order, I will Take 1/2 Down to start and the Rest When the model is done and ready to ship.  All together, with the body cost, Paint Job, and shipping, the average Traditional Model costs about $75-90 Total.

Donations: For Every model I customize, I make a donation to an animal placement agency. Donations from Model Horses Go to Casey Creek Horse Rescue, Inc., An organization that Rescues orphaned Foals and adopts them out to good homes. Donations from Companion Animals or other Animals go to Logan County Animal Control, My local Animal Shelter where I volunteer. I'll gladly donate Money to An organization of your choice, too!



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