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Sundog's Miranda

The Jack of Diamonds

Feel Free to browse through some of my work. The Models Below are Some of My Custom Jobs and The Real Horses They Represent.  Unfortunately, the Digital Camera I Had Then was the next best thing to a "Toy" camera,  and most of my early work is poorly represented by bad pictures! Please try to overlook the poor picture quality :)

Polono is a champion Arabian gelding I created using the Family Arabian Mare mold. I built the face in to create a masculine appearance then added, ahem, proper gender features. Cavallina is her own color. When I discussed her color with her owner, we had a difficult time deciding exactly what color she was! However, she's a beautiful horse, and her model turned out to look exactly like her.
Ben is a gorgeous Arabian stallion. He has high black points on his legs and a beautiful expression. The Huck Bey model suited him perfectly! This handsome bay gelding has the most unique legs--they're almost "brindle," and were they ever a challenge! Unfortunately, you can't see the fruits of my labor on his legs in those tiny, blurry digital pics!
Junior was a deep bay Mustang colt. His model preserves the image of a sweet, gorgeous colt who left his owners too early in his young life. I showed this model some, and he did very well! Lakota, my first Appaloosa, was by far my most challenging custom. Not only did he sport a beautifully unique 'varnish roan' pattern, but he was also given a mane and tail of real hair from the real Lakota. After 5 grueling months, I presented his owner with a 'perfect likeness' of her Appy!
Maddie's pictures don't do her justice, not to the real horse or the model! She's a gorgeous Saddlebred mare. The western horse suited her perfectly, although it's lack of details make her appear more plain than she really is! She is a beautiful shade of chestnut with lots of white markings. Magic was my Mother's Day rush job. Luckily, I just happened to have a 5-Gaiter model in my bodies box, just what Stacey wanted! He turned out just gorgeous, and made a wonderful gift for Stacey's mom!
Nugget is one model I wanted to cry about when I mailed her off! Created from an old Lady Phase, this liver chestnut mare with white stockings is a model that would be a contender in any custom class! This little mare just screams "Look At Me!" and I sure wish I could have kept her for my show string! Pride's Girl is a beautiful seal bay mare. Her owner, Jeannyne, makes beautiful Model Horse Tack. The model is wearing a saddle and bridle made by Jeannyne.
Skyler is a Beautiful Premarin farm foal owned and loved by a lady who helped found PMU FoalQuest--The Journey Home, Where PMU foals are saved from slaughter and adopted into new homes. Summer is my first attempt at a Paint Horse, and she turned out beautifully! I got some new tack in a trade for doing this gal! Thanks, Cheryl!
The model of this gorgeous registered Paint filly, aka "Sweets," turned out to be beautiful! She has one blue eye and mascara around the other, which proved to be difficult for me. But the final result was a beautiful filly I would have loved to keep for my show string! Nellis is a bay Thoroughbred, and he's also a direct grandson of Secretariat. Therefore it was only fitting to use the Secretariat model for his image.


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