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Last Updated: 8/1/01

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  • Hey, I know I haven't been makeing many updates lately but now I have some news. We are playing Dr. Woodstock. The lineup will be David, Bryan, & Jon. We'll play a short set, nothing to serious, this just seemed like a good place to try out the still new lineup. I expect to see ALL of you there!! More info on the shows page.
  • OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT- We have gotten a new guitarist/bassist. In place of Kyle we now have Jon Dzien. There are no hard feelings between Kyle and the rest of the band and we will still be playing music together, just not in Hello Bert.
  • I finaly got pics up from the show at Kiss The Sky. Check 'em out.
  • I just wanted to drop everyone a line to let people know that we haven't broken up, lately we've just taken some time off, but we shall return.
  • OK, we had a show set up at WARP for April 14th but because some jerkwads messed it up for all of us there is no show. Go to the WARP page for more info. So long story short, we got screwed out of a show, but we have been promised first picks at dates when they open again. Right now were just writing some new material (hopefully a CD out over summer).
  • The show at Kiss The Sky was great. Big thanks to Tagalong for getting us the show and also the 2nd Class Citizens and Squigie Thieves for playing w/ us. Everyone who didn't come (but said that they would) is a big jerk. Thanks Jeff, Rich, Alek, and Derrick.

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