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Hello Bert is a skaish/rockish/punkish band from the suburbs of Chicago. We all have a varity of tastes, David and Bryan being into ska and punk, Kyle being into rock. Kyle and David had played in bands together before, but with not much success. Later on they heard that Bryan played drums so they contacted him and started just messing around. Soon they started writing songs and playing covers. They would like to get some horn players to play on some of the ska-like songs, until then they are just a 3 piece band driven by the fun to make music and the fact that girls always go for guys in bands. Convers All Stars rule.

A bunch of us were haveing a bonfire at Kyle's house. Earlier that day, Kyle had found an Ernie doll (as in Ernie from Sesame Street), so during the bonfire we cut him open, filled him with lighter fluid and set him ablaze. The whole time he was burning, Kyle kept saying (in a funny Ernie voive) "Hello Bert." A while later we started this band, and I thought that Hello Bert would be a cool name for it.

We would like to thank these people or bands for either loaning us stuff, giving us stuff, or helping in some other way. Mad props to all of you!

John Parr, Dan Marquis, Jon Beard, Jeff Abell (the tire, oh ya), Nicole Rohn, 13 Seconds, Ambassior Kwan, Tetnis, Tracy Sherwood, Megan Wants Moore, Dane and Alen, Megan Wants Moore, Taco Bell, Kelvin Levels, Karl Booth, thrift stores, Alek, Chris, Mr. Anderson, Fat Sally

Maybe she'll like me if I play guitar, maybe she'll like me if I'm a lead singer, ya.-Reel Big Fish