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Peoria Area Bands



3 Flow

57 Days L8er

The Accused

Air Fair

The Amazing Kill-O-Watts

Analog Saves the Planet




Any Minute Now

Arresting The Fall

ArsoNick Scum

Ash Sky

(A)uDiO (E)rOtIcA

The Beauty Shop

Before the Crow


Black Casual


Blame Twilight

Bleau Deamon



Brief Candles

The Bruises

Burning Love Letters

.The Burning Sensations.

Central Point Specimen

The Charter North

The Children's Army

Chuck Senrick

Cletus Beauford & The Confederate All-Stars

Closer to Then

The Crash Harder

Crashing Silence

Cut Throat Conspiracy

Dancing Nancies

The Deadbeats

Dead City Radio


Disturbing Trend


Dradle of Filth

Drawn By Cause

Eight Days From Sunday




Fat Larry

Fighting Apathy

The Forecast

The Four O'Clocks



The Geisert 8 Band

Going Nowhere

Grand View

Gravel Bath

Gung Ho

Half Dust Half Diety, Alike Unfit to Sink or Soar

Heroine Jane


In It for the T-shirt

Jared Grabb

The Jet Set

Jeweled Iris


The Kram-Connection

The Last Verse


Led to Slaughter


Live Coal

The Locked Sound

Los Diablos Blancos

Lovers Lie Slain

Lucid Chrysalis


Lunar Linguist

Matthew Crain

Matt Barber

Maxx Savvy


Metal Warriors

Missing In Action


Motor City Mystery

Mourning Eve

My Friend's Band



No Security

No Solution

O' Death, My Child

Of Parting Words

One Man

One Side, Red


Patient 957

The Pinups

Player Piano

The Problem

Push Button

Push Goes The Dealer

The Ransom


The Red Hot Valentines

The Red Sea

The Resinators


Rugg City

Rye Field Crane

Sara Craig

Scenic Square

Scouts Honor

Screaming With Knives

Second Season

Seed Elite

Shade Tree





Split Indecision

State of Flux

Stinky Pete


The Suit & Tie Guy Band

Super 88

Ten Second Skunk

Terrible Palsy

They're Like a Union

Toad Hall

t o n e p o e t

Tree Of Pain

The Trendy Swing Daddies

Two Girls



When Hairy Met Larry


The Uglies

Utilizing Chi

Yeah, You

Your's in Haste

Youth Class

The Zvooks

Sound Engineers

John Beattie

Whirlybird Sound

Skip Planet Sound

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Central Illinois Band Chat

Peoria Scene Board

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Alternative Echo Message Board

Central Illinois Hockey Message Board

The Peoria Alliance Effort Forum



Admit One Entertainment

Crazy 8's

Dago Productions

Dirty Sanchez Productions

Harsh Entertainment

Kent Wagenschutz

Nate Lucas

Metal Bill

Peoria Cyber Cafe

Sometimes Special People Ride on Frogs Productions

Thinker Thought Wrong

Think for Yourself Music

We Know Who You Are Productions



Distant Failure Productions

The Depot

ISU Bowling & Billiards


(El Paso)

Patrick Hakes


The Cellar Indie Rock House

Clumsy Records

Starewell Productions

Winola Outway

The Psalmist


Ashley from WIU


The High Dive

Independant Media Center

(Quad Cities)

Action Heights Productions

Captain Mike


Heather's Music and Musicians

Midewest Bands Tour Help

Cuban's list

Alternative Echo (WI, IL)

Kankakee County Scene

Revitalization Promotions

Danville, IL Underground

A Champaign-Urbana Punk Resource

Midwest Shows List

Springfield Punk

Recording and Distribution


Kevin Rendelman

Blaze Records

Black Sheep Audio

Ed Carper Studios

Lisa Falzone Recording

NoiseGate Recording Studio

Cable Radio/CPR 90.3FM

Dust Recordings Distrubution

Gotmionu Recording

Opaque Productions

Purple Parade Recoring

Silent Film Soundtracks

Spy Wacko Web Design

STG Fidelity Sound Lab

Stinky Pete Recording

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Corpse Flower

Good Neighbor Day

Robert A. Hanlon's Photographic Art page

Shotgun Blast

Swami Stuff

The Sea Cow

Peoria Shows Contact

Melvin Malone .

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Peoria Shows



Hey kids, I have recently been notified that some people are still using this angelfire site for the Peoria Shows page. We had to switch servers. You can now access the Peoria Shows page through
So update your bookmarks to keep up with area shows.

I hope everyone enjoys the new layout.

Page created by Thomas E Lane
Founding member of the midwest branch of the Anti-California League
Maintained by Melvin Malone, Nicole NYC

Disclaimer: All the views and opinions regarding the state of California and The Alkaline Trio are sole opinions of the creator of this page and do not necessarily reflect the attitude of the entire Peoria scene (although it would be nice if they did)

Melvin would like to take this time to thank the following people. some have helped me out with this page and some haven't.
if I left your name off, just tell me:

& in no particular order: Jeni Goertzen, Rachel Goodin, Mike Farmer, John Farmer, Billy & Heather Hawley, Kevin Martin, Amanda Gobble, Bill Rudloff, Lindsey Sharp, Curt Moeckel, Eric "Suit & Tie Guy" Williamson, Corey Flanigan, Erik Swanson, Mike ???, Alex Rodgers, Jesse Martin, James Strevells, Mike Perveiller, Chris Paluch, Chris Gill, Victor Downs, J.T. Harbaugh, Pat Liddel, Tom Riley, Corey Dixon, Tim Beck, Zak Piper, Dave Thompson, Adam "Bubba" Brook, Nathan Hahn, Anthony Abbinanti, Corey Stambaugh, Jeff Baskett, Kevin Dixon, Beau Brewer, Jenny Boniger, Robbie Hanlon, ArsoNick Scum, Dave Moe, Jenny Moe, Chris Anderson, Chris Riley, Jeff, Rick Julian, Bloody Mess, Brody & Julie Maag, Dallas Texas, Andy Eades, Jacob Faw, Andrea Ulbricht, Mark Whittinghill, Brian Guiren, Tim Mead, Jamie Bradford, Chris & Corey Bennet, Jason Spatifore, Elvis Presley, Mike Beck, James Logsdon, Josh Haller, Jeremy Loberg, Matt Beneventi, Justin Whittaker, Sarah Anton, Nate Anton, Joe Osunsami, Mike Zilch, Crazy James, Aaron Hillman, Jenny and Joanna from Lincoln, Ben Woodhouse, Jenni Black, Julie Emrick, Laura Parsons, Derrick Hostetter, Raven White, Jared and Lindsay Madigan, Polly (Katy) Brady, Joel Madigan, Mike Malin, Tim Kowalski, Tyson Markley, System 2, Mike Taylor, Trevor McCoy, Mindy Hoffman, Tracy Simmons, Jenny Creamer, Laura Satterfield, Lee Hasselbacher, David Early, Rachel Clellen, Amanda Robinson, Michelle Stokes, Gary Hale, Brooke Broshear, Allison Parsons, Terica Solomon, Jake Jeremiah, Dark Mark Hazard, Chris Garrels, Josh Bonati, Matt & Mike Halloway, Dan Hinkley, Justin Chandler, Tom Muir, Chris Hickman, Brian Gosack, Sean Urich, Matt Lappie, Todd Monari, Rob White, G-Child (Shawn Washington), Rob-Dawg Jones, Steve Jones, Heidi Goldberg, Tracy Brewer, Meagan Gorsuch, Nick Eagle, Tiffany Lamprecht, Nick Conway, Jason Hedrick, Doug Sharky, Donny and Bob, Jeff Wahl, John Hopkins, Chris Murdock, Jared Grabb, Jeff Grabb, Mike Gilbert, Kyle Cornelius Donkey, Talking Alan (Jeff), D.J. Jazzy Jarrett, Talia Pate, Maria Mattarelli, Dan Durst, Amy Michael, Drew Fustin, The kidz from the Bert Rolli mag, Josh & Joe Schwindenhammer, Bryan J. Polk, Ryan Patrick Sullivan, Tim Donsbach, Child Prodigy & the rest of 1209 Towanda, Joe & Ryan Martin, Jason Moll, Brandon "Ooze" Lee, Andy Quitter, Vince Quitter, Jeremy Quitter, Seth Russell, Geoff Frost, Josh & Paul from DAB, LeAnne from Tiamat, Lucas & Shelly Chase, Jeff Chase, Kate De Groot, Dustin Addis, Sean Brant, Brad Scogin, Jessica Fuller, Tom Moore, Lindsay Jacobson, Kendra Senrick, Aaron Felder, Melissa from Chicago (Punk Chick), Crystal Minson, Bryanne England, Kyle Lueck, Missy Camper, Crystal Lopez, Damon, Lindsay Vaughn, Myke Weinberg, Paul Reynolds, Destin Hoots, Jaime from Princeton, Matt Shane, Adam Widener, Sean Silman, Devin Green, Myke Grey, Devin Useless, Brian & Mike Hayes, Stacy Bevency, Amanda Cool, Lisa Cool, Matt Hoyer, Jessica Hoyer, Dawn Wenniger, Ryan Winstead, Ken Keltner, Jason Myers, Samantha, First Grade Crush, Frank Schrapmire, Jason Link, Chris Trovero, John Lady, Shannon Lady, Dan Schmidt, Chris Turdmeir, Tom Satterfield, Marsha Satterfield, Nick Stahl, Brad, Valeri Lane, Cathy Bueck, Dave McAtee, Glynda Rolle, Mandy Scheir, Dave Martin, Curtis Lee, Rob Waldo, Charlotte Bialeschki, Abby Look, Josh Shepherd, Mick Couri, Brian Niemeyer, Andy Boltron, Nick Zosky, Rich Bloodworth, Drew Roggy, Tim Schloz, Aaron Rademaker, P.J. Robbins, Jake Hammel, Craig, Sean Webster, Caleb Ogden, Brian Layhew, Troy Teaney, Justin Hoffman, Tim Beeney, Joshua Stonewall, Michelle Carlson, Amanda Riley, Sean Joyce, James Curless, Josh Michelletti, Dustin Wikoff, Shanea Bodtke, Stacy Hauser, Tonya Swearingian, Brooke and Rishika, Mary Lynne Schroeder, Norm Sales, Andrea Frampton, Dictator Dan, Sam McIntyre, Zach Clayton, Keri Clayton, 2-tone Luke, Jeremiah & Melody Lambert, Lenny King, John Phillips, Tracy Frank, Drew McDowell, Dawson Barrett, Jenna Scifers, Ashley & Tim from WIU, Veronica Rensimer, David Moseska, Paul Nycz, Holly & Aaron Austin, Jake Conner, Todd Smith, Everyone at The Freudian Sip, Andrew Metalwarrior, Rachel Eidsen, Lizzy Rose Tomlin, Metamora Jen, Kendra B, Rustie Robison, Dwayne, Rich Taube, Greg Tracey, Brad Baker, Matt Graciek, Alex Stoner, Nate Hawksworth, Rob Applegate, Tim Hasler, Jayme Knight, Larry Harms, Andrew Greene, Ellie May Waite, John Beatey, Ben Jackson, Lauren McFarden, Bethany Anne, Merideth, Matty G., Tyler, Ryan Jaynes, Turtle Shover, Nicole NYC, QC Lindsey, Metal Bill, Amy Michael and Matt Johnson, Richie, Justin NJ, Beef, Shitface, JP Pollard and Dance Squad B, Kent Wagenschutz, Boomer, Gunshot Nate, Bryan Beat Back, Steve-O, & everyone on who's ever been to or booked a show.

Most of all, I would like to thank Leo Fender for his innovative genius in the invention of the electric bass guitar, solid body guitar & the bolt-on neck.

Melvin would not like to thank The Alkaline Trio in any way, shape or form.