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Straight from the plains of central Illinois' comes the area's only Psychobilly Country Punk band!!

First of all it must be stated that Cletus Beuford and the Confederate All-Stars are NOT a hick band. We are old old old school Punk Rockers from Mackinaw, IL (a hick town in Tazwell County.) Before the punk revolution of the late 70's the kids looked to old fashioned rock and roll and edgey Rockabilly for rebellion. That is what we play and we are not a racist band by any means. We use the rebel flag as a symbol of rebellion. We use it to show that rebellion has been with us through all time. It didn't just start with the punks. We also use it to show our Southern pride. We accept all people despite gender or race and we invite you all to come to our shows and rebel with us! thanks ya'all!


We're still updating this page. It's a new thing for us. Stay with us while we figure this html stuff out.

Jethro has been experimenting lately with yet another instrument, the Fiddle, so, we're working some fiddle parts into some our songs, but not too many because we are not a country band, and the fiddle is a little too country for us.

After over a year of sitting in Cletus' scary and surreal basement and practicing, we're finally planning on playing out. I've been talking to Frank from the River City Radicals and we might have a show coming up with them soon. I've also been talking to Andrew from the Jenny Jones Dancers and Corey Dixon from The Zvooks. Melvin from Waste of Time is planning a show for us too. So start looking for flyers for our upcoming shows and expect to get your head ripped off by our Punkabilly anthems!!

Take it easy, folks and remember that Cletus Beuford and the Confederate All-Stars are NOT a country band or a group of hicks (mind you, we have no personal problems with country music or hicks, we're just stating that we are neither of those things)

--Cletus Beuford--
Lead Vocals
Baldwin upright ragtime Piano
(yes they drag it to EVERY show)
Acoustic Guitar
--Jethro Stumley--
Rhythm Guitar
Lead Vocals
Steel lap guitar

--Roy Dallas--
Upright Bass
--Max Carter--

--George Jackson--
Tenor Sax
Baritone Sax
--Albert Lee--
Tenor Sax
Baritone Sax

Lead Guitar

Photographs courtesy of Ken Lawson

There's more to come. this page is under construstion
Meanwhile E-mail us while we figure out this dag-darn internet stuff.