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This page was last updated on: 9/24/99

Welcome to the Realm of Final Fantasy VII!! I created this page in order to provide an extensive guide to FF7. In my opinion, FF7 is not only the greatest RPG, but the greatest game as well. The story was spectacular, the characters were incredible, the gameplay was excellent, and the graphics were stunning.

Now for why I made this page. As you already know, I am a huge fan of FF7, yet all of the fan sites out there already don't provide ALL the information. You need to jump from site to site in order to get all the information.

Some of you may be saying, "he's crazy for starting an FF7 site with FF8 only 3 months away!!" and you may be right. But I won't allow FF7 to be forgotten. So even if I am the only remaining FF7 page left after FF8 comes out, then I don't care. I'm gonna keep it up. Yes, I am a very stubborn person!!

The Story
Main Characters
Level 4 Limit Breaks
How to Get Aeris' Great Gospel Limit Break.
Ultimate Weapons
Enemy Skill Guide
Boss Strategies
Game Shark Codes
Secret Characters
Sephiroth Shrine
Image Gallery
Date Tips
Mysteries of FF7
Turtle's Paradise Flyers