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Updated on DECEMBER 1, 1999

Fanfictions Updated on DECEMBER 1, 1999

Welcome to Team Yagami's world. This isn't a page about THE Team Yagami (Iori, Mature, Vice), but it will include members from as well as various other teams too. I am now working on the fanfictions section of this page. The first story's ok, not my best work, but the second one is shaping up really nicely...check it out! One more note, about 99% of this page will be done assuming that I will be playing the role of Iori Yagami himself, so when it says "head of Team Yagami", that's usually me. I noted it often in like, every page so you get the general idea. =)

NOTE : I'm not sure what kind of resolution you need, but all the images below should be aligned to either the complete left, or to the complete right. Nothing should be kinda stuck somewhere as if wedged between two spaces. If the page looks like that, change the resolution of your viewer. - Team Yagami

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SNK vs. The World, How other fighters would size up against the KoF

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