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Sins Of The Father
ISBN: 1-59279-016-X (Electronic)
Available now in electronic and paperback formats from Amber Quill Press, LLC

Sins Of The Father Book Cover"An incredible debut novel, one that should be express-mailed to every movie producer in the world, Sins of the Father gives new meaning to the word ‘history.’ Zaber and his muse--probably Calliope, the muse of epic poetry--should be toasted in the vintage of the times--all times. This book will be thoroughly enjoyed and long remembered and should give Zaber the fans he deserves."--Patricia White, Crescent Blues Book Views.

Jebediah Simpson Ellsworth, a young brigadier general from Vicksburg, Mississippi, arrives in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, seeking not only victory for his army and freedom from Northern tyranny, but also to prove his worthiness to his father’s ghost. Instead, his army suffers defeat, he is wounded, and while recovering in enemy territory, is falsely accused of plotting a heinous crime.

With the aid of Faith Bradshaw, a young Yankee woman, and Isaiah Walker, an ex-slave, Jeb embarks on a perilous quest to clear his good name. Along the way, however, he is forced to reassess the teachings of his much-loved father, reexamine the world around him, and reevaluate his own convictions once their foundation starts to crumble.

Spectrum 2001 Finalist Eppie 2001 Finalist WordWeaving Award For Excellence

Chapter 1
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Sins of the Father

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The Culpeper Chronicles - Book I
One Bitter And Deadly Harvest
ISBN: 1-59279-040-2 (Electronic)
Available 2005 in electronic and paperback formats from Amber Quill Press, LLC

One Bitter And Deadly Harvest Book Cover“These people, so fervently demanding war, want to gather a crop of fame when they have hardly begun to sow the seed. And once the yield is realized, it will certainly be one bitter and deadly harvest.”

The first novel in the seven-book Civil War saga, The Culpeper Chronicles.

This new series depicts all the hardships, triumphs, heartbreak, and madness during America’s bloody Civil War within the households of several families in Culpeper County, Virginia: some influential, some lowly, yet all related by blood, business, marriage...and murder.

Summer, 1860. Josiah Bainbridge Spaulding, who has recently resigned from the U. S. Army due to tensions regarding the upcoming national crisis, arrives home in Culpeper Court House, Virginia, hoping for some peace and quiet to work out his conflicting emotions. Instead, he finds the otherwise laid-back community beginning to stir over the forthcoming presidential election, discovers various family members succumbing to the influence of the despicable, underhanded, yet powerful Kingsbury clan, hears rumors of barbaric murders of traveling Abolitionists, and, on his first night home, witnesses the vicious, unwarranted slaughter of a runaway slave.

Within days of returning to his beloved Virginia, Josiah can only wonder...will his family survive, and survive intact, the hell on earth he anticipates will eventually arrive at Culpeper County’s doorstep? And when his sense of honor, and his heart, is torn not only by the country’s turmoil, but by his love for the sister of a “Northern-bred” West Point roommate, can he come to grips with his warring passions in order to both physically and emotionally withstand the bloody maelstrom?

Chapter 1
The Reviews

A Question Of Trust

In 1860, a young photographer, distrustful of the world around him, seeks employment at Mathew Brady’s Washington City Gallery. But when he is offered the chance of a lifetime, can he successfully come to grips with his troubled and violent past in order to play a part in the history-making venture? Or will long-buried secrets of blood and betrayal come back to haunt him?

Chapter 1

Strange Liaisons

Prior to the outbreak of America’s Civil War, Noelle D’Arcy Etheridge, a Charleston-born girl who was shipped off to a New Orleans boarding school after her father’s tragic death, receives an urgent summons to visit her recently-remarried mother, now residing near Savannah.

Why, after 4 years of unwarranted ostracism, would her mother suddenly demand her presence? And will she find happiness, intrigue, love, or peril in a strange city, with a new stepfather, on a mysterious cotton plantation known as Destiny?

Chapter 1

The Destruction Of Fontaine

When a modern-day souvenir hunter and Civil War reenactor stumbles upon an ancient diary, detailing life during the brutal American conflict in a prosperous and thriving Virginia town—a town mysteriously unmentioned in any history book, nor listed on any map in this or the Victorian era—he uncovers chilling, long-buried secrets regarding war’s harsh and bloody reality.

Novel Excerpt Coming Soon!

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