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~ March 2004 ~

First, I apologize for the lack of updates. Despite emails asking for information, and other emails even going so far as to threaten blackmail lest I update this page soon, I have been absolutely swamped with work as both Editorial Director and Creative Director for Amber Quill Press, my "real" job. So again, sorry for the silence on this end!

I pulled my books from RFI West in mid-2002, since the owner of the company, Ms. Gina Haldane, thought it more appropriate to steal the royalties of all book sales than to actually give the royalties to the authors of the books. Additionally, as part of the staff at the ill-fated company, Ms. Haldane owes me more than $8,000.00 in back salary, but again, she decided she would abscond with those funds and cushion her lifestyle. Now, she has fled the jurisdiction in Arizona where the company was based for a life in hiding to avoid the Attorney Generals of three States.

With that said, I, along with most of the RFI West authors and nearly their entire staff, created Amber Quill Press in July 2002 to get away from the insanity and actually produce books where not only is the quality consistently high, but the authors receive their royalties per contracted...what a concept! What appears below is the formal official charges of piracy and theft leveled against Ms. Gina Haldane, who again, remains in hiding.

Many of the Amber Quill Press, LLC, book titles—either already available for purchase through this or other AQP authorized websites or scheduled for release in the near future by Amber Quill Press, LLC—are illegally being offered for sale in both electronic and/or paperback formats under some of the following company names: RFI West, Inc., Moonlit Garden Books, Inc., and Romance Foretold, LLC (all formerly operating in Arizona and now supposedly based in Anaheim, California, under the ownership and direction of Ms. Gina Haldane), Romance Foretold, Inc., Starlight Writer Publications, Dark Star Publications, Pulsar Books (all defunct and previously operating in New Jersey under the ownership and direction of Ms. Gina Haldane) or Replica/Replica Books. These pirated books are registered with ISBN numbers beginning with: 1-58697-???-?.

These companies, nor any additional company Ms. Gina Haldane may create in the future in any state under any other name, have no legal contract with the authors of these titles, nor to the best of our knowledge, have they paid royalties on any products still being illegally sold or advertised. The vast majority of communication since June, 2002, with these companies to resolve this serious legal issue has been ignored. The only communication received from these companies has contained false promises, excuses, even threats of harrassment, and not one of these issues has been addressed by Ms. Gina Haldane herself, the owner and director of the aforementioned companies.

Amber Quill Press, LLC, is the ONLY authorized and legitimate publisher of the titles appearing on this website or listed as Amber Quill Press titles on other authorized bookseller websites. Any website or book merchant still distributing and selling pirated materials in either electronic and/or paperback formats by the aforementioned publishers or through Ms. Gina Haldane's (or her current staff's) written or verbal authorization is in direct violation of intellectual property theft laws, a punishable felony, and will be reported to the proper authorities. Please note that Ms. Gina Haldane also goes by the following aliases: Ellyn MacGregor, Jennie Collins, Madlyn Grey. The following individuals attached to Ms. Gina Haldane and listed on the RFI West website as current staff members are also unauthorized to represent these works in any way, shape, or form, and will also be held accountable on all further illegal sales of said works: Dara Haldane-Lindley, Peter Lindley, Dee Prutsman, Sharon Pangelinan, Joyce Lindbo, Maggie Johnstone, Carole Anne Armendariz, and Melanie Billings or any future employees of Ms. Gina Haldane in any of the aforementioned companies or any future companies registered to Ms. Gina Haldane or under the name of any of her aliases or employees' names.

Should you discover any Amber Quill Press, LLC, titles still being sold or advertised as being available for purchase from these unauthorized publishers' websites or various distributors' websites, please contact us at and provide us with details regarding these criminal activities.

The staff and authors at Amber Quill Press, LLC, thank you in advance for any additional information you can provide.

~ May 2001 ~

I must admit to feeling more than a little thrilled, and more than a tad overwhelmed, when my publisher, RFI West, promoted me to Editor in Chief for all four of its publishing houses: Dark Star Publications, Pulsar Books, Spotlight Media, and Starlight Writer Publications. With the new job title comes great and numerous responsibilities, which leaves me limited time to do my own writing, and here with another six books in my Culpeper Chronicles waiting to be written. I've barely made a dent in the second book of the series, Two Nations Under God. Nevertheless, I hope in the near future I will be able to slowly but surely get myself back on schedule with the series. Now that I have assembled a more-than-able staff of Managing Editors to assist me, it looks likely my "dream" will actually see reality in the near future. I'm praying so.

To the wonderful folks who have sent me personal email asking what is going on with the series, all I can say at the moment is that the first book, One Bitter And Deadly Harvest, is right on schedule and will be released as planned in November 2001. As one might expect with my duties at RFI West, however, the other six books have no definite release dates, which is just as well until I can "force myself" to plow through my research notes, character outlines, and plot ideas and start molding the saga as I originally envisioned. I will keep you abreast of any and all progress.

~ January-May 2001 ~

Quite an exciting new year thus far. First, Sins of the Father garnered a nomination for an EPPIE award in the Best Historical Fiction category. Although the book did not win the award, I was nevertheless very proud to have been nominated.

On a similar note, I discovered that three book covers I created this past year were named among the seven nominees for a Spectrum Award for Cover Art Excellence: Facade by Patricia A. Rasey (RFI West), Walk In Moonlight by Rosemary Lowrey (Avid Press), and my very own Sins of the Father (RFI West). Even better, I won the Spectrum for Walk In Moonlight. As you might imagine, I was overjoyed at the news! Thanks to all the folks who voted for the cover! Much appreciated!

Moreover, two of my short stories, “Blood Brothers” and “The Collections Of Bethlehem” have been released as part of Twilight Antiquity, an anthology of historical fiction, from RFI West.

~ July-December 2000 ~

Much to report! My debut novel, Sins of the Father, finally became available in paperback! Even better, it won the first-ever award for literary excellence from Word Weaving. Thanks to both Cindy Penn and Hope Clark at Word Weaving for this terrific honor!

Additionally, I contracted my proposed seven-part Civil War family saga The Culpeper Chronicles with RFI West. The first book in the series, One Bitter And Deadly Harvest, is scheduled for release in November 2001. For more information on the series, please look at my Novels page.

Also, my short story “Esprit De Corps” has been contracted to appear as part of the Tales of the Spirit of Love, Hope, and Redemption anthology through RFI West. The story is basically, with some minor tweaking, a chapter from One Bitter And Deadly Harvest. This charitable anthology will likely be released sometime in 2002.

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