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I cherish your amity oh mine benevolent LEBANON
Guardian of refugee and progenitor of freedom
The Mount upon the Sea and sublime talisman
A healing balm for your children and an heirdom

An Ode To My Wife

If I Lived A Thousand Years

In my life, I have walked a thousand miles
And seen a thousand places
And through the years I paced the lands
And left a score of traces
In search for that heart whose inner worth
More than a thousand maidens fair
Whose beauteous girth a find so rare
And clad in heavenly praises
But none met I in all the earth
And in all of its many faces
A heart like yours God to birth
Arrayed my dear in such graces

In my life, I heard the babble of a thousand rills
And bathed in the mist of a thousand hazes
The song of a thousand blossoms filled my heart
To the frolic of a thousand chases
In search of that soul my life to savor
To the blush of a thousand virgins bright
Whose gentle quaver the soul's delight
Ornate in graceful braces
And in kindness ne'er to waver
But in all of earth's boundless spaces
I adorn you my dear in crowning favor
For naught in life your love replaces

In my life, I beheld the beauty of a thousand oceans
Trod the hills of the forest mazes
The portrait of a thousand sunsets etched my soul
Like the choral hues of a thousand blazes
In search of one my soul's journey to end
To the charm of a thousand matrons prudent
To wisdom's bend a heart adept and ardent
And the plight of truth raises
But none like you such eminence to lend
And the compassion of you laces
The life of me in joy dear wife and friend
Forevermore this heart of me amazes

Now I have been with you many years
I laughed and cried with you a thousand tears
In heartaches and in rapturous delight
In life's travails and in triumphs bright
But midst all the pains and heartfelt cheers
We stood together
To fend for faith and fears to tether
And till our purpose is ended at last
The Master's beck his kingdom cast
I tell you with words ever so sincere
If I had to live once again a thousand years
Gladly it would be then with you my dear


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