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I cherish your amity oh mine benevolent LEBANON
Guardian of refugee and progenitor of freedom
The Mount upon the Sea and sublime talisman
A healing balm for your children and an heirdom

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T'was thence I found the vision
The tiara arraying Humanity's impetus
To beget and to spawn Vital elysian
Alas to depart the tartarus
Of timeless aggression For the insane
Beheld I the vision Hovering unseen By the multitude
Regarded as a wraith unclean
Whispering the turpitude
Of humanity gone astray
Its very mores to betray
But yea 'tis there ever Beckoning whoever
Explores beyond the disarray Of the heart
Telling the renegade of humankind
To chart a course for solitude
And learn the Beauteous beatitude
Of insanity's compassionate mind
Beheld I the vision Thus tenderly
For the pilgrimage Ahead a pathos
The heart to keep And nurture lovingly
Henceforth in life To sway an ethos




Once upon a night
A tender dream bright
Came upon me
A spirit in gentle brace
Came forth from far a place
Beyond the terran sea
It beckoned me near
Whispered melodies in my ear
In pledge my soul to free
Come child it said
As the voice of the angel read
Mine life herewith to be
I shook in fear my heart a'dread
Bereft of sense
And loath to tread
The path ahead
From days of yore to eternity



Then books in white frills Were open
The shrills of a thousand Words spoken
Echoes of infant time
Drifting youth to repine
Sweet aging of a soul sublime
And bitter hearts
In the path of life broken



For a moment There in time I froze
My spirit severed From my body rose
To the far off spaces hidden
To places henceforth forbidden
My soul now adrift
Across the brilliant rift
Bearing vision's gift
Foretelling all secrets bidden



Dazed by time In that moment I shook
The gentle spirit bid me gaze At the cryptic book
Learn oh man from life It's course to take
Virtues to heed Amends to make
Behold now the hallowed pages
Consider anew The wisdom of the sages
And Journey through To times gone by
Till your journey's end Draws nigh



The sun wrapped around my wings
The moon danced behind me
And every star beamed Through my form
As hues gushed by to blind me
In arrant delight
Midst that stormy night
Devoid of sight
And soaring in flight
I felt the wondrous aplomb
Of vision's calm
And heard the quiet Psalm
Of the silent light
Flitting around me
The firmament cast My soul afloat
The winds frolicked to find me
And every spirit in That naked space
Soared in rhapsody to bind me
I mused a while My thoughts to compile
Averse to beguile
And loath to rile
The spirit of heaven's friend
Of visions yenned
For truth to lend
To the spirit vile
Flailing within me
Then I saw the flash Of a thousand thunders
Revile the manacles That confined me
As the mentor spirit Broke the spell
Of youth abashed and refined me
I felt the ablution Touch my bowels
As countless hordes Mulled to remind me
Hallowed truth to Affront that day
Thenceforth to solitude Resigned me



Then the mentor Once again flew by
To speak words In gentle kindness
He floated neath The clouds on high
And spread his wings Around my blindness
As the book looked back On times and places
Of hidden graces
Athwart the feeble Traces of bliss
Forgotten through The tragedy of life
Unbroken by the rife
Of heartache and heartbreak
That emanate from every corner
To make a silent mourner
Of this raw heart of mine
If not for the gentle mentor divine
Images of the moments Alas too painful
But behold the heart of me
The sense of me Thus too gainful
To perceive the hidden graces herein
Amidst the furor Of ages past within
Oh what tales forthwith I could tell
And none be there to quell
The legends of life to be
From the embers Of gravity's nills
And sorrow's ills
The grandeur of life
Once more to see

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I shall remain silent
For the rest of my life
And I shall sing forevermore
For my sorrows are naught
But a speck of dust
Before the happiness
Of my brothers' core

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