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I cherish your amity oh mine benevolent LEBANON
Guardian of refugee and progenitor of freedom
The Mount upon the Sea and sublime talisman
A healing balm for your children and an heirdom

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Behold the mind of the insane
Forged in the fires of adversity
An essence yearning to appertain
To the vapid Designs of humanity
To ascertain its own insanity
Or the bane Of its quiescent sanity
Alas, the frenzied Search for identity
Enraptured me To the hallowed reign
Of blessed solitude
In the domain of mine nonentity



Behold, the posy of mine vitality
The garland of my sorrow
Inscribed on the Pages of humanity
The verse by which I face the morrow
The progress of charity
Midst the regress of enmity
Life thence in bitter sweet to live
Avowed I the Human race to give
A gift of my heart
Some wisdom to impart
To the companions Of my insanity
Who sit on the edges Of sorrow alone
Their silent pains to bemoan
Dismayed by the sphere Of apostate sanity



I shall remain silent
For the rest of my life
And I shall mourn forevermore
For my sorrows are naught
But a speck of dust
Amidst the bitter woes
My brothers bore



Silence begets a thousand words
Its graces are forever heard
In songs sung in quiet surrender
To the ill tidings of the offender
Laud that heart Its tranquil wisdom
Amidst the din lull its kingdom
Prevailing abstention And ne`er to brood
The sanctity of its own solitude



Life oh life in quiet strains
Sorrow my sorrow Hidden remains
Withal life two score begun
Alas to lament Two score to run
Probe oh ye wise The message within
The pages of the saga Here to begin
Draw that which is concealed In furtive verse
Revealed to nay but to those
Who walk alone in the course Of my sorrow
Born in the kiln Of placid adversity
Defying sanity betwixt insanity



Hail oh companion beloved
Recluse of the human race
Refuse pariah In time and space
Mine heart embraces you
And sorely aches for you
Draw then near to me
And let us together tread
Places anew
Where no barren words are said
Escape the lure of platitude
And find the abode of solitude



Behold now the ballad Of the insane
Graven on the silent Pages of time
The strife of youth
The throes of pain
Lessons to learn
And gems to rhyme
And these Forevermore to remain
A tribute to the beloved
A mystery shrouded
A glory severed
A paradise beclouded
A wonder to contain
Life sanguine all but shattered

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To the edge of eternity
I turn my self this dreary day
To stride along the ambits of life
Whence in solitude I lay
The days edge on
While the nights pace immortal
And my eye opens
To the fright Of memories infernal
To behold those roving glories
Of life's dawn laced with tears
Shadow of shadows
Moments of bliss Haste to blear
Forever the rainbow Nay to appear



Howbeit the dusk of life
Remains cloaked in rain
Cried I once to the skies
For answer in vain
Nothing but laughter was heard
Unspoken words to a dullard
As if to mock my very pain



Tell not the skies, a voice was heard
In the depth of my soul
For they hear not the insane
But recount the word Of your heart To the wind
Perchance the inane May echo to and fro
And tell tales of sorrow
Tales of woe
To the four corners of the earth
Where kindred souls glisten
And kind hearts listen
To the memory Of the kin of your birth



Speak then to vanity's ear
Wrest an answer
For seldom does humanity hear
The song of its children
Who sing at every crossroads
The song of their anguish
And languish with voices unheard
And hearts forsaken
Speak loudly then
Lest you as well be taken
By vanity's vaunt
The fiend in the Stone-heart's haunt
Till then let your heart roam
Along the oceans of time
Echo upon echo
Rhyme upon rhyme
And in solitude bear your delusion
The answer sought
Albeit an illusion
Evermore your life to begrime



Behold the travesty of life's derision
Oh dullard insane!
Are you a reflection Of essence's rejection
Or of mortals' religion
Or of a merry decision Of heaven's whim
Till you find the answer On humanity's rim
A shroud so grim
Marks the winds Upon which you wait
Alas! A remedy come too late
Till then pilgrim of solitude
Wince on the edge of eternity
To ponder your fate
And to brood Your great incertitude



Hunkered I close to the earth
And listened to the Echoes of the past
To the song of The wayward mortal
Ne`er to last
Songs of troubled youth Come by too early
Of faint tomorrows
And hopes worn sorely
Ah! For the memories Of days gone by
For laughter once again To draw nigh
Alas for a glimpse Of the beloved's face
To behold beauty In its naked grace
And oh for a moment To touch the form
For pains to cease And yens to ease
My bosom to warm
A heart broken And torn asunder
For as thunder peals
A trice its glory
Alas the gayety of heart
The same its story
Its cheer from dust To dust to lie
Impending dejection E`er to belie




Thus gazed I upon the earth
For a glimpse of gladness
Distrait to the Barrage of sadness
That would whelm my heart With the aching
Of life's hostility in the making
And dreamed I The joyous dream
Once and again
'Tis only a reverie!
In the straits of life, Forevermore to remain
On the boundaries of What held me sane
And sang I the song of life alone
In the quietness of my hollow
Lone as a knave Of a demon's shadow
Scourge's arrow
Shot at the heart of my youth
My secret to contain
In solitude of soul
My bane to muse
My dignity its toll
Ah, the curse of a Bitter seed sown!
Beloved germane
Why do you forsake me?
Why must I bemoan
My crime of youth alone?
'Tis the youthful heart to blame
The cusp of cupid
My endless shame



Cursed be the silence
For the doting buried deep
Ne`er to be revealed
A secret e`er to keep
Picking up pieces of heart
Along the path
And dread the wrath
Of humanity's error
Or of heaven's terror
Yea! For me 'twas cupid's quest
To quell that heart
Within my breast
But hopes are naught But froth to shatter
And the abettor loath to utter
A word of solace
To this frail heart of mine
But hush my heart do not repine
Humanity notwithstanding
Your secret hidden in loneliness to enshrine
Awaiting times Of understanding
Till then, pine away your dearth
Your bitter thorn
And behold humanity's birth
Once more to be born



Sat I and fawned one forlorn day
Searching the wisdom Of the ages
Heeding the sapience Of the sages
To make merry my soul
To Capture e'en a dream
My love to belay in substance
Or come what may
Forevermore to grasp The beloved's essence
From the radiance Of humanity's core
From those whom I adore
Who wafted upon
The winds of time unscathed
By the laughter of the mocker
Raised they the scepter Of certitude and bathed
In the elixirs Of humanity's sufferance
Yet not an utterance
Was made on their behalf
And as the mockers still scorned
My silent pains adorned
The solitude Etched on my epitaph



When the beloved of the ages
Could not be Embraced in element
At the crest of my torment
I turned the pages
Of time spent in solitude
To seek the beloved
On the streets Of eternal disdain
And amidst the legions Of the afflicted
Of humanity's hidden flame
I soared once again
Through solitude's ecstasy
To purge my piteous name
And expunge my grievous shame



I fancied to find the beloved
In those in whom it lives
And to drink deeply
From what it gives
Alas! the beloved Was found at last
But not in the right places
The enamored fantasyEtched on many faces
Yet none were mine to acquire
Yea not one to retain
And lo it's fire loath to restrain
Burned in the abyss of my heart
Tore my very being apart
Once again to rove the earth
To ponder and brood
My very birth



Now perceived I The silence of the depth
Echo along mine breadth
Pity me broken hearted
As the chill Of a thousand winters Gripped me
To consecrate my Sorely youth departed
And quest for wisdom Amidst the phantoms
Of memories with sorrow jaded
Can the spirit within me fathom
Youth abraded I trod thus far?
Be it callow?
Or have the wounds Of silence borne
Rendered it mellow?
Alas beloved germane
Naught is staid within me
Infant youth or youth to be
Or youth cloaked in mystery



Stooped I to the tumult Of what will remain
The cusp of cupid My enigma arcane
Recondite, ah!
But cursed in nature
Hurls the ailing Of the race to wager
To calamity's edge
No wonder Humanity's aversions beget
Soreness to the innards Of those who dare
To be insane yet oft forget
Their pilgrimage of silence
The specter of their semblance
To humanity's norm
Unable to conform



Alas for valor my soul to befriend
The fright of anxious Youth to end
To speak of that Which rages within me
Diffidence to forfend
Remiss to dread
The pretender of the human race
Its feigned virtue Unveil my sullied face
But nay found I valor Waxed a victim
Henceforth to silence
Remained I a pilgrim
whereas every road I trek
The beloved to beck
Grows desolation
Thenceforth mine naked heart
Fancied isolation



In yore days of my inanity
In the endless bedlam Of my insanity
Questioned I such Forged humanity
Raven by its antics of deceit
Ravaged by its own conceit
Said I to mine heart
Must you fray?
Or be silent this very day
Bound to defeat?
The cusp of cupid
Tis now only a memory to bear
Set I the quest For silence to share
Cloyed of sensuous rankness
The dawn of solitude
The ebb of madness



Thus sat I to dredge
The frailty of the human gist
To pledge my very essence Only to exist
On the edges of insanity
On the crux Of blessed quietude
And embrace the glory Of eternal solitude
Afar from humanity's intolerance For the insane
Yea! That I would constrain
The mortal desire
Ne`er to tread on the flames
Of that sordid fire
Confine the insanity within
To a whisper at last
And chant the requiem
Of the past! Never more!
Yet heard I the clatter within
Harken! For the ebb of insanity
Tantamount to the Death of humanity
Lo! The answer e`er to hover still
On the edges of sanity
The rim of solitude
The trim of vanity




Thus began the idyllic Journey to vanity fair
To a different dominion
To places afar from The flair for the minion Of my heart,
The beloved germane
Carried thence mine soul On the pinion
Of cupid's enchanting snare
To the strange domain of Aphrodite's lair
My empathy to taint
Alas 'Tis that sanity faint
What sacred humanity Deems prudent
And thus forged I The guise of the ardent
Of humanity's sane
Adept as the pretender Whom I loathe
Inept of virtue
And braced to clothe
My silent woe
With that sacred Oath of solitude
My insanity once again to crow



In the habitat of an altered state
Midst the thickets Of human discretion
Searched I for a kindred Soul to intimate
The fringe of my obsession With the insane
A cognate heart Familiar with the stir
For the beloved, but to no gain
Alas, cried the dullard Once again
Is there no friend My soul to endear?
Why must humanity fear
The quaint of human kind?
Why must it e`er be confined
To the caste of its own sanity?
Will it ever hear The voice of wisdom
Or forever be intoxicated By the venom
Of its own disheveled mind?
Alas, and blind
By the sanctimony innate
Benumbed of its senses
Unable to vindicate Its own pretenses
Ah! For humanity's Ideal to embrace
The beloved's filial offenses
And at last to entwine
The twain of the human race
But wisdom beckons to me
From that far off place
Alas 'tis all but a stupor
Journey on then dullard insane
Till you set anchor
Once again on The edges of insanity
The arbor of humanity
Dignity of heart to restitute
And remain a vagrant of solitude



Discern oh wise one erudite
The healing balm of solitude
Haven to the transient eremite
Serenity's pulchritude
Midst the clangorous revolution
Of humanity's pompous sanity
The deformity of its evolution
Destitution I to welcome
Rather than to become Heartless to the involution
Of the waif and the vagabond
The foundling And what lays beyond
The palisade Of humanity's outcasts
In the realm of the beloved
Yea! Rather I abscond
To the hermitage Of solitude at last
And escape such dismay
With the song of a new day
Alas yet to come
The sanctum of the discarded
Refuse of the stone-hearted
Alas that uncharted hearts
No more to mill
For the tears of the outlander
To lie still
To tear down the Fortress of bigotry
Restore the livid faces of amity
Sketch the limpid Traces of parity
And rise from The ashes of Perfidy
To the dawn Of novel humanity




In my journey amid The oceans of humanity
Came I across the lair of death
Hidden in the Crevice of immortality
That yearning within The very breath
Of the primal essence Of the living
Beheld him scorning existence
Jeering its resplendence
And from the cradle Lurked he damning
Humanity born to delusion
Though no form Was there to be seen
Glimpsed I the sheen
Of a sinister darkness pervading
The vestige of A thousand nightmares of old
Emerging from the Depth of my soul
Frigid as the abomination Of the damned
And ominously familiar
The friend and lo Yet the stranger
Peered I at the chill therein
Embraced its savage Warmth within
At last I drew closer to the lair
The scorn of a thousand Ages to dare
The stench of death sodden
Beheld my countenance ashen
The face of time stood still
The voice of death Spoke with a shrill
Why does the frail Of humanity's insane
Come into my presence?
Speak thus your essence!



Generations unending forevermore
Have I seen the Wayward mortal quiver
Enter the lair of The dead to deliver
Life's very existence at the door
Of my knavery unaware
The final cloak of nullity to wear
Devouring life by strife raddled
Hopes embattled there ending
Yet not a care have I But to extirpate
The woes of humanity Borne in tears
Impotent to self liberate
The thorn of sorrow to remove
At last the salve Of death to behoove
Your countenance Addles me oh dullard
The pall of death confronts you
Insanity erodes your face pallid
Yet you stand On the edges of virtue
Tranquil in the mortal destiny
Peril to ensue
Whence did such audacity arise!
State your purpose
Contest your demise



To humanity was I the sycophant
The fool bereaved of puberty
Early waxed I a recreant
A trenchant voice of insanity
To assuage the ache Of the tensity
Within my despondent heart
Pledged I to erect a rampart
A bulwark for mine spirit
The requisite of silence
A hiatus from the violence
Of torturous youth
In search for immortal truth
To soothe the Eros No eye can see
The tempest insane Raging within me
Set I thence to verity a wayfarer
Covert sorrow E`er the bearer
Of my destiny to be
Manhood deprived of its penchant
Draconian laws Far too Stringent
For the celibate of humanity
The plight of solitude To contend
A broken heart to mend
Lo then! Wagered I into Your den unwittingly
My life veritably not yet undone
Yield now answer Oh calloused one
My dolor to benumb
Or I must trudge elsewhere



The heart of humanity Subsisted a myriad
Its raptures a moment's fleeting
And torments forever meeting
Eons without end By cozenage wearied
Throng they to my lair
E`er their quietus greeting
A time for bliss from life amiss
Unavailing catechism To dismiss
Come now dullard insane
Join the sybarite And the hermit
The fool and the pundit
The profligate and the saint
In the hermitage of the accursed!
Utmost solitude to acquaint
And all grief Therewith to decimate
Indulge hence your bitter thirst




Delved I the lair thus confounded
Foulness therein compounded
Beheld the hapless Hordes dispersed
On their bed Of tribulation berthed
How dark was The darkness of their gloom
To haunt them and to taunt them
Life unending nay to consume
How sad was The sadness of their sorrow
To grieve them And to bereave them
In endless guilt without a morrow
How deep was The depth of their despair
To hex them and to vex them
Their shame evermore to bear
Alas! How horrid was The terror of their fear
To appall them And to enthrall them
Pity their bondage To timeless drear
Death of death
With sullen awe I gaze upon you
Aptly heave the haze upon you
Oh master of guile
Preceptor of wile
Grand impostor vile
How I despise you
No more to idolize you
For in my journey To ecstasy
Yea! Surmised I forthcoming damnation
Death naught But an Affectation
Of lifeless Yea! Deathless Trepidation



Alas! Said I to the spirit Of welkin on high
Death nevermore shall I defy
Anon must I traverse The oceans of mankind
To the earthen mien My soul to bind
Albeit this heart of mine
Abhors the banality Of the mortal Demesne of humanity
And ah! To remain adrift forever
Never to desert The aquiline heart within me
Howbeit must I begirt myself
With the fettle Of a thousand braves
And the mettle Of a thousand staves
To endeavor such obscurity
That which to the dabbler of Mortals is real
Yet to the immortal dreamer
'Tis verily unreal
And to agitate the Cascade of such reality
Plummet to that eerie unknown
Life aberrant to disown
Till the design of life I meet
T'will be an utmost feat
To remain a wayfaring dullard
The becalmed Wizard of humanity
A nomad in the hyaline
Of sanity betwixt insanity

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