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I cherish your amity oh mine benevolent LEBANON
Guardian of refugee and progenitor of freedom
The Mount upon the Sea and sublime talisman
A healing balm for your children and an heirdom

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Then I awoke to reality's clamor
To adventure In a tragical world
Unfurled its clandestine allure
The tempting of Its cunning glamour
And I vied to break That magical hold
Of humanity's whip
That merciless grip of tradition
On the dullard within me
Who cringes with inhibition
And twinges at the nip Of sanity's repression
Of the insane That foul monstrosity
The source of atrocity
And tormentor of the humane



Verily I vied to rip humanity's norm
That morbid inhumanity
Legacies inherited
Inborn or merited
To become the voice of the rebel
Set myself against the infidel
The vice which Silences the tongue
Of the quixotic dreamer
And mutes the exotic songs
Sung by those Who quietly croon
To the tune of a different guild
Their lips ever stilled
By the aria of the soul
Unfettered by the fragrance
Of their quiet spirit
Yet to that summit
Of silence they soar
To the irenic shore
Of a different world
And hurled to the repose
Of chronic solitude



Truly I vied to rend civilization
Its incessant gestation
Of malice and animosity
Avarice and rapacity
Of Rancor and spite
The wrong yea even the right
All at war within my core
And willed with dispassion
For the cultural passion to unfold
That Which humanity treasures
That which it deems sane
Yet verily 'twas all to Me but vain
Society's measures
Its venal pressures
Praetorian communities profane
Thus to sing My dirge in lassitude
To relinquish my soul
In servitude No more!
And forevermore In solitude to remain


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Clad in saintly frock
A rival of the unholy order
Benefactor to the holy flock
Set I like a gaudy beast
To liberate those pierced
By the prejudice of the masses
The echelon of élite classes
That deride The worsted rabble
Deprived of rightful justice
Their virtuous Causes to dismiss
And proffer them Naught but gabble
Yea how racking was their plight
Nay be found Their prospects to fight
A blight on them contemptuous
In their lordliness presumptuous
What may open The eye to concede
Humanity not a singularity
'Tis a consanguinity
Indeed not a divinity
Alas that such brutish secularity May be subdued
And for the siblings of the race
To embrace the rood Of magnanimity
And journey on The ocean of unanimity
From the ascendancy Of fateful entropy
To the eminence of philanthropy
Innate to the Quintessence of humanity



One rueful day I sat to contemplate
The strength of my soul
My destiny to be
To wrestle for the intrepid goal
Or capitulate
To the bounden fate Of humanity
The gait of sanity irrepressible
Alas discerned My affray impressible
On nay but the insane
And my heart accessible
To nay but the Arcadian
That alien spirit slain
On the heaths of antipathy
And lo sympathy For the agrarian
Captured the martyr in me
Heaved me once again
To the edge of insanity



Yea for the verve in me to retire
And oh to leave This mirthless mire
Of boundless conflict Within and without
The ancient derelict
And maudlin minstrel devout
Of humanity's timeless endeavors
To bind the human lineage
Which disparity dissevers
Its flaws to flout
And probity to sprout
But to no gain
Alas that the heart Of me would refrain
The conviction of Me would adjourn
For I am haggard and worn out
My travail is empty
My foe is stout
And my innards churn
At the strain of my shout
For respite from the noon
Of human sorrows
From the drain of my doubt
My hopes now somberly hewn
But none be there To deign worthy
My accord to emancipate
The dullard insane
From the loathsome chain
Of humanity's distinction
And to predicate my position
'Gainst the villainy Of sophistication
Thus abandoned I The heroic battle
To spar no more With the phantom of reality
The sacred anthem of humanity
And to garner forevermoreThe lore of solitude
In the heirdom of insanity



The voice of insanity Within me uttered
Succor to my soul
To recover the Ageless proverb of old
And muttered I thence to silence
A covenant bound By the conscience of me
To unfold the eminence Of solitude
The caliber of its propensity
To elucidate the paradox Of resistance
To the norm of humanity
And to explicate its fortitude
In the face of The noisome parlance Of sanity
Avowed to disencumber My essence
Of all urbanity
And absolve mine heart Of its charm
To do no harm
To no sentient being
And to disarm mine soul Of its belligerence
At last to embrace the silence Within me
to the End of the age
Till this heart of me could engage
Absolute mansuetude
Shimmering in the darkness Of consuetude
Rendering calmness to the rage
Confluent with the quietude Within my soul
And till this heart Of me could dole
A legacy of intransigence
And to surrender To the radical indigence
Burning within me Since mine youth
To discourse of naught
And to procure aught
But the sooth of silence
In the reticent ether about me
To make a compact with solitude
To the gratitude Of the quietened humanity
Who oppugned with propriety
Alas thus battered
And to oblivion spattered
To remain the astute Voice of silence
In the towering Voidance of humanity



My conundrum thenceforth liberty
Amidst fetters of captivity
Unbridled from the Commonality of the lucid
A slave of the random oddity
Of mine own heart
Eminently the cupid
The beloved and lo the horrid
Who set me apart from humanity
At the outset of youth
Rendered my passions uncouth
Yet beholden to mine affliction
The fabric of the conception
Attained in me immutable ruth
Such as the delphic predilection
For the lone consociates Of my sorrow
Mine soul now purged,
Incipiently flaccid
But through pilgrimage in silence
Forged and stalwart In resistance
And in resilience torrid
To the predacious vanity Of the sane
Yet there be in me A further oddity
Verily 'tis the solitude within me
From humanity Waxed I the truant
The valiant fainthearted dullard
Slave of all absurdity
But yea rather I remain true
To the dimensions Of mine bosom
Than to live in a darksome reality
My heart askew
With the bent of humanity
Captive born to triviality



Thereupon I withdrew from the path
Of the common mortal
To meander through The portal of solitude
Resolute to unearth
A wilderness in me Awaiting birth
The hermetic antithesis Of the soul
The otherness of mine whole
To elude the Increase of wretchedness
Of mine disquieted spirit
Elicit the prude within me
And decimate its wickedness
Said I therewith to the psyche
Journey on to lands non murky
Oh dullard insane
Amidst the pains of silence
Flee the mount of iniquity
Heaped upon your conscience
And traverse the Vale of integrity
Succumb to life's purest ritual
The vivacity of Essence spiritual
The rudiment of simplicity
Pristine and natural
Yea and embrace virgin humanity
To be born once more
To that forborne eidolon
Raw and earthy



In the midst of grim and sadness
Troubled hearts
And sometimes madness
Tramped I with ambage filled
A heart with rustic silence stilled
Shackled by flesh
Hobbled wretch
Alas and marooned
On the oceans of frail mortality
Marred by the Wound of the duality
Of my existence on the apogee
Of sanity betwixt insanity
And moored on the boundless soil
Of thought and reason
Fidelity and treason
My affections now befuddled
And my passions now muddled
And I am cast like litter
In the gutters of humanity
My misery lingers on
My ardency is gone
And my heart jitters
Like a leaf on the wind
Embittered from the thorn
Of life insipid
And fervors tepid
The horn of reality apt to rescind
Aspiration and meaning
Imagination and feeling
Impaling licit humanity
Forlorn and destined
To remain stolid to inanition
And gelid to the mission
Of the brotherhood of the insane
Who grapple to pervade acuity
For celestial mortality
Amid the random vacuity Of the sane



When I would behold the good
In the living no more
Nor could I excise the misgiving
Humanity bore
In the smitten heart of me
I set out to pour The pathos of my soul
To the beloved germane
Comfort for tribulation to obtain
Sought I the Mentor's apparition
To petition my heart once again
For perception
For none exist who understand
And none mine Pain could withstand
From the legion Of them who venture
To me thus accordant
To the throngs Of them who indenture
The likes of me discordant
Yea there be none
Neither be she nor he
Neither father nor son
Who can behold me as I am
An entity existent as someone
But ofttimes fain they even damn
The dullard to abhor And to shun
Alas beloved germane
Reckon I mine inquest done
Mine heart is strain
Mine soul to drain
And now alas e'en my life
In anguish to wane
For a journey once With heft begun
Yet there be nowhere Left for me to run



Consider then beloved germane
Wherefore the heart of me
Pines for you
Now more than ever
For the ethos of you is gain
To me whenever
Mine heart is stunted
Its course abrasive
And sanities pervasive
However life's paltry Recompense turns
Rancid lo then putrid
The zest of me burns Down to clinker
Now vivid lo then languid
Beloved germane
Thus have the years Henceforth to me been cruel
Yet the tears of me Availed a jewel
On the diadem of Mine trials candid
And I am timid and Long for renewal
Mine soul is naked
My destiny barren
As the heart of me Is prone to harden
To the pardon of callous humanity
Which cast me an orphan
On the edges of insanity
To dampen the rationality Of the insane
And deaden my pain
With shallow words And rhinestones
To the affront of me
And to the shunt Of me to perdition
Howbeit with gratitude Beloved germane
Sanctitude beckons once again
For serendipity Cast me unawares
From the millstone Of human sorrow
To the milestone Of a new tomorrow
Where the solitude Of silence fares




One virgin day I sat to deliberate
The myth of my humanity
My destiny to liberate
From the scornful sanity
Innate to my nature
To tolerate the cynical creature No more
And to decorate my senescence
With the essence of insanity Forevermore
To abide within The realm of privacy
My inheritance a sagacity hued
With a brilliance cued
From former encounters
Namely the founders Of my insanity
Thenceforth to denominate Their renown
And to enumerate their sincerity
Anon to decorate mine heart
With a crown Of ethereal tranquillity
Silence to desiderate once again
And to the populace An introvert to remain
To controvert humanity
Its counterfeit sanity
To demerit its rectitude
Through temperate insanity
The yield of mine virgin solitude



I would now narrate of the trine
These precious My heart apt to relate
The three to antiquity A place to assign
And to humanity An onus to consign
To stimulate the mind Of sanity to conceive
Regards for the bards of insanity
Condign accolade The triad to receive
And the voice of Knowledge to refine
To adulate their scrimmage With mortality asinine
And the vantage Of solitude to define
Thus to align hearts to silence
In life's ado unbending
Emulate their benign Affinity to absence
From life's ado unending
The myth of humanity To immolate
The pith of insanity to titillate
And to scintillate A hush impending
On this heart of mine descending
To elate its incline For solicitude
To all heats withdrawn And rending
Perchance their anguish
These chronicles mending
Alas they some solitude To cherish
Ere their humanity should perish
Amidst all life's Journeys pending




One day I chanced upon the first
The Chief cynosure Of mine youth main
Indeed 'twas the dullard insane
Espied the recluse In wisdom versed
The solitary life he had durst
Verily to sanity Towered the dullard
Lo an abhorrence
Howbeit his very Essence treasured
The very likeness of forbearance
To the kinfolk Of insanity measured
Through the tenderness Of his heart
And yea his sentiments Nay in part
But the totality in abundance
Alas kenned I The race incognizant
Of this benevolent Harlequin insane
Ignorant of his disposition
The bedrock of sanity humane
Thus the oaf was left to stagger
Alone amongst the many
A dagger sunk in his very soul
For they scorned Him not a whole
But a dunce to Neigh and to whinny
An anomaly fain to tame
The idiot quaint and lame
And ne`er once did they behold
His essence very Dear and precious
And consented they The fool to asperse
To nihility and him to disperse
In the pool of rational humanity
And contended they To deem him as any
Of the many a bafoon and a ninny
Thenceforth the loon Ascended aloof
And descended To the pit of sorrow
And remained alone in his burrow
To the voice Of sanity a reproof
Alas the innocent to harrow
Whereas he was Their patronage
But marred they And broke his image
To damage the tissue Of his judgment
And the issue of his assessment
Of humanity fair
Until he was broken And cast asides
And naught was spoken
Nay of him nor to him
Alas nor from him besides
What betides a dullard insane
E`er to remain on The brim of solitude
And to the shame of us all
Humanity to bedim
And to blame and to fall
Wanton and aptly destitute



On the mournful day Of his ill fortune
The dullard would awaken
To the praxis of silence
His very essence shaken
By the practice Of parody's sanctionTowards the insane
His certitude from him taken
His faith rent and forsaken
On the pinnacle Of disquietude lain
His stern habitude Now to straggle Afar from the living
And to their Multitude to draggle
Among the concourse of them
Whose hearts weep
And spirits sweep
The oceans of sorrow alone
Estranged and friendless
By the deranged Rabble who condone
The oppression of the helpless
The voiceless dregs Of the insane
Thus the dullard Would remain lone
As if from the time of his birth
To the time of his grievance
To innocence a friend
The prime of his worth
A prodigy of godsend prudence
A soundless savant of the earth



Thus met I the dullard in the eve
His visage as The daystar shining
On the edge of eternity reclining
Yet none was there his Sorrow to relieve
And umbrage from All grief him declining
Yet beheld the dullard Loomed peaceful
On the air gazed he astir
To spur an ample Languor wistful
And trample on the extant babble
Refuge from discord to grabble
Beheld him distant yet heedful
And of my propinquity mindful
Approached I the August ambiance
Of the arch insane
Watched his stillness
Touched his pain
Caressed his silence
To ask of him his name
His honor to acclaim
And the diatribe Of him to disclaim
To claim a place for my heart
Apart from humanity
Aside from its insolent asperity
Towards the dullards insane
And to proclaim my name
In demure pride the very same
The dullard's twain and posterity
Beside him hence To aptly abide
My soul to begird With his keen sense
For the solitude of being
And with his remarkable word
Seeing the plenitude of silence
To requite my sentience
And ignite my essence
With a provenance afresh
A subsistence nay of the flesh
But the substance of the spirit
My soul to dispirit
Of all that is absurd
And it to inspirit With all that is heard
In the realm of the insane
And at last to take my stand
At the helm of his terrain



Therewith said I what is your name?
Said he reckoned they I A dullard insane
And beckoned me They to entertain
Their monotonous continuum
And dolorous vacuum
With such barbarous odium
And infantile blather
Yea their juvenile palaver
To vilipend and disdain
My silent pain But to no gain
For e'er I to prevail in silence
Howbeit their just sentence
Insistent tedium
And constant boredom
Lo to remain their verdict
And to chain them E'er a convict
Victims of existence impersonal
Evanescence of Mirth ephemeral
Compelled by vagary Folly to retain
Pity them all
Impelled by drudgery
Fickle their sanities mundane



Thereupon said I whence
Are you from?
Of what province do you come?
Said the dullard To mine confusion
Palmary words In veracious effusion
Yea sparse be they
Albeit mine heart's transfusion
And the onset of my seclusion
Thus voiced the dullard
As the mount poised in a storm
In poetic form Beauty uncovered
Spake he his ode aloud
Came I from aloft the cloud
Out of their abstruse billows
Endowed with the sorrows
Of the recluse of the ages
Trammeled yet loose on the
Edges of sanity Betwixt insanity
And a noose waxed I to humanity
His dialogue thusly suspended
As my heart fended to diffuse
The awe vaguely apprehended



Thence said I such utterance occult
Prithee decipher What is internal!
Said he have you No one to consult?
No acumen for the eternal?
None said I for I am bereft
Of intuition nor am I deft
To consummate any result
Said he ruminate Then on the kernel
Akin the heart within you
Tractable and vernal
Yet capable in time to bestrew
A fount of life and germinate The fields anew
Of such mine soul to enunciate
Aloft the clouds
A place of shrouds
The cleft of the sea
Where knowledge there be
And solitude redounds
Upon the aspirants of humanity



Thus the dullard unto me Became the friend
Ergo these annals Of him are penned
Howbeit with the Advocate of insanity
Merely moments With him to spend
Whereas the marvel Was abducted
By the malevolence of inequity
And him to legends wend
And alas inducted Unto obsolescence
And yea to nullity without end
For his life akin the spark
And akin the glow of the blaze
Stark and briskly ruptured
Effected and yea e'en butchered
By them who Daze the visionary
And praise the mercenary
Apathetic of spirits beatific
And of hearts pacific
Thus soared the Dullard in extremis
And him defunct To the cosmic edifice
At the high waters' orifice
An orphic soul and moribund
But his memory Kindly to obtund
The silent pain Of my vocation
To be the checkrein Of the orotund
And of solitude Incessant evocation





In days forthright and puerile
And at the crest of life tranquil
Heaved I the gavel Of adolescence
To forge mine passion on the anvil Of mine essence
Ripe with pubescence
Amorous of love itself
My yen the soul of me to enamor
With a ken for the fervor
Of the inmost part of me
Anent the ardor of me
For the company of the beloved
Nay the soul of them to covet
But the goal of me to seize
The gist of love
The meaning of it
Mine spirit apace to appease
Howbeit the eros Of me for these
Nay to become my Achilles' heel
Withal the flame desire to seal
For a manifest beloved germane
A creature akin To me oppressed
One lonesome twin searcher
To squelch the pain impressed
On the desolate heart of me
To quench the carnality in me
Afire since mine nonage
To bridle the Inscrutable edacity
And to idle the unusual voracity
For the eros of my bondage
The flesh no more to enchain
Yet there was none To deplore my pain



In the age I would burgeon
Ruefully Abrupt mine
Life was shaken
Retrieved I the blossom Of the ages
The cherished bosom one
The essence gilded In humanity's cages
Who for the life of me to become
The beloved germane
Withal the wellspring of mine pain
As the heart in me
To be torn apart of me
Yet in renunciation to remain
From humanity a resignation
To the realm of figment And imagination
Of fiction and fable
Yea to me naught But mystic sable
The scion of the ebony
The lark and antic of the trine
And lord of passion And beauty divine
For the beloved to remain A distant specter
Yet all to me was gain
For to learn of love did I
And to earn its nectar
And in love a shrine hid I
Till this very day
For here am I
Behold the scars
Etched on mine humanity
A heinous calamity
Perchance birthed of the stars
And ah for me to speak Of love no more
Nor to search e'er for The beloved germane
But fain to sing my lament alone
In the perplexity of my brain
Till dry be every bone
In this love forsaken Body of me
The fulcrum of my hoary humanity



I shall remain silent
For the rest of my life
And I shall muse forevermore
For my sorrows are naught
But a speck of dust
Amidst the bitter anguish
My brothers pour



Friend of the dawning of humanity
Oh balmy patron Of the meadow
Trussed in eternity And in luster palmy
Thrust your splendor Like a shadow
Of the sunset in amber dew
And drape the air with the hue
Of the glowing cinder Of your marrow
And cape the horizon with silence
The heart of us With gems to blazon
Till the essence of us Ripens golden
Like the olden wisdom Risen from ashes
And revived through The endless lashes
Of inquiry and resolution
Of quandary and solution
Yea of illness and of ointment
Of trespass and atonement
Verily the blessing And the anathema
Imbuing a gossamer breed Of heartfelt sanity
A creed for humanity
Awakened from Ageless slumber
No more to cumber The dullard insane



Oh beauteous spirit whom I see
Amble on the air Instanter with me
Like the breeze of the nights
That fares in aeries on hights
Of blissful eternity
Etched like silence On my heart forever
Come now friend of our dawning
Companion of my Quietude adorning
In rhapsody the bliss Of life to tether
And in fantasy to abide together
On the boundaries of insanity
Alas the soul of us to wander
Like a feather on the wind
Until we squander The relic of our chagrin
And the epoch Of solitude to begin



Beloved Germane
Prized sentinel Of the hazy mead
The pearl of humanity's seed
Frolic with me
Aloft hills and mountain passes
And rollick midst The timeless grasses
Of compassion sown In hearts tender
And hearts that surrender
To the monody of love
Alas beloved germane! Prithee
Render the ether nigh An ageless melody
Hum beyond the nether temper
Of the threnody in my heart
And beloved prithee
whisper Naught but the song Of serenity's peal
That which my soul Hankers to feel
And my spirit hungers to savor
And in reverence Solitude to favor



Beloved Germane
Guardian of the Nascent passage
Harbinger of the Ancient message
Strew the seed of life aborning
Embark the dawn Of a new morning
And transform the heart Of me docile
Like the quiet chanting Of the dusk
Decamping like a thief in the night
Brusque and gracile
Like the gambol Of the fragile mist On the leaf
And the ramble Of the agile surf On the reef
Scatter the ambrosia Of silence like grain
Along mine anguished core
Like the scent Of musk in the rain
Till I remain on the Edge of insanity
A friend to pain no more!



Beloved germane
Lend me a heart untouchable
An emblem of humanity lovable
To attend to my shameful sore
Oh paladin of passions immortal
Oh paradigm of Yearnings supernal
Exemplar of my agony's modesty
And defender Of my misery's honesty
Foe of the petty dragons Of mortal sanity
Who mar the phrase of the poet
And scar the lyric Of those who beget
Word and expression
And gathered impression
Across humanity's tacit Voice of insanity
Lo then keeper of my heart
Expel the monster tactile
And hearten me to clasp the quill
That I may scribe The earnest tales
That orate of the timeless grails
Of the insane
To comport and acclimate
A plight for me e`er too late
Thus to say with a heart sincere
And content with silence To draw near
Solitude e`er to be My obstinate fate

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