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Some Classic Elgin Products

This beautiful, turn of the century classic Elgin was typical of some of the non-railway pocket watches from the 1880's.

This Elgin was a travel clock from the 1920's. The top of the crown is a sapphire stone. The engraving on this states 'Kentucky Derby 1927'. May have some direct connection to the race. This watch recently sold at auction for $850.00

Here's a special Elgin presentation watch from 1947. This one is from the Penn Relays, an annual track and field meet held every April since 1894 at the University of Pennsylvania. This unique watch was given to the winner of each event, this particular one is engraved on the back 'High Jump'. The numerials on the dial were replaced with the letters spelling out PENNSYLVANIA. The outer edge of the dial was made to resemble a stopwatch. A great watch for a great event.

Elgin went to war. Here's a fine example of the watches Elgin supplied to our soldiers in World War I. Notice the stars around the dial used as minute markers.

During World War II ships couldn't communicate via radio when in open waters for fear of being detected by enemy submarines. To navigate they needed a chronometer to calculate via the stars their position. These watches to be highly accurate as being just one second off could mean being 400 yards off course. Here's a fine example of an chronograph Elgin made for the military during WW II.

Here's another unique Elgin that was made in conjunction with the Otis Elevator Company, who at one time also made cigarette lighters. This beautiful art deco piece recently sold at auction for $1100.00!




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