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Our Haunted Road Rallye is a test of your skill in… following directions, answering trivia, and solving a mystery all while driving in your vehicle. Throw in a few spooky haunted stops and you have our Haunted Road Rallye.  (Speed is not a factor nor is time and mileage; however, there will be a cut off time.)


 How long will the run be? The run usually averages 28-32 miles and should take you about 2.5 hours. However, we realize some may need more time and usually 4 hours is allowed.  If we realize a problem arises and more time is needed, the RallyeMaster will make adjustments to the time as needed. We hope to have everything graded and winners announced by the bewitching hour of MIDNIGHT. But if it is too late and you WIN, don’t worry, we will contact you as soon as possible.


 What do I need for the Run? A “Driver”, A “Navigator”, as many smart people as you can safely fit in your car, at least a 1/2 tank of gas, a flashlight, a extra dollar or two and a few refreshments of your choice.  You may also want to set up “lifelines”. (Don’t ask, you figure it out!)  Everything else you will need will be provided for you! (We also think a clip board is quite handy!)


 How old do you have to be? We have no age restrictions, except, of course, the “Driver” has to have a legal driver's license. Also, please realize you will be asked to make several stops, get out of your car and participate in an activity of some sort. Not every one has to participate but at the very least your “Navigator” will have to. You may also be asked to enter into a local bar. The barkeep realizes this is a planned activity so you are allowed to enter, get your clue and leave.


 What will it cost me? $8.00 Per Person and maybe an extra buck or two, per car, along the way.  Advanced tickets will be available in the center of the park after your car is allowed on the grounds. Children under the age of 12 are free.


 Can I park my car in line and come back later? Sure, BUT, once we start letting cars onto the grounds to “line up”, at least one person will need to be in your car to register. If you are not, you will lose your place and may not be able to run in the Rallye.
Registration will begin PROMPTLY at 4:00PM.   After your car has received a number, been lined up ON THE GROUNDS and you have received your "supplies", you are free to go where you want.  However, be sure to be back on the grounds at 6:05 SHARP as we will be getting the play under way shortly. Then, EVERYONE who is going in your vehicle must be in your vehicle and ready after the play by 6:35 PM SHARP.  The first car will be leaving THEN and we will not wait, so be ready!!!


 What is a Gatekeeper? Gatekeepers are very important! They keep you moving through the scenes quickly.  Gatekeepers do know what is expected of them, and will do every thing they can to keep to a schedule.  So, please pay attention and do what they tell you.

They usually require a key to enter their stop .


 What if I did not get to go through a scene or stop? Every effort will be made to assure you have time to get all the clues you need to solve the mystery. However if a large number of people do not get to see a scene because of an unforeseen problem, that clue will be graded as correct or as wrong for everyone to assure everyone is treated fairly.

Rest assured, the Gatekeepers will keep in contact with the RallyeMasters to make sure everything is running smoothly and will let us know if an adjustment will be needed.


 Will there be bathrooms at the stops?  Most of the bars we stop at have restrooms for you to use BUT please be respectful and don’t make a mess! We will also provide a “Johnny-on-the-spot” at the main park and one at our haunted woods.


 Where did the term “RallyeMaster” come from?  As our Rallye grew larger and more elaborate, we realized we had to have some form of control. Only the main organizers would know everything about the mystery and would need a title.  About the same time we grew bigger, the popular TV sitcom 'Roseanne' was on TV. Each Halloween Roseanne would try to scare her TV husband Dan Conner and he would do the same to her. Whichever one was the best at it would be “The Master” of Halloween. It was from here we added the word Rallye and thus  “THE RALLYEMASTER” was born. 


 Why do you spell the word rally, R A L L Y E?  It’s sort of an old English form and just to be different, we guess.


  I understand you have a food drive. How does that work?  For every one non-perishable food item you bring us, you will receive a raffle ticket for a great assortment of prizes. Once you enter into the park, you can follow the signs, drop off your items and fill out the raffle ticket.  You will be notified at the end of the run or by mail over the next week if you win something.


 What happens after I am done with the run? You will be instructed where to turn in your run. After that, you can roast a Hot Dog or Marshmallow and enjoy Hot Chocolate compliments of the L.P.A. and wait for the winners to be announced.


Any other questions can be answered by sending an e-mail to or by calling a RallyeMaster at: (618) 637-2681 or (618) 593-6465


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