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KAN-WIN History and Philosophy

As Korean women, we have heard many stories of our fellow sisters who have been subjected to physical, emotional and sexual violence and have not had any place to go for safety and support. We knew that these painful stories could not be ignored because they could be our mother's, our sister's, our friends', our daughter's or our own.

Korean American Women In Need (KAN-WIN) was conceived on May 11, 1989 when a group of Korean American women met to discuss ways to aid abused Korean American women and children. Those women more closely affiliated with the social service community saw domestic violence and sexual assault as a community-wide concern and the urgent need for issue awareness in the community, as well as culturally appropriate social services for the abused.

We believe that all women have the right to live free from fear of violence, whether it be psychological, emotional, verbal, sexual or physical.

1. We believe that violence against women is one of many symptoms of subordination of women in society. As long as women are not recognized as equals, violence against them will be perpetuated and tolerated.

2. We believe that our objective, as a woman-centered organization, is to produce social change through social service.

3. We believe that abusive situations can be changed and that women can be empowered through intervention, advocacy, education and self-help.

4. We recognize that Korean American women with disabilities, because of their disabilities, are especially vulnerable to domestic violence.

5. Though those who commit acts of violence against women are ultimately responsible for its eradication, we feel that it is women who can best act on behalf of the interests of women.

6. We will work collectively to promote the philosophy of equality without regard to race, class, gender, sexual orientation or disability. We will exercise this principle of equality through a consensual decision-making process.