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The Steely Dan Shrine

This is my shrine to the Dan and the Loyal Fandom. Right now, I just have a few items exclusive only to this site: Rare SD/WB lyrics and descriptions Walter Becker tabs (from 11TOW) The usual suspects... Links on the web, Donald and yet another Sign in Stranger Guestbook.

Steely Dan Rent Party (read: tour) 2000 will be rolling through or at least near your neck 'o the woods sometime this summer (or so we're told). Check out the official word.

Oh, and I'm sorry to note that some of the rare WB soundbites formerly located here have been removed due to, err, special request. Sorry. But the question on my mind is this: when's follow-up to 11ToW?

Lyrics to Rare or Unreleased Steely Dan Songs

This All Too Mobile Home - The finale to the shows on the 1974 tour Lyrics Description Soundbite The Second Arrangement - You know the story Lyrics Description Soundbite1 Soundbite2 Demo Soundbite Kulee Baba - Another for "Gaucho" Lyrics Description Soundbite I Can't Write Home About You - See above. a truly remarkable song. Lyrics Description Soundbite Talking 'Bout My Home - Another Gaucho outtake. A rather lackluster song. Soundbite Fall of '92 - Sung by WB on the '93 tour, never made it to 11TOW Lyrics Description Soundbite 1 Soundbite 2 Our Lawn - Same as above, but only at the first few shows Lyrics Description Soundbite Medical Science - Another 11ToW outtake, a pretty snappy tune Lyrics Description Demo Soundbite Sampaiku - From Just Another Story. The weirdest WB tune ever. Cool, though. Lyrics Description The Ghost of Hypnos Past - Out there, but kickin'. Lyrics Description Lies I Can Believe - By far the best 11ToW outtake. Lyrics Description Jack Of Speed - Very strong song from the '96 tour. Hopefully on the next Album. Lyrics Description Wetside Story - See above, but unlikely to make to the new Album. Lyrics Description Cash Only Island - Ditto above, but slightly more likely to be on The Album Lyrics Description Other soundbites Dog Eat Dog - From the "You Gotta Walk It..." soundtrack. Donald sings. Dallas - The neglected if underrated first single. Jim Hodder sings. Sail the Waterway - The first B-side. Donald sings.

Finally! Tabs/Chords to a bunch of tunes from "11 Tracks of Whack"

Check it out! No new additions in nearly a year! I have no free time! Wah-ha-ha! Down in the Bottom Junkie Girl - now with solo chords, thanks to a kind fellow. Book of Liars Lucky Henry - needs a little tweaking Hard Up Case Cringemaker My Waterloo This Moody Bastard Hat Too Flat That's nice, but where are all the Steely Dan Tabs? please let me know if you have and questions, additions, corrections, suggestions or really good jokes.
Now, for your surfing pleasure, links to a handful of helpful Dan sites (to be expanded soon) Steely - Might as well start at the top Walter Becker's Collected Writhings - Your task should you choose to accept it: figure out if he's actually serious. Tomas Broberg's Dan site - A great site. The gig list is essential for you SD tape traders out there. Scott Borton's Home Page - Another awesome site. Read his manifesto, it says it all. St. Al's Links - A vital resource to the casual (or acasual, if you will) fan.
  • Say hello to Donald.

    (more pics on the way soon)

Coming Soon

  • A few more soundbites.
  • Pics! (alas, maybe not)

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