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Steely Dan Rarities, etc...

because I don't want this page to be a mile long, nor do I wish to create separate pages for each song, I will employ a modified "11 Tracks of Whack"-style lyric arrangement. the * means I completely fudged this lyric.

This All Too Mobile Home

I get four or five miles a gallon in this old car/I don't care as long as it takes me to where you are. You ain't leavin' no tracks to follow, it's drivin' me mad but what else can I do? This all too mobile home is calling out for you. you get thirty miles out of Phoenix on a three-day crying/when you left to find the end on the number five* you slammed the door behind you/you walked out on the life that we once knew This all too mobile home is calling out for you. (instrumental bridge->guitar solo) well, they say it's only cheating, but now we're man on man/take your hand outta my pocket, don't put it in again. you get married in San Diego/and these times that walk out need to be brought on through* This all to mobile home is crawling after you. (outro) well, this all too mobile home is killing me/and there's nothing that you can do to set me free. darling, oh now, darling, come back to me... Soundbite

The Second Arrangement

Pour out the wine, little girl/I've got just two friends in this whole wide world. Here's to reckless lovers/We all need somebody. Smashing in the yellow Jag/I've my life and laundry in a Gladstone bag. You should know the program/Just one red rose and a tender goodbye (one last goodbye) And I run to the second arrangement/it's only the natural thing. the roue steps out, with no regrets/a sparkling conscience, a new address/ when i run to the second arrangement/the home of a mutual friend. Now's the time to redfine the first arrangement again. It's a sticky situation, a serious affair/I must explain it to you somehow. Right now, I'll just move back one square. (guitar solo) Old friends abandon me/it's just the routine politics of jealousy. Someday we'll remember/just one red rose and a tender goodbye (one last goodbye) (chorus repeat) Soundbite Soundbite 2

Kulee Baba My nom-de-voyage is Mexuine/I carry the proper papers/I seek the primal rhythms of the bush. I preserve great moments as they come/and sure this must be one. Brightly colored dancers on the screen/are no more than a prelude to the ritual unfolding. no white man's eyes have ever seen/the cruel primeval rite that you're beholding. Kulee Baba/coming your way/ev'ry Sunday Live from nowhere/sat'lite relay/Hell on Broadway My suit is a bright Irish green/the color and cut are striking/i'm something of a standout in a crowd Don't chew on that power cable, son/I guess I owe you one. Bored with my Chief Engineer/I'll mix with the mouth* for all the folks at home. I'm tasting the local beer/and half the crew is dancing on the fold (chorus repeat)->solo Sweet holy Jesus, what a night/Saint Augustine was right The cam'raman began the kulee baba/the broadcast was over/our featured friends were gone I hear there's a bash in New Orleans/It's a long finale, we must be moving on/ Moving on... (chorus repeat)

I Can't Write Home About You

Here/in the heart of the city the night world has no name I/wrote a letter last night and I tried to explain. here, they say life is reckless and free/and I guess that I agree/ It was hard to say/I found a way/But oh, no... I can't write home about you/I can't write home about you/ folks back home, they got a four-letter word about it/I heard about you Rich girls/bring their money downtown to hear those cat-house blues/ Thin men/with a dollar three-eighty with nothing to lose/ Tonight, I'll find myself in this all/then I'll know that I belong/ My whole world is here/I'll make it clear/but oh, no... (chorus repeat) Gin and roses/hold on, we'll spiral down soul dancing at the cafe/bottom of the underground (solo) Tonight, I'll find myself in this all/then I'll know that I belong/ My whole world is here/I'll make it clear/but oh, no... (chorus repeat twice)

The Fall of '92

Last thing I remember/before it all went wrong back in the Fall of 92 we were skipping rocks across the water/till the tourists were all gone then I slipped into you sideways/right there on the beach in Malibu there was nothing we woudnt do then/no place we wouldn't go all in our fawn-and-aqua 733 so maybe you can tell me/how was I supposed to know we'd be standing out here in the soup line/in this post-Bush post-Reagan post-cold war economy now you do remember little Foxy/the funny little dog we found out romping on the beach that day last week i sold your ruby earrings/took old Foxy to the pound you shouldve heard him howling/when that old beamer pulled away (interlude) (vibraphone solo) (horn solo) say, I wonder are you happy?/whatever you got up to now out somewhere slingin' pussy I'd suppose just standing out there on the pavement /as the weather would allow another agent-would-be-starlet/cheap perfume, flashy clothes cause it was you and me and little Foxy/that funny little dog we used to love out romping on the beach all day some nights I just lie awake and wonder/just what we were thinking of when we were voting for all those bastards/who gave the whole damn star away 'cause it was all good times and sunshine/in the not too very long ago at least as it applied to you and me did we ever stand a chance, girl? I guess we'll never know thanks to George Bush and those Nazis down in Washington, DC DC....

Our Lawn

There were the best days of the summer/they will distract us no more spend whats in leftover pieces/across the garage floor now its such a sad situation/tell me, what can it be? whats happ'nin' all over Ann Street/is happ'ning all over me we frolic with reckless, free abandon/its got to be the rising line even as the season's ending /we're running low on sweet borrowed time Those dead leaves piled up out by the mailbox/up against the first decent flow we wondered what would it feel like/just diving in that pool all of sudden there's a tear in your eye the end of an era soon is kissed goodbye our lawn is dying, we're watching it die well, when the sun starts looking lazy/down at a quarter to five the girls are talking and laughing /up at the top of the drive we cannot work in a dungeon*/but about what we're gonna do who's gonna save the petunias/now that we've forgotten to a little taste, a little lite conversation/isnt that the way it always was as a zero-sum equation/or a lesson in some long-lost losing cause Greep is hungry, i can't read him/tell him that i already gave tell him its the midnight hour/dancing by the side of the grave The Rogers are crumbling now and its starting to show right now Eve'll notice as its going that slow our lawn is dying, in case you dont know (interlude) (horn solo) let's throw a party in this doleful occasion/show the bastards who you really are no itchy goomba dance sensation/just sending wishes to the wrong shooting star all the way from DC to daylight/illumination in the cold, gray dawn pick up on the cellular ray phone*/in case you got to call someone there's no-one the blame now, and there's nothing to do lets just make the best of whats me and whats you our lawn is dying, so, what else is new (vibes, horn outro solos) Soundbite

Medical Science

My man Stanley/Suave but manly Taking cover from the mark within Now he's hiding/Pretty soon he's sliding Looking for a lonely heart to take refuge in Down the alley/My gal Sally A little bruised and battered maybe from a couple times before Hold her steady/Now she's ready To climb into the ring and do it all once more Does it hurt when I do this/Can you laugh when I go like this All right keep it down/This one's cool for maybe one more round Just look for big pieces when we sweep up tonite boys Nobody's gonna blame you/Scratch 'em right off that list Medical science is helpless/Helpless in a case like this I know you're gonna thank me later/For giving this one a miss. 'Cause medical science is helpless/Helpless in a case like this Ivory Eddie/half dead already But too dumb to lie down or even let a brother know Trouble's cruising/Ed's still using Never known for passing on a chance to just say "Yo" Little Leroy/Eddie's home boy Still too wet behind the ears to know his right from his wrong And what big E's sporting/Little Lee is snorting Guess Ed stopped on his way down to drag the kid along And all the jiveasses and the true believers Bullshit givers and receivers/here today tomorrow gone To the triage tent in the great beyond Wherein the angel tangoes wth the infidel Normally I'd be angry/Normally I'd be pissed But medical science is helpless/Helpless in a case like this Better make mine a double/Serve it up with a twist 'Cause medical science is helpless/Helpless in a case like this Nobody's gonna blame you/Scratch 'em right off the list Medical science is helpless/Helpless in a case like this I know you're gonna thank me laterFor giving this one a miss. 'Cause medical science is helpless/Helpless in a case like this Normally I'd be angry/Normally I'd be pissed But medical science is helpless/Helpless in a case like this


On the streets of another jungle/On the low rent side of town there's a club called Jack of Diamonds/and the brothers are gettin' down check the midnight set they got/Rad Rolling on the saxophone born again, hot bop in/many changes still unknown 20 years the same location/nothing but the best will do all is just a celebration/the passing of the Sampaiku don your big girl and grab your girdle/hurry up I wish you would let's just be there for the blow in/get it now while the getting's good Tuesday come is big change-over/Sally Sit and Laughing Trash ain't no more where this came from/if you miss that final bash every little eighth note smilin'/every little phrase rings true man behind the bar is stylin'/on out into the avenue Rounding out the true believers/there's three including me and you get the eager Berkeley beavers/I'm talking about the Sampaiku (break) Me and the J-girl stood there watching/a vision all in black and blue I thought I heard the saints go marching/it was passing of the Sampaiku nothing but your bad intentions/is all they let you carry through so steady in the next dimension/is the coming of the Sampaiku

The Ghost of Hypnos Past

Yeah, this is my man Jerome/coming in fast and loud veteran of the late unrest/running with the sporting crowd hiding out in the alley/walking on broken glass talking about damnation and waiting for the moon to pass hunkering on God's sidewalk/drinking that turpentine bringing out a bag of dog food for very good friend of mine yeah, me and my friend jerome/come all the way across town meet the boys/make some noise/and to kick that gun around/now kick it (break) dont look now/you got stuck in the jaws of time somehow dont you worry what you see/what you get to drag down the gutters of eternity settle down and/put your goggles on/get the popcorn ready you know we're running a little long/ oh, yeah roll them joe's/sit back a let youself enjoy the show oh yeah, there you are/ripped to the tits on roam along talking bout your long lost friend/maybe feeling sorry for yourself in the end don't we remember?/she was 17/all the words came easy and now you're talking to the dawn now, who's to say/exactly what it was that blew that girl away? now we know you know you just trading her ass On the Ghost of Hypnos Past (break) Hand me down my belongings/throw 'em in a paper sack running from a hellhound armchair with tragedy on my back talk about two trains running/gonna be the end of me gotta make a midnight rendezvous on the corner of 6 and D murderous thoughts and glances/go whistling through the dark wondering about mortality while I'm praying for a place to park yeah, me and my friend jerome/come all the way acrosss town meet the boys/make some noise/and to kick that gun around/now kick it (sax solo) Miles away/lost in the here tomorrow/gone today looking back where once you stood and wondering was it all ever all that bad or all that good there he goes again/with the pork pie hat/and the highboy collar riding the train to Dewey Square/oh, way down where chasing what was really never anywhere This time I think you captured it at least. It's the Ghost of Hypnos Past It's the Ghost of Hypnos Past

Lies I Can Believe

Round and round/the words are spining why don't we take it/from the beginning I know it hurst but/babe dont you worry lets take our time/what's the hurry your eyes are moving/yes I can see them the words are soothing/why dont I beleive them? your eyes are beaming/but I can't receive them (break) you say our love just/needs some attention maybe its stuck in/the fourth dimension you say it wants more/kissage and huggage maybe it just got/lost with our luggage maybe our love just/needs space to grown in a place to go to/vector to go in maybe what i need's/a towel to throw in dont you remember that rainy night? riding the dog in the pale moonlight making love up in the very last row Lord have mercy, half way to Jersey spare me the details of guts and glory the truth is just another story why don't you give me why don't you give me lies I can believe? I never said I was a diplomat I guess I got no country to be true to so don't you tell me not to be like that don't you blame me when I do like you do life is a gamble/you're never ready the sands are shifting but/the winds are steady they never let up/so keep your head up don't let em blow you away (break) to every man goes/his share of passion but I'm way under/the legal ration I think you nailed it/right down to the letter It's getting older/but it ain't getting better maybe our love just/needs a vacation the train is rolling/out of the station across the platform/another train is pulling in lovers sighing in exotic places holding hands with all the aces making love up on the captain's table all the way, all the way home I see my past stretched out before me the truth is just another story why don't you give me why don't you give me lies I can believe?

Jack of Speed

Aaron's rolling now most ev'ry night/skating backwards at the speed of light He's changed/all in a thousand little ways, he's changed/whoa, darling, yes indeed you know he's/stuck out in the middle/he's hanging with the Jack of Speed Sheila's party, babe, is the case in point/that bogus haircut just snuck out that joint/ well, he's gone/he may be sleeping in your bed, but he's gone/oh, darling, guaranteed/ he may be/layed out on the sofa/but he's smoking with the Jack of Speed Yeah, I know how that you're thinking that it might be just fine but one full blown tear across that thin white line but will you be laughing when you're all alone? looking down on the upside/locked out ih the danger zone He can't hear you, honey/that's OK/just throw your luggage in that Chevrolet and you're right on/you run out on that lame stampede, right on/oh angel, guaranteed you got to/get out little angel/cause you're dancing with the Jack of Speed (guitar and/or piano solo) (bridge and last verse repeat)

Wetside Story

Stop making us hungry/Beth wrangler's gotta take a break sometime gotta feed the machine Steamer Heaven is empty/a couple kids sitting high on the counter the love that you need soon as he walks in the door, she's smiling/ covers his eyes with his hands cause everyone knows that its scary out there when you jump to the wetside where its cold and its light and the screaming of flight and its way/complex/and it drew/all the harsh effects Meg goes for the bomb/couple of rocks with an angel food healing* the junk on the top gives em back a quarter/a few backed tears and you can feel the flame talking the moment they stand on the edge of history fell into animal times chorus repeat interlude->guitar solo blacked out on the tarmac/it was alive with the sweet sounds of summer all the steamer's are right Meg tries to remember/sleepin' kinda cool, but its already fading back to straight black and white maybe in need of a ride downtown covers his eyes with his hands chorus repeat twice

Cash Only Island

So Gwen is zoomin'/slow Friday night box down to be among the city where the vibe is right she doubleclicks the icon/waits to juice salt spray hits/she's thinking if anybody has a right to feel this free crazy beaches/killer moonlight Cash Only Island's a lucky night let's take a hayride to the great hall of fun Sue and the carefree/tell the fellas what you've won some kiki pothead/fights the room ben picks "bully bully"/how I love that tune saw the guest tally/tear yourself away 2 or 3 double Marti's and a straight Jack/start to look OK chorus repeat interlude->guitar solo the night is quiet/the good rain comes can't you hear the distant drumming of the Cash only Island drums? the smell is rising/the lava starts to flow pick up the house for the honey let's go and go and go....