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Bienvenue sur Ma page web!!! (¡Bienvenidos a la página de Osama!)

Created on March/11th/1998 2:20 PM

His Majesty King Hussein 1935~1999

New York 2001....We are joined in sympathy for the innocent and in our condemnation of the deeds beyond imagining.... Amman 1969, Beirut 1982

This web page is dedicated to my parents who raised me and who gave me all I needed, to the Palestinian-Jordanian Nations who brought me back to life again! and to her Egypt who I can not resist her Charm!

Introduction to my Dear guest

Illinois, USA

Indiana, USA

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Soc.

Jordanian T.V.

Aljazeera T.V.


Québec City, Canada

Visit Greece

Byblos, Lebanon


Jesus of Nazareth,

Mohammed PBUH

Mediterranean Sea

Religion of the world

Amman, Jordan

About me (Identificación personal)

French is spoken in every continent

Yoga Links

Differnt types of Music

Science and Nature

Films, Movies

( : - Welcome To Arabism Land -: )

Country Links

Explore JORDAN-my country
Her Majesty Queen Noor 
Anything you want to know about Jordan

More about Jordan

More about Petra

His Majesty King Hussein

Click here to learn more about Jordan


Explore The Holy Land-my country of Palestine

Dome of the Rock

Bethany (El-Azariya)

Has Jesus' shroud been found?

Christian Cemetery in Jerusalem

Ants of Palestine

Fish: Christian Symbol

Way of the Cross

Why is Easter on a different Sunday each year?

St. Paul (Arabic Font)

Proverbs About Friendship

Jesus Blesses the Children

Explore the city of Gaza-Palestine

Palestinian Magazine to all Arab



The Nile River

Click to see EGYPT

Click to see Luxor

Flight to Egypt

Great page about Egypt


The Egyptian Castle

Egypt From Space



More of Egypt


Farid El Atrache

Syria, a photographic journey

Very good links

SYRIA thirty-six years on a pillar GALLERY

visit Sryia

Why is Damascus important for Christians and Muslims?


Click here to learn more about Syria


Lebanon On-Line


The daily Star


Click here to learn more about Lebanon


Iraq home page

Pictures of Iraq

Page for Everyone, help the Iraqi people click here to find out how one can do it!!(must see)

Iraq: On the fertile Crescent homepage

Comprehensive Information site on Iraq

Iraqi Women Net

Permanent Mission Of Iraq to the United Nations

Iraq 4 you!!

(not ready)

United Arab Emirates

Links to United Arabs Emirates and other stuff


The singer Nabil Shail

Kuwait: On the fertile Crescent homepage

Kuwait Online


Oman Net

Oman Daily News


Qatar Airways

Qanat Al-Jazeerah fee Qatar (T.V.)

State of Qatar

Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Al Bader Travel & Tourism

Tourism in Bahrain


Yemen's Home Page

Welcome Yemen


Saudi Arabia The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Islamic Perspective)

Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia

Morocco Maroc net

Kingdom Of Morocco

Morocco Web

Algeria AdmiNet- Algeria

Algeria Travel guide

Tunisia Focus on Tunisia


Sudan Sudan Net
Lybia Libya Online

Lybia our home

Libya net

Cultural Information FUN STUFF
Arabian's countries  Quotable Quotes
Discover Europe ¿¡How about checking France98 World Cup?!!
Discover Latin America (but is not ready yet! You want to laugh?
Discover Africa Arabic Jokes!!!
Some Useful French links  Chicago the "Windy City"
Arabic cuisine  T.V & Radio from all over the WORLD!! 
Ten reason to Know French!  50 Fun Things for Professors Things you learn in College! The fun of Chemistry 
Literature  My Favorites stuff 
Collections of the Poet Gamal Zyadah
Arabic Newspapers 
Collections of the Poet Saleh Zaiyadneh
Useful Search Engines +Other must see links 
Collections of the Poet Dr. Hanan Abdel-Fattah PH.
Read this poem in Arabic and English!!!  Did you know? a must see! 
Philosophy's links  GOD-ALLAH Existence 
A brief descriptions of Arabic and several foreign writers and poets.  Friends' home page. 
Great links to Languages (must see, if intrested in linguistic)  Arabic Search Engines 
Descartes' Meditations in French!!! must see  Kids Corner   Alnemat Arabic Christian Internet Magazine 

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