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Chronic Pain News, Canadian Health Conference Announcements, Medication Information, Chronic Pain Articles, Links to Chronic Pain Information

The PAINS Web Presence is about completely ordinary people who find themselves called upon to achieve extraordinary acts of courage, in the face of Chronic Intractable Illnesses and their attachments.

On the Links Page you will find everything you need to pursue an investigation on your own; to discover what these disorders are; some of the stigmas and misconceptions about painful illnesses; and some of the treatment options available and where these treatment options are.

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Terrific News Week Article

The Latest from CNN Health

Halifax Metro Chronic Pain Support Group
  Announces: Fifth Annual Conference


"I felt that I could sense the walls coming down between people as they talked, and when that happens, you know
something more powerful than us, is at work.
~ Helen Tupper

  N E W S !     Scientists Find Gene That Controls Pain Response   N E W S ! 



Reading Room E x a m p l e:
The Case For Opioids ~ Daniel Brookoff ~ University of Tennessee ~Methodist Hospitals of Memphis [Earn CME Credits]

"Opioid medications allow us to treat chronic pain as aggressively as we would any pathogen, but we must first overcome
ingrained misconceptions about patients' motivations for seeking treatment and about the addictive properties of the drugs.
With controlled use, the newer sustained-release formulations give real hope for safe and sustained pain relief."

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More Information from our friends:
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  • Isabella MoriAsk about her research into Medication use by RSD Sufferers Forum

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