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Reading Room

This site is dedicated to those of you who suffer from Chronic Pain. It is intended as a starting point for those searching for information, and as a place for patients; their families, their caregivers & physicians to find relevant information and articles pertaining to the issues of chronic pain sufferers.

I intend to provide links to various health-related sources which may be of use to you in your search for relief and education. I will also post articles of enduring significance from various sources.

In time, I hope to make available a list of other sites devoted to chronic pain. If you host or know of a site specifically related to chronic pain, please write to me using the link provided below.

Title List
  1. Assisted Suicide? Medical Marijuana? ~ It's the Pain - Duh!
  2. The Quality of Mercy
  3. Treatment of Spinal Pain Syndromes
  4. A Letter from John Q. Taylor
  5. Doctors often miss pain diagnosis

If you have come accross an article which you feel may benefit our readers, please send it and/or it's website address to us at our contact address on the main page.