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Remember, a clean computer is a happy computer. Clean, happy computers lead to relaxed, efficient operators. And you know the rest ...

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Ask Jeeves is the fast, smart, and easy way to find information on the web. It's the first natural language search service--with a massive Knowledgebase of 6 million answers to the most popular questions asked online. Jeeves also provides a metasearch option that delivers answers from five other search engines. Ask Jeeves is the future of web navigation.

Ask Jeeves is a question-answering system allowing anyone to ask a question in plain, simple English without having to use keywords or Boolean search strings. Jeeves provides a concise list of answers with their exact location instead of an exhaustive list of matches.

Jeeves is the first Internet Butler. He's friendly, fast, smart, and at your service 24 hours a day.

Got a question? Just type it in and click "Ask."

"Ask Jeeves is a trademark of Ask Jeeves, Inc., Copyright 1997 Ask Jeeves, Inc."

Health Information

  • Pain Management Program In Canada

  • The Use of Narcotics for FMS/CFIDS
    An SHN Chat with Keith Berndtson, M.D., of American WholeHealth, Inc.

    To read the transcript of this chat, you must be a member of SHN

    You may join by following this link: Link to Sapient Health Network

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    For Your Entertainment: Annoyed Button

    Please Push The Button, but be warned, push it only once, or face the consequences!!!!


    A Web Site that is not only a Fast Load, but needs NO fancysmanshy scripting; No JavaScript , ActiveX, DHTML, runs on EVERY Version of Internet Explorer, all Netscape Browsers and is compatible with ANY Browser, (but is frameless).

    Your privacy is respected; (no cookies, no "demographics generators" running behind the scripting ) ... just the thing EVERYONE has been waiting for.

    PC Users and MacFreaks alike, can now enjoy an Internet experience second to none. And it's about time!

    A team of internet specialists has worked very hard to provide you with this pleasant browsing experience - no big graphics, no blinking, no banner ads, no nothing! Compatible with all browsers.

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