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 Doc Bwana's
House of Shrunken Heads


For many people, shrunken heads (or tsantsas, as they are called by the Jivaro tribesmen who make them) symbolize the dark, savage side of human nature. They function as potent icons of the barbaric and the primitive. But although some of us may suppress a shudder when we come across one of these diminutive totemistic trophies in a museum case, attic Hope Chest, or bedroom closet, one fact cannot be denied: shrunken heads are wonderful conversation pieces! And they have a special ornamental quality, too! When tastefully mounted and placed on the coffee table or parlor mantel, they always attract attention and elicit interesting remarks from guests. These anthropological accent items enhance any decor. And, in addition to their intrinsic aesthetic value, shrunken heads are also educational for children and never fail to leave a lasting impression on young minds. 
    If you enjoy shrunken heads as much as we do, and wish to begin your own collection, the following links will enable you to explore the exciting world of the tsantsa. You will journey with Jivaro warriors on thrilling head-hunting expeditions, see how heads are removed from bodies, and be able to learn the fascinating process by which they are shrunken to the size of a man's fist! The doorway to a unique and rewarding adventure awaits you below!

About the image at the top of the page: After much thought, I decided to call 
 this computer-generated image Shrunken Head. It portrays a  Jivaro 
shrunken head on a stick. Like an exotic flower on its graceful stem, this
skillfully produced example of fine Jivaro craftsmanship adds a touch of
color to a lush tropical background. Print copies of this work, suitable for
hanging in dens, living rooms, or boudoirs, may be ordered for $20.00
each (plus shipping) at the email address below. A perfect gift for any 
special occasion, order your Shrunken Head  print today!
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Caveats, Apologies, Disclaimers, Excuses

Serious students of the Tsantsa
should visit our

Shrunken Head Galleries!
All humor aside folks, shrunken heads
Are anthropological artifacts deserving
Serious study. The following four galleries
Adopt a more serious approach to a
fascinating subject.

Visit Gallery I

Visit Gallery II

Visit Gallery III

Visit Gallery IV

Be Sure To Check Out
Don Juan's
Shrunken Head Shack

Buy some of the most skillfully crafted
shrunken head reproductions available
anywhere today!

A Pre-Columbian Headhunting

View a photo of an ancient statuette
sent to us by headshrinker Don Juan!

All links verified and updated June 6, 2003

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The Tsantsa

Shrunken Heads at Riverside Municipal Museum  

Shrunken Heads at Ye Olde Curiosity Shop

The Straight Dope on Shrunken Heads

Shrunken Head Controversy

How to Prepare a Shrunken Head

Real Shrunken Head & Fake Shrunken Head Compared

Shrunken Heads at 

Shrunken Heads in San Diego

See the Shrunken Men!

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Of Anthropological Interest

About the Jivaro

Meet a Jivaro Chief

More on the Jivaro

An Account of the Achuar People

About the Shuar People

A Shuar Indian Explains Head Shrinking

About Shuar Uwishin (Medicine Men)

Head Hunting as a Religious Practice

Stolen Shrunken Head

Shuar-Achuar Conflict and Deviance

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Other Enjoyable Jivaro Pastimes

About Jivaro Manioc Beer

How to Cook a Rat the Jivaro Way

Fishing for Piranha

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 My Favorite Shrunken Head Movie:
The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake!

Movie Review #1

Movie Review #2

Movie Lobby Card #1

Movie Lobby Card #2

HeadHunter.jpg (93747 bytes)
A Northern Luzon headhunter proudly 
displays his trophies.

Head Hunting in Other parts of the World

Head Hunting in South East Asia

Headhunters of Borneo

Resurgence of Headhunting

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