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Doc Bwana's
House of Shrunken Heads

Shrunken Head Gallery IV


This very decorative shrunken head undoubtedly
served a very important ritual purpose.


Two views of the same head with ruler to show scale.


Headj.jpg (49291 bytes)
The strange blue color of this head is probably due to
photographic distortion. Its actual color is probably black.


Headk.jpg (39306 bytes)
This highly unusual head appears to have white skin.
Shrunken head expert Don Juan theorizes that the 
face had probably been blackened by charcoal in the
traditional fashion, and that the charcoal coating had
then been rubbed off in some manner. A previous
owner of this head claims to have sold it
for $40,000.00!


HeadL.jpg (180301 bytes)
This photo provides another view of the tsantsa
which was auctioned by Christie's. 

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