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Doc Bwana's
House of Shrunken Heads

Shrunken Head Gallery III

This head is unusual in that its lips are pinned shut
as well as tied shut. Typically, pins are removed
from the lips of a tsantsa at the time the lips are tied.

Head6.jpg (103406 bytes)
Here's an old photo of another tsantsa with pinned lips.


Head2bluehead.jpg (112804 bytes)
This interesting photo uses a ruler to give a sense of scale
to this tiny four inch shrunken head.


Head4.jpg (53179 bytes)
Here is another specimen of fine Jivaro craftsmanship. 


Head5.jpg (81880 bytes)
The skin of this tsantsa was blackened by charcoal. This
procedure, as well as the tying of the lips, was designed
to imprison the victim's spirit within the head. 


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