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Vrong Planet - Internet Addiction Vrong Planet - Internet Addiction
In (Freeman, 92) is an article about addictive behaviours. Addiction is defined by Bratter & Forest as:

        'A behavior pattern of compulsive drug use characterised by overwhelming involvement, with the use of a drug & securingof the supply, as well as a tendency to relapse after completion of withdrawal.'

The autors state that the difference between use & addiction is quantitative rather than qualitative.

Internet Addiction Syndrome
There is now an official name for who have become addicted to the Internet: they are suffering from 'Internet Addiction Syndrome.'

About Behavioral Addiction
People can become addicted to activities even when there is no true physiological dependence or physiological addiction

Professional Opinions
Some mental health professionals say people aren't addicted to the Internet they are addicted to

Signs & Symptoms
Depriving oneself of sleep to spend time on the Net.

Internet Addiction Survey
Take the Internet Addiction Survey Challenge and see are you

Internet Addiction Home Page
Yes it is not a joke, the internet can be addictive!

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