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Vrong Planet - Internet Addiction Vrong Planet - Internet Addiction
The Internet can be an invaluable tool, turning the household computer into a gateway to the world. But for some, that gateway can slam shut and isolate them from their loved ones, Yes it is not a joke, the internet can be addictive!

The Internet is an amazing information resource. Students, teachers and researchers use it as an investigative tool. Physicians use it to learn more about unfamiliar diseases and the latest medical developments. Ordinary folks use it for shopping, banking, bill-paying and communicating with family and friends.
People all over the globe use it to connect with individuals of other countries and cultures. "It's opened up a whole new world," a friend explained. "You never know exactly where the journey will take you. Doors open and you take off in new directions. You can learn about anything, I mean anything! And you never have to be lonely, there's always someone out there to connect with."
But for some people, the computer world rivals their real world. Some people choose to commune with a computer, rather than their spouses and children. While they expand their horizons electronically, they insulate themselves from intimate settings and relationships. Internet abuse has been cited as a contributing factor in the disintegration of marriages and families and the collapse of promising careers.

Internet Addiction Syndrome
There is now an official name for who have become addicted to the Internet: they are suffering from 'Internet Addiction Syndrome.'

What is Addiction?
A behavior pattern of compulsive drug use characterised by overwhelming involvement

About Behavioral Addiction
People can become addicted to activities even when there is no true physiological dependence or physiological addiction

Professional Opinions
Some mental health professionals say people aren't addicted to the Internet they are addicted to

Signs & Symptoms
Depriving oneself of sleep to spend time on the Net.

Internet Addiction Survey
Take the Internet Addiction Survey Challenge and see are you

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