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R.V. Dental College

R.V. Dental College was established in the year 1992. It is located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. It is housed in a spacious building & equipped with the latest equipment to treat Dental & Oral cases. The R.V. Dental College has strong faculty in all the branches of Dentistry with experienced staff members in all the faculties.


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Rashtreeya Sikhshana Samithi Trust was established in the year 1940. Sri. M.C. Shivananda Sharma, a mighty man of miracles came from a small village near Mysore & established a primary school with only 6 students in this city of Bangalore. He approached a number of Philanthropists & merchants & with their donation started building R.V. Institutions. The following institutions are run & managed by the Trust under the able guidance of Sri. M.K. Panduranga Setty, a leading industrialist of Karnataka & also the Rotary International Director, & a team of dedicated Trustees, the trust has been rendering a yeoman service in the field of education. The Philosophy of the Trust is "Excellence in Education and Service to Humanity".


  1. R.V. Higher Primary School
  2. R.V. Boys High School
  3. R.V. Sishu Vihar
  4. R.V. Teachers College including P.G. Department
  5. R.V. Teachers Training Institute
  6. R.V. Girls High School
  7. R.V. College of Engineering
  8. NMKRV PU College for Women
  9. NMKRV College for Women including P.G. Department
  10. Shaswathi
  11. SSMRV College
  12. RV Integrated School for the Deaf
  13. RV Dental College
  14. RV Centre for Manufacturing, Research & Technology utilization
  15. RV Educational Consortium
  16. RV Health Centre
  17. RV Institute for Social service & Skill promotion
  18. RV TIFAC Composites Design Centre


R.V. Dental College was established in the year 1992 first affiliated to Bangalore University & now to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, approved & recognized by Dental Council of India. The R.V. Dental College & Hospital is located in a spacious building & equipped with the latest equipment to treat Dental & Oral cases. The R.V. Dental College has strong faculty in all the branches of Dentistry with experienced staff members in all the faculties.

The college offers Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) course that is of 5 years duration including one year of compulsory rotatory internship.

The department of Pedodontia (Children department) is treated as the best in the country. The institution has taken up massive Community Dental Programme in rural areas. The detail of this is furnished. Our institution is the first to have Mobile Dental Van in Bangalore city. The equipment have been donated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, USA. The objective of this programme is to expose our students to work in rural setup of our country, so that they will be able to work in rural areas after graduation. The institution has also kept in mind the recent advances in the field of Dentistry in other countries & in this direction the institution has arranged a number of CME programmes, Lectures & Workshops by National & International speakers which has enabled our students & faculty to acquaint themselves with the recent advances.

The library of the college is well equipped with books & periodicals, Photocopying, Scanning & Printing facilities. The facility to browse the Internet is also available. Computers have been provided in all the departments. These computers have been interconnected over a LAN (Local Area Network) .

The faculty members of this institution have presented papers in National & International Conferences & also published in journals (Copy enclosed). The institution has completed research projects including one sponsored by UNICEF.

The Trust has planned to build a separate hospital for Oral & Maxillofacial surgery to treat accident cases & other surgical cases like Cleft lip & Cleft palate cases & Oral cancer cases, etc. in a new campus near the existing building. The work is expected to be completed in about one year time.

The Trust has committed to make this institution a model training centre in the field of Community Oral Health Programme, so that, the health workers, professionals from all over the world can utilize the services & interact with local health professionals for the benefit of Humanity.

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Staff List


Oral Medicine Diagnosis & Radiology

Dr. K.S. Nagesh M.D.S.
Professor & HOD

Dr. Asha R Iyengar M.D.S.
Associate Prof.

Dr. H.M. Hema M.D.S.
Sr. Lecturer

Dr. Vidya B.D.S.

Oral Surgery

Dr. K. Umesh M.D.S.

Dr. Girish Rao M.D.S.
Assoc. Prof.

Dr. Subhash Rai M.D.S.
Sr. Lecturer

Dr. Srikanth B.D.S.

Oral Pathology

Dr.Praveen G Philip M.D.S.
Asst. Professor

Dr.Veerendra Kumar M.D.S.
Asst. Professor


Dr. H.N. Shama Rao M.D.S.
Prof. & HOD

Dr. Uttam C Khincha M.D.S.
Asst. Professor

Dr. N. Sridhar M.D.S.
Asst. Professor

Dr. Sudhir S. Patil M.D.S.
Asst. Professor

Dr. B.K. Giri B.D.S.

Dr. Vijay Babu B.D.S.

Conservative Dentistry

Dr. S. Jagdish M.D.S.
Prof. & HOD

Dr. Shashikala M.D.S.

Dr. H. Murali M.D.S.
Assoc. Prof.

Dr. Deepaknath M.D.S.
Asst. Prof.

Dr Nayana Rai M.D.S.
Sr. Lecturer

Dr. Manjunath B.D.S.

Community Dentistry

Dr.M.R.Shankar Aradhya M.D.S.
Prof. & HOD


Dr. N. Kalavathy M.D.S.

Dr. K.R. Nagaraj M.D.S.
Asst. Prof.

Dr. M.Vasanth Kumar M.D.S.
Asst. Prof.

Dr. S.B. Mohan B.D.S.

Dr. Ranjini B.D.S.


Dr. M.R. Dinesh M.D.S.
Prof. & HOD

Dr. B.C. Amarnath M.D.S.
Asst. Prof.

Dr. K. Rajashekar M.D.S.
Asst. Prof.


Dr. N.S. Venkatesh Babu M.D.S.
Prof. & HOD

Dr. A. Anantharaj M.D.S.
Assoc. Prof.

Dr. Srinivas B.D.S.

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Dr. Krishna Urs M.S.
Prof. & HOD

Dr. Bhagyalakshmi MBBS, DNB

Dr. Janaki MBBS

Physiology & Biochemistry

Dr. M. Basavaraju MBBS, Ph.D
Prof. & HOD

Dr. G. Subramanyam M.Sc., Ph.D
Prof. & HOD

Mrs. L. Narasimhan M.Sc.


Dr. K.S. Veena M.D.
Prof. & HOD

Dr. A. Anitha MBBS

Pathology & Microbiology

Dr. T. Prabhu MBBS, M.D.
Prof. & HOD

Dr. Bharathi M.B. M.D.

Dr. Vinitha M. M.Sc.

General Medicine

Dr. D. Rama Rao M.D.
Prof. & HOD

Dr. Raghavendra Rao M.D.

General Surgery

Dr.Chandrashekar Rao K M.S.
Prof. & HOD

Dr. K.S. Ganeshan M.S.
Asst. Prof.

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Research Activities
Community Dental Health Programme
Workshops, Lectures & Training Programmes
Continued Dental Education Programme


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Research Activities

  1. The project on "Dental Health Education for School children" sponsored by the UNICEF (United Nation International Childrens Education Fund) in collaboration with Zilla Panchayat, Mysore.
    Status: Completed

  2. Project on "Study of Periodontal Tissues" sponsored by Dabur Pharmaceuticals.
    Status: Completed

  3. Project on "Hepatitis B Screening in Dental Students" by Medical Research Foundation of Bangalore.
    Status: Completed

  4. International Association for Dental & Maxillofacial Radiology based in USA has constituted an International Research Committee consisting of 13 members & Dr. K.S. Nagesh, Principal, R.V. Dental College, Bangalore, is representing India.


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Community Dental Health Programme

The institution’s emphasis is on public health & epidemiology with massive Community Dental Education Programme. Camps are regularly conducted for the benefit of Rural population, Old age homes, Schools in rural areas & Handicapped persons.

The objectives of this programme are:

  1. To provide free routine dental treatment
  2. To educate general public, School children, & institutional children, like handicaps, under comprehensive oral health maintenance & simple preventive measures
  3. To prepare oral health education material like charts, models & other audio-visual aids.


Population Covered:

  1. Rural population
  2. School Children
  3. Handicapped Children
    1. Mentally Handicapped
    2. Physically Handicapped
    3. Visually Handicapped
    4. Deaf & dumb.

For the Community Dental Health Programme the college has acquired a well Equipped Mobile Dental Van, which is the first of its kind in Bangalore. The equipment for the van were donated by "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints", USA.

Under the Community Dental Health Programme the College has conducted camps & rendered free treatment to patients.


Details of Camps conducted between 27.09.1994 & 31.12.98 under the Community Dental Health Programme:


Place of Camp

No. of Camps

No. of Patients








Schools & Colleges

Rural Areas

Handicapped,Old ageHomes,Orphanage

Urban slums

Defence organizations & others

"SMILE for ALL" Oral Health programme in association with Indian Dental Association & Colgate.(School children & Teachers)

Janmabhoomi VIII phase Dental camps Organized by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
Supported by Sai Oral Health Foundation



















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  1. A paper titled "Overview of Dental Education, Oral Health Services & application of Oral & Maxillo-facial Radiology" was presented by Dr. K.S. Nagesh, Principal, in the International Association of Dento-Maxillofacial Radiology, Louisville, USA in June 1997.

  2. Dr. K.S. Nagesh, Principal, was appointed as Regional Director of International Association of Dento Maxillofacial Radiology 1997-1999.

  3. An article prepared by Dr. N.S. Venkatesh Babu, Professor of Pedodontia, was published in The Journal of Clinical Paediatric Dentistry, Vol.23 No.1 Fall 1998.

  4. An article prepared by Ms. Vinitha, Lecturer, Department of Microbiology, R.V. Dental College, has been published in the British Journal of Radiology, July 1998.

  5. Short Communication: Fiber Splints – New perspectives, Karnataka State Dental Journal, 1998, by Dr. N. Sridhar.

  6. GTR – What, Why & Where? When & How?, Interactive Newsletter for Practitioners-INP, January 1999.

  7. Periodontists Advice to General Practitioners, INP – March 1999.

  8. Current Concepts in Etiopathogenesis of Periodontal Disease, INP- May 1999.

  9. A paper titled "Prevalence of Fluorosis & Dental Caries in few fluoride belt areas of Andhra Pradesh" was presented by Dr. K.S. Nagesh, Principal, Dr. A. Anantharaj, Assoc. Prof., & Dr. M.R. Manjunath, Lecturer, at the National Seminar on "Fluoride, Fluorosis & Defluoridation Techniques" at Udaipur, India, February 1999.

  10. A paper titled "Oral manifestations of Heavy Metal Poisoning with Emphasis on Lead Poisoning" was presented by Dr. K.S. Nagesh, Principal, Dr. Asha R Iyengar, Assoc. Prof., Dr. H.M. Hema, Asst. Prof. & Dr. Vijay Babu B.H., Lecturer at the International Conference of prevention, treatment of Lead poisoning at Bangalore.


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  1. A workshop on "Re-structure of Syllabus of B.D.S." arranged by the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences was conducted in the college on 7th & 8th August, 1996.

  2. A Pre-conference course on Oral Implantology was conducted by Indian Society of Implantologists at R.V. Dental College, Bangalore on 21st & 22nd November 1996.



  1. The first Karnataka State Dental Students Conference was held on 26th & 27th April 1997 at R.V. Teachers College Auditorium, Bangalore.

  2. 3M Co. arranged a workshop cum lecture on 21st June 1997. Ms. Janice Pitt, from Germany, delivered a lecture on The latest single component Dentin bonding systems.

  3. An Implantology workshop was held on 10th & 11th January 1998, in the college.

  4. A workshop on curriculum development for I & II B.D.S. was held at Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore, from 11th to 13th February, 1998, & was attended by our staff in concerned subjects.

  5. Pre-conference course of Indian Prosthodontic Society was held in the college in the month of November 1998.

  6. I.D.A. Pre-conference course on Aesthetics was organized & conducted in the college on 6th & 7th January 1999.

  7. I.D.A. Pre-conference committee arranged a lecture on Infection Control System & Office Safety Procedures on 11th January 1999.

  8. A workshop on 3D Shade Determination System & Titanium Casting Protocol by teaching faculty of Australia & Italy, organized by M/s Novo Dental Co., Mumbai, was in the college on 11th January 1999.

  9. SMILE for All Oral Health Programme was conducted in Association with Indian Dental Association & Colgate for School Children. 53 schools were visited & 32,204 children were treated.


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Continuing Dental Education Programmes

The R.V. Dental College has arranged many "Continuing Dental Education Programmes/Workshops" between April, 1994 to October 1998 in which the following National & International personalities participated & delivered lectures to faculty, students & faculty members of other dental institutions.


Sl. Year Speaker Topic


01.1996 C.M.E. Programme- Surgical Demonstration of Implant

Dr. Hilt Tatum
Associate Professor, Lille University Medical College School
Visiting Faculty Member, Harvard & Florida Universities

Dr. Stuarton Jones
United Kingdom

02. 1996 Recent Advances in Dental Materials (Lecture cum AudioVisual programme)

Dr. Gordon Christensen
Prof. of Prosthodontics, Brigham Young University, University of Utah, USA .

03. 1996 Advances in Oro-maxillofacial diagnosis.Imaging of newer dental materials

Dr. Allan Farman
Professor of Oral Diagnosis & Radiology, School of Dentistry Kentucky, USA

04. 1996 Oral Radiology

Dr. Taeko, USA.

05. 1996 Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Graham Mount University of Adelaide, Australia.

06. 1997 Lecture on Early detection of Oral Cancer

Dr. Nasser Ahmed, Consultant Maxillo-facial & Plastic surgeon, London.

07. 1997 Lecture on AIDS awareness

Dr. Chandramma, Superintendent, Bowring Hospital, Bangalore.

08. 1997 Lecture on "Zygomatic Complex fracture"

Dr. Kiran I Desai, Asst. Prof. ,Dept. of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery,
Govt. Dental College, Ahmedabad.

09. 1997 A seminar on the achievements in the field of Biochemistry

Dr. S.P.K. Gupta, Secretary,
National Committee for
Dr. Y. Subba Rao Centenary Celebration

10. 1997 Lecture on Latest Single component dentin bonding system. Organized by 3M Co.

Ms. Janice Pitt, Germany

11. 1998 Lecture

Dr. Nasser N.A., Facial Plastic Surgeon, London.

12. 1998 Lecture

Dr. Pushpa S. Rao, Oral Surgeon. New York, USA

13. 1998 Lecture

Dr. Krishna Shama Rao, Professor Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
A.B. Shetty Dental College Mangalore.

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Oral Medicine Diagnosis & Radiology

Oral & Maxillo-facial Surgery

Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics



Orthodontics & Dento-facial Orthopaedics

Prosthodontics & Crown & Bridge

Community Dentistry

Oral Pathology


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Contact Information

Street address
9th Main, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore - 560 011. Karnataka. India.

Electronic mail address

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Office phone
+91 (80) 64-5754


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