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Disappearing Legacy: Historic barn photos
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Artist's statement: After more than 30 years of wide-reaching community photojournalism, I've enhanced my documentary style of photography to include more personal, artistic expression. My historic barn photography explores an endangered disappearing legacy, while the balance of my depictions carry layers of deep emotion and sometimes-shifting or conflicting beliefs. From power and peace to mystery and the macabre, found objects to seascapes, I convey constant inner discovery and outer nuance through my work. My new works appear frequently.

At right: The Blessing   (nfs)

Below: Billowing, threatening clouds converged over these rock formations near Gooding, Idaho, promising heavy rain. I was set up at the bottom of a miles-long, deeply-rutted dirt road that would have flooded into a mud river with the anticipated deluge. Fortunately, the storm veered off.

Clouds over the Little City

Fresh bagels, new exhibits: View my framed work and metal prints on exhibit at the Blue Sky Bagel restaurants at 5517 W. State St., Boise (next to George's Cycles) • 3161 E. Fairview, Meridian (behind Krispy Kreme) • 407 W. Main St., in downtown Boise, and the BRC Plaza, at 12375 Chinden Blvd., Boise.

I donate 20% of every sale to the Idaho Foodbank. I believe in win-win situations, and this is one of my favorite ways to give back to the community.


Haunted by Frost

Sunset, Yachats, Oregon

Above left: I found magic and mystery draw me to this haunted abandoned farmhouse with trees coated in hoarfrost. The 1885 Woods homestead, once situated near Eagle, Idaho, was dismantled board-by-board and reconstructed in Atlanta, Idaho by family descendants.

Above right:
Going in search of sunset doesn't always get you the spectacular skies you expect, but this version in Yachats, Oregon evokes a tranquil and intimate mood.

At right: Diners relax at an outdoor café along the San Antonio Riverwalk for al fresco treats.

San Antonio Riverwalk

Battle at Staircase Rapid

Up in Smoke

Community journalism inspiration: My published work ran the full gamut of breaking news, inspiring feature packages, sports and concerts. Examples of some of my unique approaches include kayak races on the South Fork of the Payette River (above left), to a suspicious structure fire in Victor, Idaho (above right). Early on, capturing images of local news events helped pique my interest as a storytelling photographer and helped me evolve as a photographic artist. The evolution continues.

At right: Pond Skim: Grand Targhee Resort in Alta, Wyoming celebrates the end of the ski season by filling the snow-tubing area with water and challenging skiers to make it across after a short downhill run.

These images are not for sale.

Pond skim

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images & content © Ken Levy