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    Greetings, Fellow Fan-Fictioners!   


  NEW!!! My latest is 'Touchy V (Day 3)'

Day 3 in Miami and our favourite duo reveal all to each other.


    My Stories in Chronological Order   


Touchy VI (Day 3) - Aug 2002

Touchy V (Day 2) - Aug 2002

Touchy IV (Day 1) - Aug 2002

A Tale of Three Families - Jan 2002

Guardian - Dec 2001

Absolution - Dec 2001

Touchy III - Dec 2001

The Witch And the Muggle - Dec 2001

Touchy II - Dec 2001

Touchy - Nov 2001

It's Raining Men - Oct 2001

Some Blood Lost, Some Love Found - Oct 2001

Bird's Landing USA - Aug 2001

Rubbing Off - Aug 2001

Persuasion - Jul 2001

With Holy Choir Of Angels - Jul 2001

Memories - Feb 2001

Revelations - Apr 2001

One Of Us - Apr 2001

Keeper - Mar 2001

Second Time Round - Mar 2001

Visions - Mar 2001

A Father Is Hard To Find - Mar 2001

Redhead - Feb 2001

A Nobody Is Hard To Find - Jan 2001

I'm Henry The Eighth I Am - Feb 2001

Time Out - Feb 2001

A Nobody Is Hard To Find - Jan 2001

The Dinner Guest - Jan 2001

Kiss - Jan 2001

Blind Man's Bluff - Jan 2001

Tell Me No Lies - Jan 2001

The Matchbox - Jan 2001

The Abyss - Jan 2001

Scent of a Scully - Jan 2001

Even - Dec 2000

Partridge in a Pear Tree - Nov 2000

Man Without A Face - Oct 2000

The X-Files - The TV Series - Sept 2000

Toady - Aug 2000

'Mulder' - Aug 2000

Partners - Jul 2000

'Fox' - May 2000

Cuddling - Feb 2000

Letting Go (2nd Release) - Jan 2000

Slave for the Night - Sept 1999

Incriminating Evidence - Jul 1999

Letting Go (1st Release) - June 1999

Liar Liar Pants on Fire - June 1999

DKM - Nov 1998 

Cured - Nov 1998

Spooky and Skully - Nov 1998

Madam Zoopa - Nov 1998

AH - After Hallway - Oct 1998


Sev Files Comic Strip. Copyright 2000 by John Cook.



    On To My Version Of   




AH - After Hallway                - Humour, UST

Mulder made Scully play a game of Spin the bottle and spends the next couple of days regretting it


Madam Zoopa                       - Humour, UST

The duo share a pajama and spend the night together in a motel room, accidentally getting arrested for vice.


Spooky and Skully                 - Humour, UST

They get a hard time from their peers.


Cured                                    - Humour, MSR

Finally, some MSR.


DKM                                     - Humour, MSR

Scully comes to the rescue. 




Trigger Stories 

(Post Three Of A Kind) 



'Fox'                                       - Humour, UST

Ever wonder why Mulder finally kissed Scully on New Year’s Eve? Here’s my theory... 


'Mulder' (Sequel to 'Fox')        - Humour, UST

So Mulder managed to resist Scully. Will she be able to resist him?


Toady (Sequel to 'Fox')           - Humour, UST     

Introduction of Archie Travis. I would like to apologize for a tremendous slip-up in this story. Because of the similar story-lines between 'Fox' and 'Mulder', I have included a particular circumstance which by right should not exist in 'Toady' since it's a post 'Fox' story and **not** a post 'Mulder' story. Namely, Mulder should not have a ring to return as he only bought it in 'Mulder' where he was drugged.  Confused? Well, read both the stories again and you'll know what I mean.


Even (Sequel to 'Mulder')         - Humour, UST     

Another frivolous, short fic to join the 'Trigger Stories'. A slip of the tongue gets Scully in trouble. 


Kiss (Sequel to 'Even')             - Humour, UST    

Mulder is desperate to know about what happened when he was in the mercy of his partner. How far would he go to find out? Meanwhile, Scully plays a mean joke on him and Archie finds the woman of his dreams. 





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The Original MSR


Man Without A Face                     - MSR

What's in a face? In this story, Scully finds this out the hard way. Two years after his disappearance, a man appears claiming to be Mulder, with a catch; he just didn't have his face. Will she trust her heart or her sight? 


The Matchbox (Ext to 'MWAF')    - MSR, Margaret Scully's POV

An extension to Man Without a Face. It also serves as a prequel to the introduction of John Dole (Mulder) to Margaret Scully. 


The Dinner Guest                          - Margaret Scully's POV 

The Dinner Guest introduces John Dole (Mulder) to Margaret Scully as promised. 


A Nobody Is Hard To Find           - MSR 

The trio discover that being a family is not an easy thing to achieve. 


Time Out                                      - MSR 

Tells of the separate lives led by Scully and Dole (Mulder). It also introduces a major character in Will's life. 


The NeXt Generation of MSR


NEW!!! Check out MXFS's impression of how Will/Jason looks like! 


Redhead                                     - Will/Joyce friendship 

Begins the relationship between Will and Joyce. 


A Father Is Hard To Find            - Will/Joyce UST 

Begins the road to self discovery for Jason Alexander (Will). He learns of his father's lies. 


Visions                                        - MSR, Will/Joyce UST 

Doctor Jason Alexander (Will) meets Special Agent in Charge Dana Scully. He also discovers a new power.


Second Time Round                    - MSR, Will/Joyce UST 

Special Agent in Charge Dana Scully finds out who Doctor Jason Alexander (Will) really is to her.


Keeper                                        - MSR, Will/Joyce RST 

Joyce finds herself sucked cruelly into Jason's (Will's) nightmare. Meanwhile Jason thinks he's losing her too.


One Of Us                                   

Jason (Will) begins to discover who and what he is.


Revelations                                   - MSR, WJR 

Everything is revealed when Jason (Will) discovers his destiny.


Persuasion                                   - MSR, WJR      

Leaving Jason (Will) behind in Chicago, Scully chases after her own destiny, Mulder.


Rubbing Off                                   - MSR, WJR       

Just when everything seems to be going well, reality takes our foursome by surprise. 


Bird's Landing USA                        - MSR, WJR    

Once again Mulder and Scully fight the future. Only this time, they get a little help from everyone.


Absolution                                      - MSR, WJR    

After more than ten years, Skinner seeks absolution for his past. 


Guardian                                         - MSR, WJR    

Skinner reveals his biggest secret that will change Mulder's and Scully's life.


A Tale of Three Families                  - MSR, WJR  

The Alexanders juggle the truth and lies when the Scullys and the Callahans come together under one roof.





The Touchy Series

(Post Seasons 1-7) 


Touchy                                       - Humour, UST

Is it just me, or does Mulder look a little stiff whenever Scully touches him?


Touchy II                                    - Humour, UST

The higher powers were always out to get them. But never in a million years did Mulder and Scully expect such an assignment....


Touchy III                                   - Humour, UST

Scully tries to get them out of the assignment.


Touchy IV (Day 1)                       - Humour, UST

Finally, day 1 in Miami as husband and wife.


Touchy V (Day 2)                         - Humour, UST      

An X-file reveals itself from the base of the ocean.


Touchy VI (Day 3)                         - Humour, UST         NEW!!!

Our favourite duo reveal all to each other.





Liar Liar Pants on Fire            - Humour, UST

Mulder and a Lie Detector Test.


Slave for the Night                  - Humour, UST

Scully buys Mulder at an auction. And check out Char Chaffin's Striptease bit, it's totally hilarious!


Cuddling (Sequel to Slave)      - Humour, UST

Mulder and Scully cuddle.


Incriminating Evidence            - Humour, UST

Scully finds evidences of Mulder’s obsession.


Partners                                  - UST, Post The Beginning

Right after Mulder and Scully recover from their Antarctica trip, they are reviewed before a panel.


The X-Files - The TV Series   - Humour, UST, Pre All Things

I have always wondered how could Mulder react so calmly to Scully's narration of her affair with Dr. Daniel Waterson in the episode 'All Things'. It then occurred to me that he might have been pre-warned with the notion. 


Partridge in a Pear Tree            - UST    

It's freezing cold and our agents are stuck in the middle of the forest. Unfortunately they are not alone. 


Scent of a Scully                      - Humour, UST    

It's Christmas time once again and Mulder meets the most formidable Scully woman of all. 


I'm Henry the Eighth I Am (Sequel to Scent of a Scully)    -  UST

Mulder is forced to keep his promise to Nana.


The Abyss                              - Case File, UST    

I stole a few ideas from the Requiem, yeah the I-can-see-you-but-you- can't-see-me theme but other than that, I hope you enjoy a bit of the paranormal. 


Tell Me No Lies                       - Humour, UST

Mulder and Scully come face to face with an extraordinary talent. Do they dare face the truths that are revealed by the mysterious power or let sleeping desires lie?


Blind Man's Bluff                     - Humour, UST 

Mulder's ex-Oxford buddies come to DC for a convention and find themselves caught up in a delightful, little guessing game. 


Memories I Never Had              - Humour, UST            

A story called "Memories I never had" with the phrase "You do know that you don't know what you're talking about and we all know it don't you?" in it. This one is for you, Little Chilly Beanie! Mulder and Scully romantically involved? Are they really?


With Holy Choirs of Angels      - Humour, UST        

Heaven's two busiest guardian angels mess up and turn their charges' lives upside down.


Letting Go                                - Humour MSR, Post The End

I started this story even before the Fight the Future. So hop on a time machine and go back to after The End.


Some Blood Loss, Some Love Found           - UST      

My latest frivolous fanfic. The title says is all!


It's Raining Men                    - Margaret Scully's POV     

I've never watched Empedocles, slept right through it and never forgave myself to this day. Thank God for online script sites! Anyway reading about the nurse asking Mulder and Doggett if they were the husband tickled me so much that I had to write a story to include the moment again. Then I thought, heck I'll bring in all of Scully's men.


The Witch And The Muggle         - Humour, UST     

Mulder and Scully magically find themselves in Hogwarts and meet all the lovely characters that have held the world spellbound. But why and how did they get there? And how do they get back to their own world?



Sev Files Comic Strip. Copyright 2000 by John Cook.

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