Author: PhileyX 
Rating: PG
Category: UST
Every idea in this story is most probably not mine. No infringement of copyright intended. Just having a bit of mindless fun with the creations of Chris Carter and J.K. Rowling.

The Witch And The Muggle 

One moment they were running down a dark carpeted aisle, the next they both found themselves ungracefully flat on the surprisingly sandy ground. The two FBI agents picked themselves up, dusting the dirt off their expensive suits and looking down on what had tripped them. 

"Weeds? What the hell..." Scully's voice trailed off as she stared at the surroundings around her.

"Scully? Do you see I see?" Mulder asked in a horse whisper, next to her.

She nodded slowly as if in a daze. "Where the hell are we?"

"I don't know." Her partner admitted, with a look of pure amazement. They seemed to be in a forest of some kind, a dark cold eerie forest. "Something tells me we're not in DC anymore."

"Is there a new requirement to have woods in Cineplexes? You know, a pro-environment thingy?"

"I don't think they had castles in mind too..." Mulder muttered.

Frowning, she turned to see what he was talking about. "It's... it's a castle."

"Uh huh. Come on."

She followed his lead along a relatively cleared path, towards the giant monument in the distance. "It can't be..." She mumbled to herself, as she remembered why it looked so familiar. 

"It can't be what?"


"WHO'S THERE?" A loud booming voice made them both jump. They didn't even dare turn to face the voice and remained frozen where they were. "SHOW YERSELF! I'M ARMED!" The voice demanded to know. 

Before they could command their nerves to obey, they heard a scuttle of small feet and an inquisitive red haired boy poked his head in front of them. "Hello. Are you lost?"

"Erm.. yes, we are." Mulder lied.

"It's all right, Hagrid. They're just lost." Another boy appeared by the other boy's side and smiled. "My name is Harry and this is Ron."

As Scully paled further, Mulder began to relax. "My name is Mulder and this is my partner, Scully."

"Partner?" A determined, polite voice asked and the agents soon saw that it belonged to a little girl, with large round glasses. 

"Yes. We're agents in the FBI."

"I say, FBI? That's like the American Scotland Yard, isn't it? Wicked!" Ron gasped in amazement. Harry's eyes widened politely too.

The girl unfortunately, wasn't as easily impressed as the boys. "If you're FBI, then what are you doing here in the United Kingdom? And of all places, in the Enchanted Forest?"

"The what?" Mulder's face blanked.

"Hermione's got a point." Harry muttered.

"I dunno wha' ter FBI's all about. But yer certainly don' belong here. Muggles, are yer?" The previously booming voice lowered a notch and enabled the duo to turn to face him. Scully's jaw dropped. Mulder blinked, rubbed his eyes and blinked again. The giant in front of them impatiently growled again. "Well, are yer?"

"Hagrid. Don't scare them so." Harry pleaded on their behalf and walked around to face them. "I'm sorry, Hagrid's a bit jumpy since the Unicorn incident and all."

"Unicorn?" Mulder glanced at Scully with a grin. "Hear that Scully? There's a unicorn incident."

His partner gave him a sheepish smile and muttered. "This is not happening."

"All right, no sense gettin' in it here. Professor Dumbledore will fix this up good. Yer two muggles follow us closely now."

Mulder looked at Scully and pointed to himself. "Are we..." He began but she cut him off.

"Yes Mulder. He means us."

A moment of silent trudging passed before Mulder gave in to the curiosity. He asked Harry who was the nearest. "What's a Muggle?"

"It's people who aren't Wizards or Witches." He explained, rather apologetically.

"Oh." He turned to give Scully an amused look but the latter was too busy studying the ground in front of her. He frowned, not understanding her odd behaviour. Thoughtful, he looked up and caught Hermione's suspicious gaze. Impulsively he flashed her an impish smile, she immediately looked away. 

"She can be a pain sometimes." Ron suddenly confided beside him, obviously catching his little repartee with his female friend. "But all in all, she's all right."

"Sounds familiar." Mulder mumbled and jerked his head gently towards his partner.

Ron looked at his very quiet co-redhead. "She too, huh?" Then shaking his head, he sighed. "Women!"

Unfortunately, both women caught the derisive snort in his tone and glared at him. Wisely, the boy looked down and silently walked on. Mulder grinned. Although the boy still had a lot of learn about the other sex, he was learning fast.


"So you were chasing a suspect when he ran into picture theatre, is it?" When Mulder nodded, Professor Dumbledore continued. "And suddenly you fell and found yourselves in the enchanted forest."

"Yes." Mulder answered, feeling silly with the rather absurd story. He looked at his partner for some help. The latter however was still looking at the ground, or rather the thick rich carpet on the castle floor.

"Hmm..." The old Professor thought aloud. "This is certainly most perplexing."

"Well it is rather strange, I must admit. But if you can get us a phone, maybe we can get all this straightened out." Mulder suggested, giving up on Scully.

"A phone?" A Professor McGonagall, a women who certainly resembled a witch, said in a most shocked voice. "Mr Mulder, I assure you we do not have such apparatus in our dignified establishment..."

"Now now, Minerva. Their owls aren't as clever as ours. Although I hardly think ours would be able to make such a long journey. We could however enchant a letter across the Atlantic..."

By this time, Mulder was absolutely sure that both the professors were senile. "Excuse me, maybe you could just send us to your nearest police station. I'm sure they'll be able to help us there."

The two elders looked at him as if he was from Mars. Then they both asked with a hesitant mutter. "Po-lice?"

Mulder sighed. "Never mind." 

"Mr Mulder and Miss Scully..." Professor Dumbledore stopped for a moment and peered over his glasses at the silent agent. "Miss Scully, are you all right my dear? You haven't spoken a word since 'How do you do?'"

As Mulder nudged her gently, Scully lifted her head. "I'm fine, Professor Dumbledore." She mumbled and then shook her head slightly as if she said something wrong.

"Well I was about to say, it's too late today to send you anywhere. You shall stay here in Hogwarts for the night. And tomorrow we will decide what will become of the two of you."

Mulder frowned. Although not really liking it, it was evidently the best decision. Besides, there were so many amazing things to see in this castle that it didn't take him more than a couple of seconds to be content with the professor suggestion. He only hoped that when they walked out of Professor McGonagall's office, they'd bump into the Nearly Headless Nick again. That particular apparition was fascinating. 

"Shall we sort them?" Professor McGonagall asked her superior softly.

"Yes." The headmaster nodded. "Since they are staying the night, they ought to follow the rules of this school. That goes for the merit system too."

"Come along, Mr Mulder and Miss Scully. We are just about to have supper. We'll have you sorted into houses before we eat."

"What houses?" Mulder muttered, more to himself. "I thought we're staying in the castle?" 

Fortunately for him, his partner seemed to have recovered from her vow of silence and whispered. "They're going sort us into dormitories. We're probably be sleeping with the kids."

"So you're back with the living." Mulder chided softly, as they followed the lady professor through the maze of hallways. "What the hell happened to you back there? You were like a brick wall."

"I'm not sure if this is the living."

Her partner suddenly tugged a lock of her hair. "Ow!" She cried and mechanically smacked his arm hard. 

Flinching, Mulder rubbed his sore limb and muttered. "We're definitely alive."

She glared at him but it disappeared when a much fiercer scowl emanated towards their direction. "Mr Mulder, Miss Scully." Professor McGonagall clipped voice chilled the air. "Hogwarts is a school for young aspiring wizards and witches. As adults, I hope you will set good examples by acting like one."

Mulder and Scully exchanged glances. Thankfully they were saved the trouble of replying for Professor Dumbledore interrupted from behind them. "That will do, Minerva. I'm starving so let's hurry this along, shall we?"

Professor McGonagall conceded and picked up the pace. Mulder and Scully hurried to catch up. It became rather dizzying at one point when the staircases beneath them began to move. As Mulder gaped at the marvelous phenomenon, Scully seemed more worried about keeping up with the professor. They finally came to a giant hall. It was filled with boys and girls of various ages, shapes and sizes. They all wore long black cloaks and were seated in front of four longs tables. A silent hush filled the air when the four of them entered. No, make it three for Professor Dumbledore was suddenly nowhere to be seen. 

A loud clap was heard at the far end of the hall and all of a sudden a million lighted candles appeared above their heads, floating in mid air. Mulder's jaw dropped for the seventh time that day. Scully just prodded her partner to walk on. When they finally reached the front, they found Professor Dumbledore comfortably seated at behind a huge dining table, on a raised floor. There were several odd-looking men and women next to him. More professors, Mulder assumed.

The headmaster rose from his seat, cleared his throat and announced clearly. "This is a most unusual day for Hogwarts, we have guests. This is Mr Mulder and Miss Scully. They will be staying with for a night. Thus, a little sorting ceremony will now be carried out to determine their temporary accommodations. " He nodded Professor McGonagall. "The hat please."

Professor McGonagall motioned for Scully to step forward. When she did, the witch took to her side and whispered. "Just relax and let the hat do its work, Miss Scully." The latter nodded and sat on a stool on the raised platform. A torn and tattered hat appeared mysteriously in the professor's hand and she put it on Scully's head. 

"Gryffindor!" The hat suddenly squealed, making Mulder jump. He stared at the brown ugly thing. 'Did the hat just talk?' Then another amazing thing took him by surprise, Scully actually broke out in a triumphant smile. 'Now what the hell is she so happy about?' He wondered.

He wasn't given time to think about it, as Professor McGonagall signaled for him to step forward. Obeying, he sat on the stool and allowed the hat to be settled on his head. Almost instantly, he felt the material tighten round his head and the hat didn't squeal but screamed. "Muggle! Muggle! A breach in Hogwarts security! Muggle! Seize him!"

Mulder was now panicking as the hat clung to him like a giant leech on his scalp. Jumping to his feet, he tried to pull it off. But the hat held on for dear life, yelling louder. "I've got you, Muggle. Oh no, you are not getting away. I've got you."

Scully recovered from her shock and tried to help her partner, pulling at the worn out hat. Not succeeding, she turned to Professor McGonagall. "Do something!"

The latter nodded and took a quick step forward. "Mr Mulder, calm down. The sorting hat cannot harm you."

"Oh yeah? The bloody thing is cutting the blood supply from my brain!" Mulder growled, not too pleasantly.

"There is certainly no reason for vulgarity, Mr Mulder. Especially not in the presence of the children!"

Before Mulder could inform her that there he would do the term vulgarity justice if only his head didn't feel like a squeezed lemon, Scully wisely cut in. "Mulder, listen to her and relax. She'll get that thing off you if you do."

Mulder gave a final growl of disgust and did as he was told, sitting back on the stool. Professor McGonagall stepped closer and told the hat in a firm voice. "He is a guest, hat. Now let him go."

"But he's a Muggle!" The hat objected.

"Let him go, hat." She commanded again.

A couple of seconds ticked by but eventually the hat conceded. He added sulkily. "Fine but remember, this is your own doing."

"Put him in a house, hat." The hat remained silent but a glare from the professor soon changed its mind. "Very well, Gryffindor then. The red-haired witch will keep an eye on him."

A loud burst of clapping suddenly filled the large chamber. And as Mulder and Scully were shown to the Gryffindor table, they were welcomed with loud cheers from their housemates. "We've got a red-haired witch!" Some roared while others hollered. "We're got a Muggle!"

Ten minutes later, the agents were stuffing themselves with the wonderful food that magically appeared on their table. Ron, seated next to Scully passed her a paper bag full of sweets, whispering. "Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, it's for later. Just a little welcome present for being Gryffindors." 

Scully smiled at him warmly. "Thank you, Ron."

"You're welcome." He smiled and suddenly blushed. 

Catching the exchange, Mulder nudged his partner. "He's like eleven, Scully."

"Mulder, could you lift your head out of the gutter for at least a couple hours a day?"

"I do." He shot back. "It's just not one of those hours."

She rolled her eyes and returned to her honeyed lamb steak. 

"You're taking all this pretty well." He whispered again.

"Only because I'm starving."

"Not the rich fattening food. I meant the 'witch' thing. And I can't believe I'm the Muggle. If anyone should be one, it should be you."

Irritated and slightly offended that he should cast her into such a disgusting race of life, she thrust the Ron's gift onto Mulder's lap. He stopped eating and peeked into it. "What's this?"


Naively, Mulder took out a green one and popped it in his mouth. Two seconds later, he jumped off the bench and mumbled something about wanting to throw up. Scully grinned and thought. 'Must be the vomit one.'


They had arranged to meet secretly in the Gryffindor common room, after the children were all in bed. When she felt that everyone was asleep, Scully snuck out and found her partner looking out the tiny arch-like window. "Something interesting?"

"Oh yeah." He waved for her to join him. "Look at this." His large frame blocked most of the narrow window. But when she walked over, he allowed her in front and she lowered herself slightly so that he could see over her head.

"It's beautiful Mulder." She whispered wistfully, as a row of stars took turns to shoot across the dark sky.

"Uh huh. And look at that shimmering display of colourful lights at the edge of the moors. What is it?"

"I don't know."

"You don't?" 

She raised an eyebrow, recognizing the tone. "Why do you think I would?"

"Because you seem to know exactly what's going on in this world. Nothing surprised you at all, including the candy. What gives, Scully?"

Not really surprised that Mulder saw through her, she told him. "We're stuck in a Harry Potter movie."

"We're what?"

"Well it's not really the movie but the plot itself. The same characters, the same candy. Relax Mulder, this is probably one of my dreams. I'll wake up tomorrow and laugh about it over coffee."

"If this is your dream, why am I in it?"

She shrugged off his question. Then as a shower of glittering golden sparkles fell from the sky, she pointed at it in awe. "Oh look at that!"

Unfortunately, he was not to be swayed from the topic. Gently lowering his chin to rest on top of her head, he drawled. "Out of curiosity Scully, just how often do I accompany you in your dreams?"

She rolled her eyes and in reply to his question, suddenly slipped away from beneath him causing him to lose his balance. As he mumbled a soft curse, she squelched a grin and advised seriously. "Mulder, behave yourself. We're in the company of children."

He gave her a disgusted look. "Don't remind me." She knew he meant Professor McGonagall. "Spit it out Scully, when and with who? I can't believe you laughed at my face when I suggested watching the movie but watched it with someone else."

She sighed and admitted the truth. "I went with Matthew."

Mulder's jaw tightened a notch. "Who's Matthew?"

"My nephew, of course." She announced as if it was blatantly obvious and it was stupid of him to ask. "And I had to see it twice, to make up for the two birthdays that I missed. Not to mention I had to read the book almost every night for a week to get that kid to sleep."

Somewhat relieved that he was ditched by blood, he chuckled. "At least it's an upgrade from Babe." 


"So Gryffindor's good?"

"The best."

"And Harry Potter is the hero?"

"The most famous wizard in history."

"How does the rest of the plot go?"

"If I tell you, there's not much point in watching movie, is there?"

"You just don't want to tell me because you want me to eat another horrid tasting sweet." He whined and then sobered. "Shouldn't we should tell Professor Dumbledore that we're stuck in a movie?"

"I don't know if we should, Mulder. Don't you think he would be insulted that he's just a fictionous character in a children's book?"

He looked thoughtful. "If they're fictionous in our world, maybe we're the same in this world. Who knows, we're probably an American TV series called the X-files." 

She gave him an incredulous look. "Let's not be too hasty, okay? We don't have to tell Professor Dumbledore just yet."

"Or maybe you're enjoying this too much?" He grinned.

"Maybe." She admitted reluctantly. "Aren't you?"

"Well yeah, except being the Muggle part."

Before she could laugh, Professor McGonagall's shrill voice made them both jump. "Mr Mulder and Miss Scully! What on earth are you both doing outside of your dormitories? Fifty marks off Gryffindor, each!" 

While Mulder looked confused, Scully groaned.


The next morning, news spread fast about the hundred marks that Gryffindor lost because of their late night rendezvous. The result was a very gloomy breakfast for all. While Mulder and Scully endured scowls throughout the meal, the only friendly faces seemed to be Harry and Ron's. Hermione however was too busy reading a thick textbook of animal anatomy to bother about her toast.

"Great, we had to get Romeo and Juliet." Scully heard a Gryffindor mumble to another as they passed them. 

"I hear they McGonagall caught them necking." The other whispered back.

"No way!" The former hissed as they walked out of hearing range.

Rolling her eyes, Scully nudged her partner. "I think we should stay apart for the rest of the day, Mulder."

"Why, my Juliet?"

She shot him a glare but was interrupted when a loud squeal from a stout little boy took attention of the room. "Anyone saw my wishing star? I lost it! Well at least I can't remember where I put it."

Ron snorted and explained for the benefit of his new housemates. "That's Neville. He's hopeless at remembering anything."

"Harry, how many days does a Chilling Spell hold?" Hermione suddenly asked.

Harry looked bewildered. "How would I know?" As he offered to help read up the section for her, Mulder and Scully gave Ron the very same look.

Once again he enlightened them. "She's been working on a Do-It-Yourself spell for weeks now. But she's still a couple of ingredients short, liver of a frog and Muggle babies or something. Been driving us up the wall because of it." 

"It's Apollo babies, pea-brain." Hermione shot in.

Rolling his eyes, Ron continued. "When Roger's pet frog died of fright, one of rotten Malfoy's tricks; she put a chilling spell on it until she figured which is the liver. Hence the encyclopedia of frog parts." He gestured towards the book in her hand. Then he leaned closer, whispering. "But if you ask me, she's just stalling. Doesn't have the heart to cut up the frog, you see."

Mulder turned to give Scully an amused look. "Sounds like she sure could use some of your services, Miss Slice and Dice."

"Shut up Mulder."

"Don't you have to report for detention?" Harry suddenly asked them.

They glanced at their watches (which were reset the night before, following Hogwarts time) and hastily got up from their seats. The last thing they needed was to be late for their punishment and lose more points for Gryffindor.

"Remember, we meet at Hagrid's for lunch." Ron reminded as Harry led them away to Professor's McGonagall office.


"Where's Scully, Hagrid?" It was Mulder's first question when he saw him. 

The giant man looked at him for a moment, exchanged glances with Ron and back to Mulder again. "What d'yeh mean?"

"We're all supposed to meet here for lunch, aren't we?"

"I thought she went for a walk with yer. Said she was with someone."

Mulder's heart constricted. "She told you she was going for a walk with someone?"

"Hmm.." Hagrid looked thoughtful. "Come to think of it, heard hoofs sounds skulkin' about."

"Hoofs sounds?"

"Maybe it's Ronan, the Centaur." Ron suggested.

"Centaur?" Mulder was sounding more worried by the moment. "Is he friendly? Will he hurt her?"

Ron and Hagrid looked at each other but Mulder missed the mischief in their eyes. "Erm... it's rather difficult to tell with Centaurs." Hagrid finally muttered.

"What should we do?" Mulder demanded to know. "Hagrid, there must be something we can do!"

"Well... there is something." Giving Ron a quick wink, the big man motioned for Mulder to follow him.

When Hermione and Harry arrived at the hut a couple of minutes later, they found Ron alone, struggling through a bite of Hagrid's scones. "Where's everyone?" Harry asked.

"On a mission." Ron replied, glad that they were here to join his suffering.

"What mission?"

"Rescuing a damsel in distress." The former answered with a grin. And when he finished explained exactly what Hagrid was up to, they all laughed in delight.


They walked as quietly as they could. Unfortunately, Mulder's armour clanked at every step and wasn't really quiet at all. Hagrid however didn't complain, instead he looked irritatingly calm while Mulder's frown threatened to remain permanent feature on his face. The latter whispered. "Are we there yet?"

Hagrid gave him an annoyed look and Mulder shut up. He knew he was wearing the giant's patience thin by asking the same question every ten seconds but he couldn't help himself. The longer Scully was in the hands of the erratic Centaur, the more danger she could be in.

"There." Hagrid finally said. 

Mulder perked up, struggling to squeeze through a thick hedge with his stiff suit. "Where? Is she all right?"

"I say she looks fine ter me." 

He was right and Mulder breathed a sigh of relief. From their hiding place, he saw that Scully looked more that fine. She was sitting on a rock, holding a bunch of wild flowers and wistfully watching the Centaur strut about her. As Mulder strained his ears, he could make out the half-man-half-beast spouting poetry. "What the hell..."

"I reckon he's bewitched her." Hagrid muttered worriedly.


"Well, dun' she look it?"

Unsure of himself but too concerned of Scully to care, Mulder told him. "Wait here. I'm going in."

Suddenly coughing, Hagrid muttered. "Good luck."

Taking a deep breath, Mulder picked himself up and stood tall. He tried to remember all of Hagrid's instructions. He must be confident, show no fear and most of all, be firm. Placing his iron mask down, he took a step in front and roared. "You there!"

The Centaur was startled while Scully jumped to his feet. The beast studied the man in the armour and asked. "Who are you?" 

"It is none of your concern. Leave her be." Mulder snapped back.

The Centaur lifted his head high and stamped his left front hoof once. But before he could say anything, Scully cocked her head and took a step forward. "Mulder?"

"Scully, it's all right. You're safe now."

She looked stunned. "I am?"

"Yes." Mulder assured her and then confidently told the confused beast. "Now Centaur, leave before I hurt you."

Scully watched Ronan the Centaur's nostrils snort angrily. 'Uh oh.' She thought and quickly touched his hairy arm. "Ronan. It's all right. He's a friend of mine."

Ronan looked at her in surprise. "He is?"

Scully wondered what she could say to explain Mulder's ridiculous behavior especially when she found it unfathomable herself. Then she knew. Leaning closer, she tiptoed and whispered in his ear. "You have to excuse him, Ronan. He's just a Muggle."

"Oh." Ronan glanced at Mulder and then back at the beauty next to him. "Very well. I shall go then."

She thanked him with a grateful smile. "I had a wonderful time, Ronan."

The Centaur blushed slightly and smiled back. "I did too, Dana." Then he began to walk away, his large hoofs making a noisy trail as he did.

Meanwhile, Mulder wasn't really sure what just happened. All he knew was Scully was alive and that beast was gone. He let out a sigh of relief.

Scully however didn't seem as pleased as he was, she walked over with a large frown on her brow. "Mulder, what the hell were you doing?"

"Erm.. saving you."

"From what?"

"The Centaur. Hagrid said that Centaurs are terrified of knights..." He stopped abruptly when he heard muffled snorts of laughter beyond the bushes where he left the giant. 'Damn!' He thought as the chortles grew louder. He was hoodwinked. Playing practical jokes on Muggles must be a norm in this magical world. More embarrassed than angry, he muttered to her. "Never mind."

By then Scully's interest had gone on to greener pastures. Her gaze trailed up and down his iron suit and she was obviously trying very hard not to laugh. "Mulder, you're wearing an armour." 

Her partner frowned and snapped back. "I know and it's exactly what it looks like, **uncomfortable**. Now why did the centaur drag you off into the woods?" At first he thought she didn't hear his question as she stepped forward and rapped her knuckles against his shiny breast plate, then she circled round him and repeated the action on his polished rear. "Scully, cut it out!" 

As if to appease him, she proceeded to answer his previous question but still studying his outfit closely. "He didn't drag me anywhere. I went with him in my own free will."

He was absolutely incredulous. "You went with him? And he didn't enchant you or anything?"

Shaking her head, she elaborated. "He offered me a ride and I thought, why the hell not? I mean how often do you get to ride bareback on a centaur through an Enchanted Forest? He was really very sweet." 

By now, her line of vision was suspiciously on the metal bulge below his waist. Her wrist lowered as if to move towards the same direction and Mulder quickly protested. "Scully!" 

She looked up in surprise and innocently inquired. "What?"

"Wha... You... " He sighed, somehow unable to bring himself to ask if she was about to do what he thought she was about to do. Instead he decided to go back to the issue of the centaur. "You don't even know the guy... I mean the centaur. What if it turned out to be evil? It's not like you to go running off with a strange creature into a strange place."

She rolled her eyes. "Will you relax? Besides, I can do whatever I damn well please in my own fantasy."

It made perfect sense to him now. No wonder Scully went along on this escapade, to her this is all just a dream. "This is **not** a fantasy or a dream, it's real life."

"Real life doesn't have centaurs in them. Or wizards. Or witches. Or a ten year old boy named exactly after a children's fictional character."

"This is so typical of you, Scully. A world of wonders blatantly staring you in the face and you think it's your imagination." He snorted and shook his head in disbelief. "And you're supposed to be a witch!"

"Oh you're just jealous, Muggle." 

"Well at least I deserve that title. Just what have you ever done as a witch, Scully?" He shot back fiercely.

Her eyes flashed in anger and she suddenly pulled a nine-inch stick out of nowhere. "After I finished cleaning the sorting hat this morning, Professor Dumbledore loaned me this wand."

Mulder laughed and mocked. "And that automatically makes you a witch?" 

Giving him a sweet smile, she told him. "Let's find out, shall we?" Pointing the wand at him, she cried. "Petrificus Totalus!"

Almost instantly, Mulder felt his whole body stiffen. Without knowing what was actually happening, he fell sideways like a log of wood. Meanwhile, Scully stared at the very frozen Mulder and squealed. "It worked! Hah, take that you Muggle!"

'What the hell did she do to me?' Mulder wondered. He couldn't budge an inch. The only part he could move was his eyeballs and he watched in horror as Scully walked off. 'Surely, she wasn't going to leave me here?' 

Meanwhile, Hagrid came out from his hiding place. He cast Mulder a pitying glance and sighed. "For a knight, yer aren't really good with the ladies, are yer?"

Mulder wished he could scowl at him.


"I found it!" Neville exclaimed on top his voice and held up a tiny clear box in triumph. 

Harry who was nearby, peered at it and frowned. "But there's nothing in there, Neville."

Neville's grin vanished instantly and brought the box close to his face. "Oh no! The box was cracked, the star must have escaped!"

Scully blinked twice, trying hard to keep up with the magical nonsense around her. When she turned to give Mulder a frustrated look, the latter was unsympathetic. The gesture told her that he was mad at her. She sighed. It wasn't as if Mulder stayed long in full body-bind. Hagrid sent for Hermione almost immediately and the counter-spell was performed. But an hour of removing heavy armour would keep anyone in bad spirits all day. 

"Where did you find the box anyway?" Hermione asked, with a thoughtful raised eyebrow.

Neville rubbed his teary nose with his sleeve and moaned. "It was on the armchair nearest to the fireplace."

"Really? Hmm, I wonder..." 

"Gosh, I'm hungry!" Ron declared loudly. "Hagrid's scones look more filling than they are."

"Maybe because chewing them is enough to think that we had enough." Harry suggested.

"Of course, it all makes sense!" Hermione jumped towards them, startling them completely.

Ron gave her a bemused look. "Surely you weren't thinking about Hagrid's lunch all this while?"

"Noo!" She snapped in an exasperated tone. Pointing to the armchair where the Neville's box was found, she told them excitedly. "I was sitting in that chair, reading about The Gods of Greece yesterday."


To everyone's surprise, Mulder interrupted. "And you unknowingly used Neville's wish. And you think it's why Scully and I are here, don't you?"

"Yes." Hermione looked impressed that Mulder figured it out. The rest of the room didn't look too convinced though. "I was moaning about the spell and wishing I could get some help from someone. Suddenly, I felt something explode beneath me..." She shot Ron a warning look when he opened his mouth to suggest what it could be, the boy wisely shut up. "Wishing stars explode when you use them, right?"

Harry looked unsure but Ron nodded his head. "Yup, they do."

"So you used my wish." Neville muttered miserably. "It's was a gift from my granny for my birthday."

Hermione glanced at him and said kindly. "I didn't mean to Neville, honest. I'll get you another, I promise."

With that, Neville cheered up and Harry returned to the matter at hand, nodding his head at Mulder and Scully. "So what do we do about the them?"

Hermione exchanged looks with Ron. "We really can't do much. They have to solve the spell."

"We have to what?" Scully sputtered out, astonished. 

Ron explained. "If the wishing star sent you her to help Hermione, it means you can and you have to."

"And the moment we finish our task, we'll be sent home?" Mulder asked.

"That's the theory."

"But I think the first thing we should do is tell Professor Dumbledore." Harry suggested.


They waited in a distance as Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall listen to the trio's explanations. Meanwhile Scully mumbled to her partner. "Out of all the people in the world, why do you think the star picked us?"

"You're the witch, you tell me."

'Great!' She thought, he was still being a child. "Oh come on Mulder, I said I was sorry. Let's get this solved already so that we can go home."

He reminded her of her theory. "You mean **wake up**."

A scowl warned him to drop it. "What do I have that no one in Hogwarts have?"

"Boobs?" He suggested seriously.

She rolled her eyes. "Noooo. A degree in slicing, as you so eloquently put it. But what do you have?"

"Well with the froggy liver, the only thing that's missing from her potion are Apollo babies, whatever that is."

"Apollo babies..." Scully muttered under her breath. "Literally, it makes no sense..."

"How about figuratively? Apollo is the Greek Sun God."

"And babies?"

Mulder shrugged and suggested. "Children, offspring, litter, brood..."

A light bulb went off in her head. "Seeds."


"Sunflower seeds! That's what you have that no one else here has."

Mulder gaped for a moment and then drawled. "Okay, it's possible. But I'm not the only one in the whole wide world who eats them and you're not the only doctor."

"Maybe the star had to get both at one go. You know, one trip is better than two."

"Whatever." He laughed at her rare open mindedness. "You know, you're so much nicer to work with when you think you're in a dream."

She didn't know whether to be insulted or flattered. And as she decided, he realized he was in danger of being turned into a toad. Fortunately for him, Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall had finished with their discussion with the two boys and girl. "Mr Mulder, Miss Scully, I understand you were sent her on a particular assignment."

"Yes and we just figured out how."

"You did?" Hermione's eyes flashed in excitement. "You know what are Apollo babies?"

"We think we do." Scully grinned at her and held out the palm of her hand in front of her partner. "Mulder, mind sparing some of your seeds?"

"You want my seeds? Here?" The latter bit his inner lip in amusement and dug his pocket for some, gallantly declaring. "Sure. My seeds are your seeds, Scully." If she caught the innuendo, she ignored it. Professor McGonagall however looked as if she was about to faint. 

"Now all we need is your chilled frog."


Mulder frowned as he watched his partner say her goodbyes to a forlorn Centaur. "Professor?" He turned slightly to the Hogwarts headmaster beside him. "Just out of curiosity, do centaurs and witches ever intermarry?


"Really? And they have children?" 

The elder man nodded with a smile. "Beautiful children."

"But how do they.... um... you know."

"Hmm. Well it is rather tricky business..."

"Ahem!" Professor McGonagall protested with an incredulous glare. "There are **children** in our midst."

"Oh right." Professor Dumbledore grimaced. "Sorry Mr Mulder, another time perhaps."

Not understanding at all, Harry, Ron and Hermione just looked bewildered. "Must be a grown-up thing." Ron whispered to Harry.

Thankfully, the Centaur took his leave and Scully returned to the group. Professor McGonagall patted Hermione on her shoulder and gently asked. "Are you ready, my dear?"

"Yes, professor." Hermione nodded and took her place in front of her boiling pot. Before she began her spell, she smiled at Mulder and Scully. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Scully smiled back while Mulder winked at her. 

"Let them be off then, Hermione." Professor Dumbledore added.

The former tapped her wand at the edge of the pot and began the incantation to trigger the spell, which will in turn send the agents back to their world. As a cloud of heavy smoke whirled from the bubbling brew, Harry and Ron yelled their goodbyes. Mulder and Scully returned the wishes. But before they could be aware of anything else, everything went black.


'A-hah, busted!' Mulder thought happily when he entered the office without his partner's notice. Leaning against the doorway, he watched in amusement. 

Oblivious of his presence, Scully muttered at the dried rose petal on her table. "Wingardium Leviosa." It didn't move. She shifted the position of the ruler in her hand and whispered again. "Wingardium Leviosa."

Mulder grinned and thought of her explanation of the bizarre two-day adventure. 'Dream, my ass!' Not to mention, it was virtually impossible for both of them to have the same dream. He cleared his throat, absolutely startling his partner. "A little louder, Scully. Maybe it didn't hear you."

Scully blushed furiously, hastily putting away the ruler in the drawer with one hand and grabbing the petal off the table with another.

"Scully's just a Muggle." He teased in a sing-song manner.

"Oh get lost, Mulder." She snapped. This was undeniably her most embarrassing moment ever.

"Or else what?" He challenged. 

Knowing that he was still a little in awe of her since the body-bind spell she supposedly cast on him, she pretended to get up. Sure enough, he panicked. Hastily he started towards the door. "Okay okay, I'm going."

She resisted the urge to smile, yelling instead. "And close the door behind you." When he was gone, she replaced the rose petal on the table and retrieved the ruler, muttering. "Okay, one last time."

End of The Witch And The Muggle  

Had fun reading it? I had loads writing it.