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The Original MSR


Man Without A Face                     - MSR

What's in a face? In this story, Scully finds this out the hard way. Two years after his disappearance, a man appears claiming to be Mulder, with a catch; he just didn't have his face. Will she trust her heart or her sight? 


The Matchbox (Ext to 'MWAF')    - MSR, Margaret Scully's POV

An extension to Man Without a Face. It also serves as a prequel to the introduction of John Dole (Mulder) to Margaret Scully. 


The Dinner Guest                          - Margaret Scully's POV 

The Dinner Guest introduces John Dole (Mulder) to Margaret Scully as promised. 


A Nobody Is Hard To Find           - MSR 

The trio discover that being a family is not an easy thing to achieve. 


Time Out                                      - MSR 

Tells of the separate lives led by Scully and Dole (Mulder). It also introduces a major character in Will's life. 


The NeXt Generation of MSR


NEW!!! Check out MXFS's impression of how Will/Jason looks like! 


Redhead                                     - Will/Joyce friendship 

Begins the relationship between Will and Joyce. 


A Father Is Hard To Find            - Will/Joyce UST 

Begins the road to self discovery for Jason Alexander (Will). He learns of his father's lies. 


Visions                                        - MSR, Will/Joyce UST 

Doctor Jason Alexander (Will) meets Special Agent in Charge Dana Scully. He also discovers a new power.


Second Time Round                    - MSR, Will/Joyce UST 

Special Agent in Charge Dana Scully finds out who Doctor Jason Alexander (Will) really is to her.


Keeper                                        - MSR, Will/Joyce RST 

Joyce finds herself sucked cruelly into Jason's (Will's) nightmare. Meanwhile Jason thinks he's losing her too.


One Of Us                                   

Jason (Will) begins to discover who and what he is.


Revelations                                   - MSR, WJR 

Everything is revealed when Jason (Will) discovers his destiny.


Persuasion                                   - MSR, WJR      

Leaving Jason (Will) behind in Chicago, Scully chases after her own destiny, Mulder.


Rubbing Off                                   - MSR, WJR       

Just when everything seems to be going well, reality takes our foursome by surprise. 


Bird's Landing USA                        - MSR, WJR    

Once again Mulder and Scully fight the future. Only this time, they get a little help from everyone.


Absolution                                      - MSR, WJR    

After more than ten years, Skinner seeks absolution for his past. 


Guardian                                         - MSR, WJR    

Skinner reveals his biggest secret that will change Mulder's and Scully's life.


A Tale of Three Families                  - MSR, WJR     NEW!!!

The Alexanders juggle the truth and lies when the Scullys and the Callahans come together under one roof.