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This is no longer the official page, as TVBUGnow has it's own site! This page remains as a bit of history.

TV/BUG is dedicated to the enrichment of the commodore 8-bit user's experience.
The mainstay is the C64 and C128 computers manufactured by the Late Commodore Business Machines (CBM).
However, users of any commodore computer are welcome to attend and encouraged to participate.
Members of TV/BUG are users, programmers, beginners, intermediates, experts, hobbyists -- commodore computer users.
There are also Special Interest Groups for Amiga and PC users.

Treasure Valley/Boise User Group supports:

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TV/BUG is not for profit. Anyone can join! See details above under Dues.

You can Email: the webMaster @ noesis0@rmci.net

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