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Archaic Computer

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This page was updated: January 28, 2021

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January 2021
February 2021

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January 2021

Archaic Computer


Brian Crosthwaite

STARDATE:2020.09.27: Things are different.

The 22inch widescreen monitor project actually wasn't done (as seen on top of this page). After about 30 minutes of being on -- and this is after the new PS was installed -- it began to smoke again.

My PDA Frodo, still does not HotSync, so I made a clone of it. Sort of. I recently acquired three Palm devices, 2 700ws and a 700p for that project.

Well, after the apparent success with the HP22w widescreen monitor, I was ready to plan an install. I had fired up Gandalf (IBM ThinkPad R30) after hooking the HP up to it and was busy working away on something. I had left after a while then came back. The smell of flux was strong. I came into the shop and looked down in the top of the monitor -- all was well. But only for a moment. It started to smoke. Crap. Same place as before. I have not assessed damage, but am guessing the PS is not in good shape anymore. It was a single solitary resistor that burned up both times prior.

Apparently something else, other than the PS is the culprit. It's really a bummer, even when smoking, this monitor looks fantastic as far as it's display goes, the crisp clear color never faltered.

The PDA seems to work in every way, except syncing. I have not had success getting another computer running the FC software to either have HotSync on the computer or have it actually stay running. This is frustrating. It would appear that Dampier's IR does not work. This is I, believe the 2nd or 3rd mother board I have install in the laptop. It never occurred to me to check the IR since I've never had issues with IBMs and their IRs. Another "crap."

I am in the process of getting another Palm 700p setup as a clone of the original Frodo. So far, so good. I want to get a screen protector to put on before I commit to using the new PDA. The old one has scratches on screen where the Franklin Software check boxes and page turning areas are. You can really tell the old PDA has been used a lot.

I religiously put screen protectors on it for years and only the past two years or so didn't. I look at some of the OCD things I used to do all the time that was way and afar beneficial and see I have been remiss in the discipline of doing them. Like keeping the computers on the Solutions Bench safe and dry, and a simple screen protector for my PDA. These are just examples. I think it is more than exhaustion, and I have mentioned before it's probably depression -- something I have had to live with for a long time. I was more in control of my life than the depression was but perhaps fatigue from the forlorn helpless feeling one gets from raising RAD/FASC kids has taken it's toll.

I have to wonder now, why have I not continued taking my Amigas apart to remove the Vartas. There are easy solutions like soldiering wires in place that lead to an external battery pack -- I've even designed and planned this out and yet, have not carried this out. OK, I use the 1200 everyday and I hate down time, but I have not had good access time on any of the others. There is just too much at stake and yet here I am.

I seem to be awaiting the opportune moment.


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February 2021

Archaic Computer


Brian Crosthwaite

Click to see the receipt for my 1st commodore ever!


The year without a Halloween.

I can't image what it's going to be like.

Can you tell I'm a head on my writing?

I have never had a year in my life (since I started), that I hadn't gone Trick or Treating. Even as a young adult I went Trick or Treating. One year (I must have been in a play or something) I almost missed it. I was with two friends and we were walking to one of their houses in downtown Boise, when I said we have to hit at least one house. The guy who opened the door was out of candy, but gave us a beer -- close enough!

By the time this hits the electronic glow of the internet, Halloween will be long passed. So I shouldn't rant on it. But I can't help it. Covid19 fuckensucks.

Well, the day before yesterday, I finally cleaned out the fireplace and built a fire -- I didn't start it. I got up yesterday at about the normal time and started it then. The nights have become FAC, or really cold. It's nice to warm my bones by the fire.

This morning, I had to get up a little early to build the fire and it's goin' now.

I suppose there is a (new) romantic image of sitting by the fire writing. I parenthetically wrote "new" as this new image has a laptop involved. It is nice, but I will not be in the Studio writing on the Amiga 1200, with our kitty Isotope curled up on my lap. :/ That's a bummer. "Until next spring!"


The drone sits. The C128D sits. The Amigas all sit. Last project I started was the refurbishing of an old lamp. It is almost done.

This lamp is a very detailed fix. All it needs is the loop that holds the shade on replaced. Simple enough. But it isn't so easy. as the socket was so snug, I had to remove the base to get to the tube that everything screws into. The base itself is a bit complicated, but I made it through the whole process of taking it apart and getting the new loop on. I just need to put it all back together, or rather finish getting it back together.

Mean while we have entered the longest dry period we have ever had. It's gonna be about 9 months -- long story. So things in our schedule are changing. We have shut down sprouting barley as it is too cold, hoses are getting put away, firewood being stacked (we've already started morning fires as I've mentioned), no more hanging laundry in the morning and getting it down in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, I don't see any time opening up for things like Studio projects. Perhaps, it's time to move on after 23+ years.

My motivation around photography has waned a bit. It takes my attention from kids, if I take a camera on our hikes. I have little time to work on the photos after they get taken, so it becomes a bit futile.

I have future links on the the Archaic Archives, but have been thinking of putting them at a 25 year span and retiring the page at that point, but it seems with no time to commit right now, that perhaps now would be a better time.

It's obviously not for want of projects and subject matter, it is want and need of time to do the experimenting and research and practical experience of obtaining the subject mater. Sigh.

As of the 28th of October, yesterday (2020), I have been FTPing back and forth between VGer (DELL XPS 1340), Chernobyl (iMac), deBerry (IBM ThinkPad X41 Tablet), and Mythreal (Amiga ESCOM AG 1200). I moved "Mark of the Vampire" and "Vampire Over London" from VGer to Chernobyl for watching in the evening while planning my day. Kind of a slow way to watch a movie, but it is the Halloween Season and I lost my a.m. time in the Studio as we now have fires in the morning.

I am moving them over this morning to deBerry, in hopes to watch some of them in the a.m., by the fire.

I actually started out this morning with VGer, but it's keyboard lights were off -- the reason I got the laptop in the first place. I simply turned them back on via the keyboard shortcut, and the power popped off! W.T.F? Another DELL computer who's battery is useless.

I bought deBerry's battery two or more years ago and it is still a long lasting battery. I bought VGer's not more that 8 months ago and the last time I used it, I got 45 minutes out of it. I figure it was better than the 30 I got the time before. Before I was using WiFi and that last time I was using Bluetooth hooked up to the iPhone for iNet. I was under the impression after that, that perhaps turning off the WiFi radio used less power.

Now I have to wonder, is the battery not charging properly? I know on Lucutus (DELL Inspiron 9100) the battery lasted a whopping 10 minutes at best when I first got it. Now all it does is keep the battery compartment clean and provides a woofer (the woofer is inside the battery -- a SHIT idea).

I have four DELL computers, 3 laptops and a tower. I like them, but they all seem to have issues. :/


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