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This page was updated: July 3, 2022

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January 2022

Archaic Computer


Brian Crosthwaite


Happy New Year!

It is early December (last year to y'all) and I just closed out the 2021 AC file and updated the AC Template to be the 2022 AC file. Thus we begin anew...


VGer's screen goes blank. It appears to still work, as when when I hit the key to change the screen output to external monitor, it comes on for a moment if I press twice ot three times. It actes like a dirty switch. I know IBMs have a button that gets pressed to tell the computer, "the lid is closed, turn off the screen."

Not a great thing to have to deal with, but then I haven't been to a coffee shop in ages.

The latest build is an IBM ThinkPad R51, running AmigaOS 3.1. It's actually the KT Light version of Amiga Forever. It seems to run really nice. I have some access to the CD Drive. It doesn't see PCMCIA or USB stuff. :/ It can't use the WiFi, but it can use the 10-base-T. If I could get WiFi working it would be a totally Portable Amiga!


Doing a live edit here. Went to post the Jan 2022 posting and oppsie! It isn't done. Bummer, well next month we shall continue. Happy New Year!




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February 2022

Archaic Computer


Brian Crosthwaite


Omicron Rampage.

One of the commodore magazines of long ago published an Omega Race clone called Omicron. It was a better version than the original. It must have been Compute!'s Gazette as I seem to recall playing it on both C64 and VIC20. Although now that I think about it, I might have just played Omega Race on the 20.

An appropriate game for CoronaVirus Times.

I'm definitely ready for an end to this pandemic. I've had it and I'm an introvert.

Today I'm typing via the virtual kb as Isotope our kitty is on my lap and didn't like me typing. :)


I really don't care for winter. I never really have. You'd think I'd have more time at the keys and you'd be wrong. I have managed to integrate Area 51, the Amiga OS powered ThinkPad, into the studio.

What actually happened was Area 51 (a ThinkPad R51) got put on top of Zoule's (the C128D) monitor where Teach (the R50) used to go for setup and testing. My solution was to move the iMac back, square on the top of the stereo (where it's basically always been), move the monitor from behind to the side at 90 degrees, and plop Teach into the open space left from the shuffle.

I have yet to do anything on Teach since the move, it does need a PS, but it's basically ready to go. I had initially had Teach in this spot way back when.

Update: I've moved Teach into place. Unfortunately, there are some more obstacles, like Teach's PS cable being in the way of the Ethernet box. The Ethernet cable for Teach has yet to be plugged in (if I even have one now), as well as some other things need to move. Perhaps upward, so cables can easily fit under....


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March 2022

Archaic Computer


Brian Crosthwaite


Artist's Log: 2022:02:11: The inflatable mattress slowly let air seep away... It was so uncomfortable; like normal days, I arose to avoid/alleviate pain. I actually had planned to stay in bed longer. But as per, pain got me up.

I had decided at the last minute to leave Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) home. Bad choice. Now I am typing on an iPhone. In retrospect, I should have grabbed Area 51. It's OS is AmigaOS and that would have been great.

I can't complain, I lived in pain that either was, well painful or ghost pain. The latter being pain at a subconscious level.

So what?

I have been searching unsuccessfully for a tune I heard at band competition when I was in Jr. High. The South Jr High jazz band played it as well. I loved that tune. I think it had a one word title. Simone or something. It's not Simone or Indigo, apparently. Although it's totally possible it could yet have that title, I just haven't found it.

I get a word lost in my head and I think it starts with a certain letter. When I finally get the word, it never starts with that letter. Never.

So what is this song? Who composed it? Why is it so illusive?

Maybe I'll stumble over it one day...

Not having access to Teach (the R50 with the 500gig drive) because Area 51 (the R51 running AmigaOS) occupying the space Teach once sat in, and Blackbeard's (the R50p) monitor being blocked, has lead to a new setup.

I arranged things on top of the stereo so that rather than Chernobyl (the iMac) blocking the monitor, I placed the two (Chernobyl and the monitor) in an "L" configuration with the monitor slightly angled and in front of the edge of Chernobyl's screen -- the black part that really isn't screen. I've added an A/B box that handles both the USB (for keyboard and mouse) and VGA. I am awaiting a cable to hook Blackbeard into the configuration.

The monitor is different than the one that Chernobyl used to share with the CDTV, but it still does the job. So far the situation has been helpful as far as iMac access goes. Keep in mind the OS on the iMac is Kubuntu 18, there is no MacOS on it.

Hopefully, by next week we can see how things work with the R05p. Blackbeard's native resolution is 1600 * 1200 and this monitor falls short on resolution, but at present, it's better then nothing. Perhaps the monitor used for the SecCams could be swapped with this one. More "what if"s that may never be answered, who knows.

Mean while back at the ranch...

Well, ok. Our beloved Clairabelle is now posted on Craiglist. With 3 line-of-sight-special needs kids, milking has become really hard. I have to manage chores, basically juggling kids attentions so they do what's right. If they think they are not being watched they do stupid bad shit. There are other things having a milk cow entails, too numerous to get into here, but it takes a toll. When things go smoothly milking takes an hour and a half from start to finish. Sometimes it's fast, sometimes it takes longer. No homeschool gets done, I get worn out, it is no longer an option to spend this time this way. add all the other things into the mix and we decided to sell our cow. I love her milk and her cream -- her glorious cream. And I will miss her dearly. D:

I am Alchemist Coffee in Boise, typing this. I was suppose to bring Area 51 and be working in AmigaOS, but I forgot and packed deBerry and Darth Vader. :/ I have yet to get this month's posting done and decided to get away and work on it.

I do have VICE on this machine. Let's see.... Nope. If I click on a .d64 file it does not open via VICE64. My system does not have a check box in the select and app dialog to assign "always open with..." I guess if I weren't so lazy I'd implement it. Perhaps I will.

Ok, I did it. Now what?

In System Setup I went to


I added *.d64 and *.d81, then under

I added Commodore 64, Commodore 128 and Commodore VIC-20. I then hit Apply and was done. Now when I click on a commodore disk image, at least a D64 or a D81 file, VICE64 opens and it autoloads the first file on "disk."

I'm bummed I didn't bring Area 51.


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April 2022

Archaic Computer


Brian Crosthwaite

I seem to be out of opportunities here. I wanted to take this to the yurt, but we didn't go. Went to a cabin, but didn't dig it out. So there seams to be no other time to take this. It's a winter thing. Rather, a snowshoeing thing.

This Atari Portfolio still rocks the world of 2022. Simply, wow.


We are at Star Gaze Yurt. It is one of the highest of the Yurts local to this area. Not a long trail 1.25-1.5 mile, the steepest climb in, however. I brought my camera. And the Portfolio. The camera, with three lenses and the the portfolio all in the camera bag weigh a ton. I carried it the first half and Mia carried it the second half. It is too cumbersome to carry the bag snowshoeing, carrying packs, and pulling a sled.

I can barely see this screen so I am, in essence, typing blind. My espresso got cold while getting the fire going. I thought it was going, but then it went out. Those are facts, not complaints. This is 2cool.

The Atari Portfolio is a 16 Bit computer. It supposedly supports MS-DOS, but I'm not so sure. I have only run Portfolio specific things on it, namely Portfolio BASIC. I usually have a card with Portfolio BASIC on it and just save the PRGs to that card. However, Portfolio cards have batteries and this one had died, so I have not gotten Portfolio BASIC back on it since replacing the battery.

Well, I slept in and everyone is getting up.

Getting ready for bed now. Kitchen solar light is good enough to see the screen by, but might be too bright for sleeping family were I to use it in the morning.

I left Strider on so I wouldn't have to deal with a dead CMOS. The xfer cable is setup for communication and moving this file to the network and NC on the iNet.

Slowly re-figuring out my Portfolio. I love this thing!

STARDATE: 2022.03.26: Warm espresso. Too lazy to heat it up. Can't see my screen. LCD is not back lit. If it were, battery life most likely would be shorter.

I miss Atari. The ghost of Atari still lingers out there. My latest Atari was the Jaguar that lives in the Gameframe. The Gameframe is blocked by homeschool shelves. At first the homeschool shelves were easily pulled out and access to the Gameframe was there.

,0021A ,23_DC ,noisivociloC , wen ,yrttA dl .semag oediv yalp ot ylimaf eht rof ecalp a saw emarfemag ehT .laedro rojam a si gninepo os ,sttnibac dna sevlahs ynam dedda ev'ew sraey eht re

(solution, text reversed: er the years we've added many shalves and cabintts, so opening is a major ordeal. The gameframe was a place for the family to play video games. ld Attry, new , Colicovision, CD_32, A1200,) Strange line of text above. I wonder what it is and where it came from.

Anywho, I believe the Gameframe is doomed. As I'm not sure when the cabinets will move or change, since they house things that the last 4 kids use for homeshooling. When they are done, the cabinets can move. Will the kids still be here to play the games? Weird thing about kids, they grow up and move away.

:D .tuo evom dna pu worg yeht

(solution, reversed text: grow up and move out. D: ) More weird text.

I fear the worst for the Portfolio. It's one thing to have strange characters, like THe or tje, that's just my crappy typing. Those are typos, this is phantom text.

I can see the screen and it's not doing it now. Weird.

I want to start a programming project. My choice of languages are: BASIC, Java, and Javascript.

Javscript, is something I want to do more of, I have limited experience writing it. It's limited to more modern machines with a modern browser. Of course, I can just use deBerry.

I have a fair amount of Java experience, albeit the American Machine version (used for education) mostly.

BASIC has many advantages, my vast familiarity of it, and the fact that just about every machine here at Noesis Creation speaks it.

I can use deBerry for all three languages.

I'm not even sure of what I want to code. But I'm sure, once I'm at the keys it'll spring to life. The way AC does, as well as my Ghost Mystery Stories.

.detnaw os I fi ,agimA eht neve ,821C ro ,oiloftroP eht esu dluoc I .sretpmoc fo seciohc tsom eht em evog dluow CISAB .noitacude rof noisrev emit ni nezorf A .noisrev enihcaM naciremA eht ni yltsom ,tieblA .itni stol enod ydaerla ev'I f

(solution, reversed text: f I've already done lots inti. Albeit, mostly in the American Machine version. A frozen in time version for education. BASIC would gove me the most choices of compters. I could use the Portfolio, or C128, even the Amiga, if I so wanted. )

More RND text. Hm.

Back on deBerry, the RND text appears to happen when I type long paragraphs (word wrap must not be on). The RND text is not random, the text is what I typed, only backwards.

Reversed Text.

Now that's weird. It appears that long lines lead to a bazaar phenomena of reversed text being typed into the Portable's Editor.

The solution?

Cutting and pasting into an online Web Development page's app to handle text reversal (looks to be a really cool website):

Or in Linux (Kubuntu 18), ready to go:

rev test.txt > test2.txt

rev reads whatever and displays it backwards. In this case it reads test.txt and then sends it to test2.txt via >. That's right, the greater than carrot. There are variations to this command to write append to a file, and other options depending on what you want.

I may write more on this topic, but for now I'm moving on.


Ok, getting ready to move writing on to the MacBook. I have the Portfolio with me. Last time here (Alchemist Coffee), I tested the long paragraph text to see if the backwards stuff popped up. I was in text wrap mode and there was no backwards text. I'm actually writing to the Lexar JumpDrive. It has 256 Meg of storage on it. It's a drive I probably got back when I got the ThinkPad 770. I think that was the first USB machine that arrived here. I might not boot up the MacBook, as I still have battery here.

2001, 128DD, A2k.

If the Amiga 2000s were on top of the C128DD (or the C128DD on top) I could place the PET 2001 in the 2000 spot. I'd also like to set up the SuperPET 9000. I also want to clear the stuff from the floor in front of the Atari Mega STe, to get access to the Yamaha and the STe. I want to clear the shit.

The biggest problem was described to a tee in a book I am reading. If you have too much, you can't enjoy what the want. Meaning you can't find it.

There are way too many "I'll get back to this later" piles in my life. I need to access the stuff I want to access. I purged the barn. And I've started purging the shop. I also need to purge the studio.

Perhaps a spread sheet to weigh the options is in order.

I'm booting DarthVader...

I wish things worked better on DarthVader. The right click on the pad sucks. The Airport is garbage.

I'm only at 31% on deBerry. But I'm moving over just for fun. Cus I can.

I'm over on the MacBook. Powering down deBerry. So what stays and what goes? I have a new music keyboard that I'm dying to use. It's a Music Port and uses the Port software that I have finally found! I have yet to get it up and going.

It would be nice to get access to the all the sound equipment and get back into it. I miss music. I need it.


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May 2022

Archaic Computer


Brian Crosthwaite


May the 4th be with you!

I am currently at what used to be Awakenings, Alchemist Coffee. I have been contemplating the Studio. I have a lot of things I'd like to do, but I really need to set a vision, prioritize and make a plan. That's it. Oh, and execute the plan.

This computer is acting flaky. :/ Perhaps I'm touching the touch pad. I haven't really had any problems with it before. But this poor machine has had a hard life. Fr. Hugh owned it new. Then Mia inherited it. Antony used it and Natasha used it, then Octavia kinda inherited it. It finally landed here at Noesis Creation. With issues.

Still a waycool machine.

Well, time to shut down and mosey on homeward...


We are in Idaho City, actually just eastish out past it aways. I say "ish" as it's sorta east. Any who.

More microwave countdown fun:

44-16=28  28-2=26  26/2=13+1=14 

44,43  14 and
42,41  13 and
40,39  12 and
38,37  11 and
36,35  10 and
34,33   9 and
32,31   8 and
30,29   7 and
28,27   6 and
26,25   5 and
24,23   4 and
22,21   3 and
20,19   2 and
18,17   1 and 
16      0/stop

I actually do not do this. I just wait till it's near 16 then watch it and stop it if it boils or hits 16. (When microwaving espresso. I currently do not have access to AC and therefore am not microwaving anything at present.)

Why am I microwaving espresso? While my espresso maker makes one of the best dopios around, it doesn't quite cook it. So I microwave to finish it.

And you may well know, the best commodore experiences happen with an espresso, in a dark room, early in the morning.

Dang. Just launched VICE 64 on this machine and it did that thing where you see it booting, there's a place open on the task bar, system is loading things up then it vanishes like I didn't do anything.


Back home on deBerry once more.

More silly useless code! Microwave Count Down II! for commodore 64, or what ever you want to key it in on. ;D

10 FOR I=44 TO 0 STEP -1
12 TH$=RIGHT$(TI$,2)
14 IF TH$=RIGHT$(TI$,2) THEN 14
20 IF INT(I/2)*2=I THEN MD$=STR$(I):C$=STR$(((I-18)/2)+1)
30 IF LEN(MD$)=2 THEN MD$=" "+MD$
34 IF LEN(C$)=2 THEN C$=" "+C$


The Motorola 68000 Era.

There was a time, the gilded age of microcomputing, when the The Motorola 68000 ruled. We had the Commodore Amiga, the Atari ST and the Apple Macintosh.

This, from, gives a good explanation as to the ST part of the Atari ST name as well as the description of the architecture itself:

"The Motorola 68000 is sometimes called 16-bit because of the way it handled basic mathematics. The instruction set was based on 32-bit numbers and the internal registers were 32 bits wide, so by common definitions, the 68000 is a 32-bit design. Internally, basic 32-bit arithmetic is performed using two 16-bit operations, and this leads to some descriptions of the system as 16-bit, or "16/32"."

My first exposure to this processor was through the Atari ST. I had come across two systems, an Atari 520ST and an Atari 1040ST, at the Idaho Youth Ranch.

They had the lot poised for sale, as in everything; a color monitor, a black and white monitor, a monitor master, two or three floppy drives, a bunch of software, mice -- it was basically two complete systems. I'm not sure I really appreciated what it was. This was a major haul. In fact, it was after this acquisition that I sought out, found, and joined the Atari Boise User Group (ABUG).

I slowly started figuring out that it really was a bargain when I was telling the members about the purchase. The price was $35, an amount I thought might have been a bit steep. But if you know any history and what ST equipment cost in 1993, you may know, it was indeed an amazing bargain.

Everyone at the meeting groaned, citing the exorbitant amounts of money they had spent on bits and pieces of their systems over time. I acquired two really nice, full systems in less than a day.

I was content with the ST. They are and have always been kinda strange to me. Having been used to GEOS on the commodore 128, I found it's OS a bit limiting, if not somehow primitive. It seemed like it should have more options. Do more. But that strangeness, I found intriguing.

I had a commodore MPS1250 printer setup with a set of fiberoptic lines to do scanning. That was just two cool! I came across a hand scanner for it. I used the 520 the most. And many of the scans I'd done probably up until we moved to the Amber house in 1998-99 were done on it with the fiberoptic. It actually did an amazing job.

I did have a CDTV shortly after joining ABUG. I hadn't really put it together that it was actually an Amiga. I eventually figured it out, as it was obvious. A friend of mine who knew I was into old computers said a friend of his had an Amiga he wanted to send me. We got in touch with each other and he sent me everything, except the monitor (he was concerned, with reason, about shipping it).

That system was an Amiga 1200, that came with a slew of software, mouse, the Miracle Music keyboard and software. I was set.

A friend of mine's roommate had, back in the early days of Macintosh, an all- in- one. I can recall his take on it.

It was gonna revolutionize the publishing industry with the ability to do WYSIWYG word processing, placing the pixel any where you want... that time, the fonts, while there were many, were big pixels, and he recognized that -- he said it's coming though. And he was right.

A couple of years after that guy's rave, I had worked at a print shop and desktop publishing was gonna be the new wave. And it happened.

I first came across the Macintosh when a friend from ABUG told me about the school actions. You go to the district office and request info and they give you a list of stuff they got. He said they have lots of commodore stuff.

So I went. Mia and I poured over the list. I found an SX-64, and a 1541 floppy drive. Mia found a printer. The problem was, in order to get the one thing or things you had to bid on a pallet. Turns out you take the whole pallet home with you. Which was sort cool, but I think we wound up with three pallets! They had gobs of computers on them. It was then that The Great Crosthwaite Mountain of Computers was born.

Fortunately, I was on eBay about that time. But there were so many things on those pallets that I just donated shittons of items to the Youth Ranch.

It was on those pallets that I cam cross the Mac. 2 SEs, 1 Classic, and 1 512 (the third Mac ever released?). I can recall detailing the Classic.

Now these computers had been wrapped in shrink wrap to hold them on the pallets and the pallets eventually were in the way, so they were removed from the warehouse and placed on the road between warehouses. The plastic eventually started falling off and the rain and splashes of sandy water from the dirt road go onto the things on the pallet. They had been outside like that for over a year.

The computers were in not so clean shape. However, they cleaned up, and as I recall, everything was still fully functional.

The classic intrigued me. All the Macintoshes I had acquired from these pallets were all- in- ones. None were really, they just had floppy, monitor and cpu in a single case, with a separate keyboard and mouse. All though we all now all- in- ones have monitor, drive, cpu, and keyboard build in (TRS-80 Model III, commodore PET 2001) ;)

Any hoot. I had mode a magical mixture of Formula 409, rubbing alcohol, distilled water and hydrogen peroxide. This mixture was fantastic for PC board and just about all else on a computer clean up. I'll have to look back, not sure if H2O2 was the fourth ingredient. This solution was instrumental in the refurbishing of the Classic.

I used a 18*14 inch photo tray to bathe and soak the the PCB in. I did careful detailing of every millimeter of the unit. Kb and mouse included. I don't recall the drying method, however. Upon completion, I asked the kids if I should fire it up. My kids, who had a friend over, said "YES!" as if I had asked them if they wanted cake. Their friend Lestlie, who was 6, I think, very timidly came up to me and asked me not to set the computer on fire.

I suppose mixing auto tech terminology and IT terminology isn't always a good idea.

That computer works like a champ. It looks like it's brand new, and it was one of the dirtiest machines on the pallet.

About this time, we went from having a Leading Edge Model D 486 (NC, at the time, also had a Leading Edge Model D that was an 8088) that we used to access the internet via AOL. Mia needed a computer to do work on and we said sianara to the L.E.M.D. and hello to a Mac 7100. This machine had the ability to run Mac OS7 and Windows. It had the Motorola as well as a daughter board with the Intel chips needed to run windows. Mia didn't want the hardware in the machine for windows so, I pulled it. It must have been around this time or shortly after we got iNet through Compu$erve.

I primarily used the C128D to access the iNet, but must have gotten onto Rocky Mountain Communications iNet via the Macintosh about this time, and I was eBaying full swing. I had back surgery, then we moved.

I was hopping to get the SE going to access the internet. I was doing eMail via ACPU, a local BBS, on the either the C128D or Amiga 2000. Not sure which, possibly both. RMC had two install disks one for Windows and One for Mac, so it seemed the SE would be the way to go.

My main access became the iMac (a new Macintosh that Apple had recently launched). I had to get up early since I couldn't do iNet at any other time, which was a bummer because I was still selling the Crosthwaite Mountain.

That's about the time, Trudy said we gotta get you set up. This is the info/story as I remember it. This person had bought a brand new Amiga Escom AG 1200. Put an 060 accelerator in it with, unfortunately, the wrong memory stick. It worked just fine, but had like 56 megs of memory. This person, had to move, Military maybe? and didn't have time to figure it out.

So she sold the system and IBrowse. It was the door opening to a new era.

This was the 16/32 that changed everything here at Noesis Creation.

Perhaps I should point out at this point, that I've probably opened up everyone of these machines and, while I don't recall what the Apples had in them, neither the Amiga, nor the ST, nor any other Amigas and STs I have access to, have Motorola brand CPUs. They are all the Hitachi flavor.

Once the Amiga 1200, hit the iNformation Super Highway, things took off!

The CDTV and commodore 128D were the two computers mostly responsible for the website up to this point. The PX-8 was also a major player. Most of the articles were probably written on those three machines.

Of course, over the years, other machines have popped in, IBM laptops running commodore or Amiga emulators, the Atari Portfolio, to name a few.

I recall the Software sections at Software Etc. It was full of commodore 64, Atari ST, Apple II, MS-DOS, Amiga, and Macintosh software. The selection was balanced between the machines. As time passed, there came to be fewer and fewer Apple II titles. There were still lots of those Treo Packs (from Heartware) that had Apple II, commodore 64 and MS-DOS versions in one package. Those remained for years after the Apple II area totally vanished.

As the PC and Mac areas grew, the Amiga and ST stuff slowly dwindled. The ST vanished from the shelves, and eventually the Amiga as well. Then came the day there were no commodore titles, the table with the Treos dwindled and eventually was gone.

All that was left was a store full of PC software with a small shelf of Mac stuff. This was a time that most people speculated that the Mac would soon die.

Well, Mac evolved. We had the G3 and G4 phases, a step into the realm of G5, then a side step to Intel, after all the Mac is a "black box" computer.

By this point, the age of the 16/32 was over.


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June 2022

Archaic Computer


Brian Crosthwaite

(Just plopping this here while in Hilo, HI) STARDATE:2022.04.25:

I am now starting a new file in ed. I plan to try to use IBrowse's view source editor to write in...

Ok, I've opened IBrowse, opened the local file that is this text file and now am about to save to update.

Ok, I just saved it and exited the editor and refreshed the file and the new text is here!

This gives me a nice environment as far as wrapping text and cursoring past the end of the line. I love it!

I have no WiFi on this machine, which seriously limits it's in field usefulness. I can't xfer via the Ethernet connection and I don't have firewire on deBerry. :/ Major bummer. I have a buttload of stuff from Mythreal that I need to get on this machine.

SimpleFTP does not function on this machine at present.

Another big problem with this machine, no battery monitor. The light is green -- then bammers it shuts off! Sargent Major Bummer.

Well, the night is cooling off, it was a wonderful 70 some odd degrees. I have been clearing off CHARLETTE (spelled with an E), the SDCard on deBerry. I have been doing lots of FTP stuff to move files around. I normally have deBerry on both the studio's 10-base T connection and the WiFi network set up specifically for NC. Mythreal is on WiFi and Area 51 is on the Ethernet. deBerry can access both networks so I can move stuff from Mythreal to deBerry then to Area 51 via deBerry. Kinda cool, but also kind of a pain, as I have no way to FTP a folder full of files on Area 51, so moving 40 Megs of Amiga files is a real pain.

This is why we have computers -- so they will do the work! Well, ok the real reason I have computers is to have computers, having grown up in the shadows of the Golden Age of SciFi.

I hit the E button that traditionally opens Ed from IBrowse, and it appears that TurboText may have opened up, so the system may crash...

Wow! It didn't! That probably doesn't mean anything, but who knows...

So I am now in this mysterious editor. Perhaps it's something else. I'm not sure. The menu's are familiar, so it must by TT. I'm a bit apprehensive...


I'm in pEditor. This is an editor I used on the AIAB systems so long ago.

It Crashed often and was, unfortunately unreliable. It seems much more stable on this system. Albeit, not installed. At least not formally. I have copied lot's of Mythreal's SYS: to this system on the Work: partition in a folder called /AmigaOS/.

I don't plan to simply plop all the files into the appropriate folders, at least, at the moment, that is not the plan.

I'm on Area 51 at the local coffee shop. It's not the closest, but they have good drinks and WiFi. I don't have WiFi functioning on this system however, which seems like a total waste of great tech.

I have been messing around with the Menu Bar thingie. I've managed to remove the clown pic, but not yet replaced it successfully with pEditor.

I don't see what is keeping it from being added. :/

It has been a hard day.

Massive thunder storms and Isotope (our kitty, didn't you read the index page?) cuddling, cos "it scary!"

I might try putting the pEditor located in the C dir in AmigaOS in C:....

Score! I hacked it!


I now have, at the right hand corner, on the Dock (one of the most over programmed, more complicated than necessary PRG in the history of Amiga, second only to MiamiDX), the launcher button to launch pEditor.

I hooked it up to launch the AmigaOS/C one, so I have all the icons for the tool bar menu.

I found Dock somewhere in the System: partition. It needed all the other stuff I already configured, to configure Dock. :/

Ok, here is the bird's eye low down:

In ToolManager (the very same PRG I used to set everything up, thinking I was actually setting up the dock, is an Object Type: Dock. They named it AmigaForever (appropriate) and that is what I finally edited. Can't believe I missed it, but like I said, it's been a hard day.

Well, I have the laptop I've always wanted to configure myself, that runs UAE over Linux and Boots straight up as an Amiga.

I wonder why the modest 020, when I'm sure this puppy is up to a nice 060 emulation. I run that on a PIII (Strider) and that's on top of Windows 98SE! Talk about your overhead!

= = = = =

It is now Cinco de Mayo. 2022. I'm on Darth Vader. I've changed the desktop theme. The battery logo thingie was just a useless picture of a battery. You had to click on it, then wait while it loaded, to see battery state. Kinda stupid.


Been working on getting Area 51 with a custom boot image. Grub comes up with Area 51 IBM Amiga 020, rather than KX Light. Then the AF logo loads and the system starts booting. About halfway through the boot, the image changes to a custom version of the Amiga insert disk screen.

<> Lastly, it loads X11's screen with the Amiga Boing Ball demo shot. This screen flashes momentarily on the screen right before the workbench is displayed.

You can see it after opening PPAINT, visible as the background.

Too Cool!

===================8===8===========8 .88 O@OOOOOO============8==================
===================8===8========888888  .8 8OOOOOOOO=========8==================
===================8===8====== 8   .8  .888 .8OOOOOOO========8==================
===================8===8=====88   .8888 888  888OOOOOO=======8==================
===================8===8==== .8   88888   .8 .88.OOOOOO======8==================
===================8===8===  8888 8888    .888 8 OOOOOOO=====8==================
===================8===8=== .8888    8    8888   8OOOOOO=====8==================
===================8===8==  8888    .888 .8888   8 OOOOOO====8==================
===================8===8==888888    .88888  88   88OOOOOO====8==================
===================8===8= 88   8    888888    88 88 OOOOOO===8==================
===================8===8= 88  .8888.88888     8888 8OOOOOO===8==================
===================8===8=88   .8888    88    .888   OOOOO====8==================
===================8===8= 8   .8888     .8   .888  8OOOOO====8==================
============88888888888888 88888888    .88888 888  8@@@@@888888888888===========
===================8===8== .88    8    .88888      OOOOOO====8==================
===================8===8==8 88    888  .8888    .88OOOOOO====8==================
===================8===8=== 888   88888 8888    88 OOOOO=====8==================
============888888888888888 8 8   88888    8   .88@@@@@@8888888888888===========
===================8===8====   8888888    .888888OOOOOO======8==================
===================8===8=====8 .88   8   .8888  .OOOOO=======8==================
===================8===8======8 88  .888.888   OOOOOO========8==================
===================8===8========88  8888     8OOOOO==========8==================
===================8===8==========8      88OOOOOO============8==================
That's the Boing in ASCII. ;)


Been doing lots with the emulated Amiga system. One of the hacks I hope to pull off is getting WiFi up and running.

WiFi really helps with accessing resources, such as Aminet and NC. It would be great to do live edits with a portable Amiga.

One of the mind blowers in the emulation is having what looks, sounds, and feels like an Amiga with stunning hires: Picasso 96. Even on my oldest emulator system, Picasso 96 is present and supports some amazing stuff, transparent menus and the like.

Another thing I need to figure out is how to boot from an image floppy. On my other UAE and e-UAE systems, I can just go to the parent OS's prefes box and pop the disk in, so to speak, and reboot and it'll boot from that floppy. EmuControl seems to only have one button that actually functions and that's Hard Reset.

The next thing I'm gonna try is type the painful path of the floppy image into the EmuControl PRG and hit reset to see what happens.


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July 2022

Archaic Computer


Brian Crosthwaite


Amiga Madness!

I've gotten FS-UAE running on DarthVader, deBerry, and Chernobyl!

I've been tweaking Area 51. It's GRUB entry is:

Area 51  IBM Amiga 020
After which, it appears to boot as normal. Then half way through the boot sequence the image on screen changes to:

Click on it to see it!

Then, right before the Workbench appears, this image comes up momentarily:

Click on it to see it!

I've done some ASSIGNs, such as getting the writing folder setup as a Volume.

I tried to grab a screen using

Personal Paint

, but it doesn't work. Picasso, perhaps?


Back on other computers.

I finally got CHARLETTE migrated to the new SD Card: CHARLOTTE. The new card, has a new name (NOTE the E that is now an O), and has everything the old card(s) had, but in a 64 GIG space.

Been trying to get AmigaOS on a USB card - a SanDisc FIT 64Gig USB drive. I can boot the OS, but when it starts to run actual programs, it reports the System volume as write protected. So what. The CD is Write Protected. It boots well. :/

In regards to an impending event: It looks like I will be on the iPhone- only for a couple of weeks this June. I'll have to post more after I'm not in that mode. I might consider the Portfolio.... More as the story develops.


Well, Hawaii was a bust (that impending event). We realized we really were not on vacation. We have three special needs kids that should not have come with us. We did manage to see some things and do some things, but we will never take them on a "vacation" again, as that would not really be a vacation.

I did manage to bring the X41, however I didn't accomplish much with it. I checked the weather in Hilo and Kona. And mostly tried in vein to unwrite protect the 64 Gig SanDisk Fit. Some how, somewhere it got a write protected "flag" -- not sure what to call it -- and it appears to now be useless. Crap.

The Fit, fits nicely in the USB port on the right of the Tablet and only pokes out a little bit, hardly noticeable.


Moriarty is a temp name given to a MacBook, as I needed a name to give the computer when installing a new OS. This is a 2008 version that has a lighted keyboard. It came with a 230Gig HD and a battery that charges to about 79% and lasts around an hour and a half. I did a battery test this morning by removing the charge and doing things, including playing several songs on MIXX. I really love the lighted keyboard and nice bright screen. I think it does need a different name since I have already named a computer Moriarty. At least I think I have. I'll have to get on the C128D and look at the spreadsheets.


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