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Freestyle Feng Shui Experiments

» Double My Website Hits Manifestation Attempt, December 16 2004

Tokyo Architecture


The beautiful serene blue Toyota Amlux Showroom at Ikebukuro, near Sunshine Tower
Toyota Amlux Showroom -- Ikebukuro Shinagawa Port City
Shinagawa Port City
Night View from Roppongi Hills Tower
Night View from Roppongi Hills Tower Typical Japanese suburban architecture
Apartment block, Kameido Ueno, DownTown Tokyo
Ueno, DownTown Tokyo
Shinjuku street near Kabukicho
Shinjuku street aesthetics Disney Castle, Maihama
Disney Castle, Maihama Tokyo Tower, as seen from Roppongi Hills Tower
Tokyo Tower Viral Tubes, near Landmark Tower, Yokohama
Viral Tubes, Yokohama Yokohama View With Baseball Stadium
Yokohama View


The 70s Never Died, It Just Smells That Way
The 70s Never Died, It Just Smells That Way Terrorism in the 00s -- EgyptAir
EgyptAir America disintegrates in the sands of the Middle East -- Israel with it!

UNCLONED FENG SHUI -- freestyle feng shui

BY NOW EVERY MAN AND HIS DOG HAS HEARD ABOUT CHINESE FENG SHUI, and every fool knows that cactus plants bombard a house with bad energy, and thus should be avoided despite their cool appearance. There is a lot of information on the Net now about Feng Shui, instructions on how to find your wealth corner and other G-Spots. I consider much of this stuff pretty inane. On this site I want to do something a little different. Cactus plants in your living room is not necessarily bad Feng Shui, because, from my point of view, Feng Shui is what you make it. The same can be said for bathrooms in the Wealth Corner of your house. Forget the reductionist, childish, unimaginative admonitions that litter other Feng Shui websites -- warnings that bathrooms are suckholes via which all your Chi and wealth and happiness drain out of your life. I mean, you have to have a bathroom, and whatever part of the house it is in, it is going to cause damage, according to traditional Feng Shui theory. But, in my opinion, there is a way around that. Bathrooms can symbolize anything you want them to symbolize -- this is your trip, your life, after all, and you are free to make the rules. This site is an attempt to pioneer a new kind of Feng Shui, a dynamic, choose-your-own-adventure kind of Feng Shui. I choose to call it Freestyle Feng Shui -- a Feng Shui for the streets, for creating your life on the fly, according to your own rule book and imagination. Imagine if life was like a lucid dream. You could fly if you only trusted yourself to let go of the established rules of reality, and make your own reality, moment by moment, using the hidden forces of the Universe. Let me introduce you to Uncloned Feng Shui -- a higher kind of magic! In the process I will show you how you can use deceased animal spirits and Nature Deities to enhance your life, top techniques for instant wealth creation, and encourage you to develop your own Feng Shui strategies. As fanciful as the following information may appear, I try as hard as possible to adopt a scientific approach to this magical method. I don't know why it works, exactly, but I know it does work, to an uncanny degree of accuracy. Several times a week I conduct experiments to validate my magic methods and to explore new fields and basically push the envelope a little. At the top of this page on the left-hand corner you can see a list of experiments and their outcome, starting in late 2004.

IF you experience a negative event or say have an argument or fight with someone, that event can leave behind energy -- or rather in Feng Shui terms, it acts as a brake which prevents new energy from flowing. In a way, this makes sense to me. What makes us lose our cool or throw a tantrum? -- is it because life (Energy) has started flowing in an unexpected or unwanted direction, away from a state we were enjoying or anticipating, into something new. And in our anger that things suddenly aren't going the way we want them to go, we try to stop the movement of Life -- by challenging Life, or challenging the people around us. That is the basis of many arguments, I believe. And perhaps sometimes our arguments and temper tantrums do stop the Chi of Life from flowing, and things ground to a halt, our Higher Destiny postponed. The physical wreckage left behind by an argument or temper tantrum symbolises this energy blockage, and like a dam wall, Chi energy will build up behind it. Thus, even a small act of "breaching" this blockage will result in a tremendous outpouring of new Chi energy. The Destiny frozen for so long will suddenly burst force, at first amazingly powerful, as Life begins to move forward again.

THE POWER OF WRITING -- unlocking chi energy stored in written words

IT is a well-known scientific fact that energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. This applies to emotional energy as well, and to destiny energy -- the energy which seems to push us in a particular direction during particular phases of our lives. Since emotional energy cannot be destroyed, I believe it must be either stored in the body of the person expressing that emotion at any given time, or imprinted in some way on to external objects or things. Probably a combination of the two. So, the clothes of a habitually anxious person will store within them an anxious type of energy, an aura of anxiety. One powerful way in which emotional energy can be transformed is through the act of writing. I believe that by keeping a diary or writing accounts of emotional or exciting experiences, we are transfering some of our Chi power on to the page. This energy can be recouped at a later time, perhaps by discarding or burning the page. Thus, the river of Chi which had been blocked by the act of "writing down" an experience can be unblocked, leading to a literal flood of fresh creativity.

It is well known that writing helps people suffering from depression or traumatic life experiences. For example, studies by psychologists James Pennebaker, PhD, of the University of Texas at Austin, and Joshua Smyth, PhD, of Syracuse University, suggest that writing about emotions and stress can boost immune functioning in patients with such illnesses as HIV/AIDS, asthma and arthritis. Writing about negative experiences seems to help, I know that for a fact, and I posit that on one level, some of the negative energy of the event is transformed into ink-marks on a page, and thus imprinted on to the paper. It remains there stored, but if you hold on to the page, if you still keep it in your diary or in your bedroom drawers, it remains in energetic orbit around you. The negative energy is a bit removed from you, but still part of you. I propose the ultimate way to release the negative energy forever is to dispose of that old diary, that old love letter, that old email -- burn it or delete it or throw it away! Then the energy truly moves on, and new Chi can come in to replace it!

PAPER BURNING MAGIC -- a new discovery

DO YOU BELIEVE IT IS POSSIBLE TO INFLUENCE YOUR LIFE AND YOUR SURROUNDINGS, just by the power of magic? I have found lately that if I find an old diary in which there is a page describing an erotic liaison with someone, and then I tear out the page and burn it on a makeshift altar, suddenly, within a couple of days, I will have a new erotic liaison similar to the one in the diary. I have tried this plenty of times now and it works pretty much all of the time. Strange, hey?

Last week I noticed hanging in my room a coat which used to belong to a Canadian girl called Aprile, who stayed in my room for two weeks or so. It had been hanging there for three years, and from a Feng Shui point of view, it wasn't generating any new energy for me. My thought was: since it is Aprile's coat, if I threw it away, if I threw it out in the trash, would it mean that she would try to get in contact with me soon after? It was like an experiment, to see if this magic is really any good. If I threw out her coat and she didn't try to contact me, I would assume it was nonsense. However, I tossed her coat out with the garbage last Wednesday night (November 24 2004), and on the following Saturday (November 27), she sent me an email, completely out of the blue. It was the first email I had received her for quite some time, and it seemed too much of a coincidence that she would suddenly try to contact me so soon after the Coat Disposal Ceremony. It was freaky. Perhaps I am on to something, with this Home Magic Business!


TODAY IS WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 15 2004, and I have successfully conducted another Uncloned Feng Shui trademarked Paper Burning Wish Manifestation experiment! As usual, the experiment was a success, and the wish was granted within a couple of days of casting the spell. However, as usual, the result surprised me at first, and my wish came true in a completely unexpected way. Furthermore, as usual, it seemed to me that the world itself changed a little as the wish was being manifested -- as if I was migrating to the closest Parallel Universe capable of supporting my wish, a universe slightly different from the Universe that I had previously inhabited. This is the Magic of Uncloned Feng Shui -- the beauty of Alchemy: change just one small physical element of your world and it can open as a StarGate to transport you into an alternative Universe! It is not that Uncloned Feng Shui makes your wish come true -- its power lies in transporting you to another dimension where your wish is already a natural fact. But anyway, allow me to debrief, and explain the nature of today's experiment.
Okay, last week (due to the fulfillment of an earlier Paper Burning Wish experiment) I was able to contact an old girlfriend, A., who I still feel for. I managed to arrange a "date-like experience" to be held today in her hometown, Hashimoto, a little pile of concrete in the hills west of Tokyo. A few days ago, on Sunday, December 12, I had held another Paper Burning ceremony to clarify what exactly I wanted to manifest on this "date-like encounter", and then submited my wish to the smoke. The power of Uncloned Feng Shui would have then taken over, and directed me (like the moving city blocks of the Raketen-Stadt in Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow) to the Parallel Universe in which this wish is naturally about ready to take place. This must sound wierd to a lot of people I am sure, but this actually works -- I have had a close to 100 per cent strike rate so far in Uncloned Feng Shui, no lie! This time, to push the boundaries, I decided to do things a little differently. Usually when I do a Paper Burning ceremony, I burn something of value to me, in order to allow a new experience to manifest. For example, if I want to manifest a kiss, I burn an old diary account of kissing or of being kissed -- I tear the page out of the diary and burn it, reduce it to ash in a little ceremony in my Tokyo bedroom -- and sure enough, in a short time, often from out of the blue, a new kiss enters my life. The kiss energy stored in the diary has been recuperated through fire, and returned in a new form into my life. Or more correctly, the burning of the diary page opens a StarGate which transports me into another Universe, a Universe in which I am just about due to be kissed! This is what I usually do, and it always seems to work. This time, however, I decided to do things a little differently.
This time, instead of burning my own memories, I wanted to burn the memories of other people. I decided to try to recuperate the energies fo online personalities, and bring a little of their magic into my life. I had decided my goal for this December 15 2004 "date-like experience" was to kiss A. in the raunchiest way possible. Instead of burning past diary extracts of similar kiss experiences, I decided to print-out online accounts of other people's kiss experiences. I collected some real-life excerpts from the inverterate foreign Girl Hunter in Japan -- Maniac High, as well as an excerpt from the blog of a female swinger in the US. I was hoping to replicate their own specific experiences into my life. It all worked out, maybe a little too specifically (heh heh!). So, there is really something to this Uncloned Feng Shui Magic, after all!

ELEPHANT WALLET -- enlisting the aid of animal spirits

IN HIS 1992 BOOK THE GOLDEN BOUGH, writer Sir James George Frazer discussed the great reverence tribal peoples felt towards the wild animals they hunted and depended upon. All over the world, from Greenland to Australia, tribal peoples took great care to avoid arousing the wrath of angry animal spirits. Vegetarians aside, modern peoples of the world are no less reliant on animals and animal products. However, we have been seperated from the hunting act by the abstraction of Civilization, and we no longer believe that animals have a spirit, let alone a pissed-off revengeful one. Nobody stops to think that the cow spirit inside the Big Mac they are eating might be pissed, and might lurk around them all day, causing them bad luck. I know to many readers this might sound a little whacky, but I want to posit that animal spirits actually exist. I want to suggest a way that these spirits could be pacified, embraced, and then ultimately put to good use helping us, rather than opposing us. It is whacky I know, but hear me out on this one. As the good Sir Frazer wrote: "The explanation of life by the theory of an indwelling and practically immortal soul is one which the savage [tribal human] does not confine to human beings but extends to the animate creation in general. In so doing he is more liberal and perhaps more logical than the civilised man, who commonly denies to animals that privilege of immortality which he claims for himself... Thus to the savage, who regards all living creatures as practically on a footing of equality with man, the act of killing and eating an animal must wear a very different aspect from that which the same act presents to us, who regard the intelligence of animals as far inferior to our own and deny them the possession of immortal souls. Hence on the principles of his rude philosophy the primitive hunter who slays an animal believes himself exposed to the vengeance either of its disembodied spirit or of all the other animals of the same species."

Now, this is of interest to me, because I happen to be in possession of a wallet made from elephant skin, and it scares me to think that there could be an elephant spirit out there baying for my blood, and exerting a negative pull on my life-force. Cow spirits haunting me from all those tonnes of Big Mac burgers and steaks I have consumed might be one thing, but a vengeful African bull elephant is a totally different kettle of fish. Those mothers never forget, remember! Of course, many readers will be disgusted that I bought an elephant skin wallet to begin with, and say that I deserve all the bad karma that I get. But I reckon that things are a little more complicated than that. As Sir Frazer wrote, hunting and killing animals is a necessary part of life, and that is why I don't believe in vegetarianism. The solution I believe is not to completely avoid using animal products, but rather forming a sacred pact with the spirit of the deceased animals, and offering them a role in the tapestry of your life. In such a way, the animal spirit can experience and learn about the human world, and eventually, achieve rebirth in humen form. Vegetarians and animal libbers will be appalled by this statement, but so be it. That's my belief and I will stick by it. So, what should I do about this enraged elephant spirit haunting my now continually empty wallet. Let it be said I have not been making much money lately, and perhaps that elephant spirit is to blame! Perhaps the first step is respect. I ought to offer respect and gratitude for what that elephant has given, in order to win its cooperation. And if I had its cooperation, imagine what greater wealth I could achieve?

Contact the author Rob Sullivan at e27c8ab8eddy7xj@t.vodafone.ne.jp. Anticopyright July 2004.

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