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» Double My Website Hits Manifestation Attempt, December 16 2004
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Tokyo Architecture


The beautiful serene blue Toyota Amlux Showroom at Ikebukuro, near Sunshine Tower
Toyota Amlux Showroom -- Ikebukuro Shinagawa Port City
Shinagawa Port City
Night View from Roppongi Hills Tower
Night View from Roppongi Hills Tower Typical Japanese suburban architecture
Apartment block, Kameido Ueno, DownTown Tokyo
Ueno, DownTown Tokyo
Shinjuku street near Kabukicho
Shinjuku street aesthetics Disney Castle, Maihama
Disney Castle, Maihama Tokyo Tower, as seen from Roppongi Hills Tower
Tokyo Tower Viral Tubes, near Landmark Tower, Yokohama
Viral Tubes, Yokohama Yokohama View With Baseball Stadium
Yokohama View


The 70s Never Died, It Just Smells That Way
The 70s Never Died, It Just Smells That Way Terrorism in the 00s -- EgyptAir
EgyptAir America disintegrates in the sands of the Middle East -- Israel with it!

++december 16 2004++ ThailandIndonesiaAboriginal AustraliaJapan NihonKorean languageVietnameseIsraelDanskReykjavik, Iceland
THIS WAS THE SECOND PAPER BURNING MANIFESTATION EXPERIMENT DELIBERATELY DESIGNED TO INVOKE THE ENERGIES AND CIRCUMSTANCES OF ANOTHER PERSON'S LIFE INTO MY OWN LIFE. The concept of paper burning manifestation is that by burning a written account of an actual experience (or destroying a computerised account -- for example an email), I can swiftly manifest a similar but new experience in my life. For example, if I burn a letter sent to me from a particular friend I can quickly manifest a new letter from that particular friend, or I can make a new friend who reminds me of the old one, or I can manifest some other quality contained within the letter. I have found it to be very effective at creating future events in a short amount of time, although a certain amount of randomness seems to be built into the equation, and things don't always work out exactly how I initially plan. In this particular experiment, the Double My Hits Manifestation Experiment, I realised that it is very important to use simple, pure manifestation raw materials (fuels). If for example, I burnt a letter from a friend and that letter contained a story about some misfortune (say the friend's mother was sick), this misfortune could and probably would be recreated in the new manifestation. So perhaps, I might make a new friend who reminds me of the original friend, but his or her mother might be sick. In order to prevent this kind of negative manifestation, perhaps it would be prudent in this case to burn all of the letter except for the part in which my friend mentions that his or her mother is sick. It pays to be pure when manifesting something, I have learned!

2+++ThailandIndonesiaAboriginal AustraliaJapan NihonKorean languageVietnameseIsraelDanskReykjavik, Iceland
WHEN I FIRST STARTED OUT BURNING PAPER AS A MEANS OF WISH FULFILMENT, I USED TO BURN RECORDS OF MY OWN PAST EXPERIENCES, FOR EXAMPLE PAGES FROM OLD DIARIES AND WHAT NOT. Recently, I have graduated to burning the written stories and accounts of experiences belonging to other people. What I do is first decide what kind of experience I would like to manifest into my life, and then search the Web looking for credible stories from people claiming to have experienced that same experience. For example, if I want to win a $1000 prize, the thing to do would be to find a story somewhere on the Web (in a weblog or chatroom or something like that) in which a real person actually won $1000. For December 16 2004's experiment, I gave myself the following target -- I wanted to double the amount of unique visitors to my sprawling and rather ramshackle website. That was the aim -- this was the "Double My Hits" experiment. I figured it would be a very scientific experiment because I have a counter tracking the number of impressions on my site, so I should be able to quickly judge whether visitor numbers double or not. However, as I stated above, there seems to be an amount of randomness built into the Magic Manifestation Method. The result is that my experiment does seem to have worked in a rather "miraculous" way, but not in the way I expected, and I manifested the wrong thing. In the process, I have learnt that it is prudent to be as precise as possible when conducting manifestation experiments, because hidden variables can push the manifestation off course. Another approach might be to counter-balance these hidden variables so that they cancel out, and the end result manifestation becomes more pure.

3+++ThailandIndonesiaAboriginal AustraliaJapan NihonKorean languageVietnameseIsraelDanskReykjavik, Iceland
TO SERVE AS THE FUEL FOR THIS MANIFESTATION, I FOUND A BRIEF EXCERPT ON THE INTERNET (FROM A CHAT FORUM OF SOME KIND) WRITTEN BY A WOMAN WHOSE WEBSITE HAD RECENTLY EXPERIENCED A 100 PER CENT RISE IN VISITORS. I printed out this page on to paper and then burnt it in a ritual ceremony, hoping to recreate her experience of doubling her web traffic. It is worth noting, however, that when it comes to manifestation, there are multiple aspects involved. For example, my anonymous chatroom print-out contained a number of elements, all of which were to play a part in the eventual manifestation. There were four main elements: 1) the author had recently noticed a 100 per cent increase in her web traffic; 2) she was surprised by this, and was curious as to how and why it had happened; 3) out of her curiosity, she had gone online on to a chatroom to ask patrons for their ideas on the cause of this sudden increase; 4) finally, the chatroom patrons had offered their explanations. In choosing to use this story as a manifestation fuel, I was interested in only one outcome -- doubling my web traffic. However, in the process I actualised and energised a number of other manifestations, inadvertantly, some of them competing. And due to the chaotic randomness which is inherent in Manifestation, there is no way of telling which factor is going to end being dominant. This was the great lesson, of the December 16 2004 "Double My Hits" Experiment. I will make sure, in the future, to be more precise in my choice of Manifestation Fuels.

4+++ThailandIndonesiaAboriginal AustraliaJapan NihonKorean languageVietnameseIsraelDanskReykjavik, Iceland
SO, ON SUNDAY DECEMBER 16 I BURNT THAT AFOREMENTIONED SLIP OF PAPER, AND WAITED PATIENTLY FOR THE RESULTS. Actually, it would be better to say that I waited impatiently -- I kept checking my website counter to see if there had been any miraculous increase in traffic. After a few days had passed and still no "doubling of my hits" had been Manifested, I began to grow concerned. Had the Manifestation failed? Was my Magic Manifestation Method really just nonsense, as I often suspected? This was a little surprising, because I have had some amazing success stories using Manifestation in the past two months. As I began to check my web counter more and more feverishly, waiting for the flood of new visitors, I started going through my past traffic statistics, more out of interest than anything else. I began to notice some curious anomalies in these statistics. I began tracking my homepage visitations in April 2002, and until October 2003, I attracted a measley 12-16 or so unique visitors to my site per month. In November 2003 this traffic doubled suddenly, to 32 unique per hits per month, and then in December 2003 it doubled again, reaching around 60-80 hits per month. In July 2004 my strike rate doubled again, up towards 146 hits per month. In August the number of unique visitors doubled again, and since then, they have averaged about 400 per month. Of course, I had been aware that my web traffic had dramatically increased since the middle part of 2004, but for some reason I had never seriously asked myself why this had happened. I had assumed at the time it was due to my new interest in Feng Shui, and the Feng Shui reforms I had made to the layout of my house and my life. But as the post "Double My Hits" Experiment paper burning ceremony depression began to grow (I was depressed because the experiment didn't seem to have worked) I asked myself: "Why did my traffic increase from 12 unique visitors per month in 2003, to 12 unique visitors per day today? What caused this sudden and dramatic increase? There has to be some reason." So, giving up any hope that my paper burning ceremony of December 16 would double my unique hit count again (to, say, 800 hits per month) on December 20 I started searching the web for information about how search engines really work. I visited a chat forum discussing why sudden increases in web traffic take place, and how to manipulate search engines to generate you more visitors. As soon as I entered the chat room, I felt a satori like flash of insight pass through my body. In that instant, I realised the "Double My Hits" experiment had really worked. This was the climax of the Manifestation, which was four days in the coming. The Manifestation had indeed Manifested, but in not the way I had anticipated!

5+++ThailandIndonesiaAboriginal AustraliaJapan NihonKorean languageVietnameseIsraelDanskReykjavik, Iceland
IN A WAY, THE MANIFESTATION HAPPENED PERFECTLY. I took at random the anonymous experience of a woman living somewhere in the world, who was perplexed by a sudden increase in her web traffic. She was so curious as to why this increase had happened she had gone online to a web forum to ask people if they could explain this inexplicable turn of events. I took a written record of this experience and ritually burnt it, thereby incorporating it into my own life. My aim was to double my website traffic. In the end, however, what happened was that I merely recreated the chat forum poster's sense of curiosity regarding her recent rise in web traffic. Just like this anonymous woman, I became very curious about why my traffic had increased by nearly 3000 per cent over the past year. Eventually, just like the chat forum poster, I went on to a chat forum looking for the answer. Her original experience had been recreated almost perfectly in my own life. This, of course, wasn't my intention -- I only wanted an instant doubling in my web traffic. But because of my poor choice of manifestation material to offer to the flame, that wasn't the reality I manifested. In the end, what I manifested was the chat forum poster's sense of curiosity, and her act of visiting a chat forum to find information about why her traffic had dramatically increased.

Contact the author Rob Sullivan at e27c8ab8eddy7xj@t.vodafone.ne.jp. Anticopyright July 2004.

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