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Ayurvedic holiday in India!

Ayurvedic Holiday in India
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Durian the King of Fruits
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FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS GEOMANCY HAS BEEN EMPLOYED IN ASIAN URBAN DESIGN AND LANDSCAPING TO MAXIMISE ENERGY FLOWS AND PRECIPITATE SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT. Feng Shui (風水, literally "wind water" in Chinese) involves the placement of objects to promote harmony of the soul and peace of the spirit. If applied correctly, it can also boost your income, attract more people into your sphere, and cure intractable health and emotional problems. It can even revive dead relationships! As stated before, "feng" means "wind" and it represents all that is unseen in the Universe -- in other words, spiritual influences. "Shui" means "water", and it represents all that is "seen" -- the physical world, the tangible world of matter. Essentially, then, Feng Shui is an attempt to balance the spiritual and physical worlds. Heaven and Earth can merge, and become one.

THE LIBERATION OF CHI ENERGY HAS AN EXPONENTIAL EFFECT I am developing the view that once you unblock stagnant Qi/Chi/Ki (氣) energy in even the most minor way, a dramatic, cascading escalation of major changes can happen in your surrounds. Imagine if you like, a river which has been blocked by a dam wall. The water in the river is Chi, and the dam could be compared to a variety of energetic blockages which coalesce to block the movement of the Chi. Water keeps piling up into the dam, just as Chi emerges mysteriously into the Universe, out of literally thin air. The deeper the blockage, the more frantic the eventual energy release will be, when it gets unblocked. It's the Volcano Effect! And my feeling is, once the pressure on the other side of the dam has become great enough, even a small puncture will result in an almost cataclymsic release -- an eruption of astounding intensity. This is what I have experienced in my life this week, and I think it is all to do with some minor Feng Shui rearrangements I made in my house.

FENG SHUI AND THE BIG BROTHER SERIES Lovers of the Orwellian TV program "Big Brother", viewed in many countries, might be surprised to know that Feng Shui is used extensively to create on-air tension. In the program, ten strangers are forced to live three months under 24-hour surveillance in a bare-basics, 1,800 feet2 house. The idea is to provoke arguments and disharmony (because that makes such great television). In order to stir up trouble, designers who created the house for the American version of the show drew upon Feng Shui. Here is the catch: they deliberatly used BAD Feng Shui to create strife and ill feelings. To read more and learn the destructive power of bad Feng Shui, read this article.


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